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Become a Part of the One in 2021

Become Part of the One in 2021 Today and Help BLB Build Its Percentage of Users Who Support the Ministry to 1%

In Scripture, we often see the principle of investing for the sake and spiritual benefit of others, whether it be in efforts, resources, time, or prayer. In 2 Corinthians 12:15, Paul writes that he would "most gladly spend and be expended" for the spiritual benefit of the Corinthian church. In Philippians 4:15–17, Paul recounts the generous giving of the Philippian church towards his needs, which ultimately benefited the recipients of Paul's evangelistic mission. And in John 4:34–38, Jesus instructs His disciples to reap the harvest others have sown before them. He says, "I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored and you have entered into their labor."

This principle of sowing for the spiritual benefit of others is no less true today; a truth that we are reminded of every day as we witness the generous giving of our users.

Did you know only one-tenth of one percent of our users support BLB financially?

You might say, "Wow, only one-tenth of one percent? That's a tiny percentage!" However, we view this as the ratio God has provided, for ultimately, it is God who leads users to support BLB. And praise God, although one-tenth of one percent may be a small percentage, it is a small percentage of a very large and growing number of users. BLB has grown to a staff of over 20, and our annual operating budget now exceeds two million dollars. We thank God for our financial partners who make everything you see at the BLB website, BLB Institute, our Apple and Android apps, and possible for the other 99.9% of our more than 20 million users, of which roughly 40% reside outside of the United States.

We are committed to strengthening and equipping God's people through His Holy Word by expanding our array of in-depth study tools and improving our website and apps. We have plans to greatly expand our Greek and Hebrew language tools, add a number of courses to the BLB Institute (Study.Bible), and provide resources in other languages. It is our prayer that the financial support needed to accomplish all this will come from new partners who will join the one-tenth of one percent of users who have supported BLB financially.

In an effort to make potential new partners aware of our need for their support, we have launched the "Become a Part of the One in 2021." Our prayer is God will lead BLB users who have never supported the ministry financially to partner with us now. Ultimately, if BLB were to have the financial support of just one percent of its users, we would have the resources needed to do all the things mentioned above & more.

Would you consider becoming a part of the one who sows for the sake of others in 2021?

Here's how you can help. First, if you are not already partnering with BLB, we humbly ask you to prayerfully consider joining our family of partners and "Become a Part of the One in 2021." Second, if you are already partnering with us, we ask you to share BLB's need for support with others. We have developed a very simple way for you to do so online through a new BLB crowdfunding tool; a simple template which you can customize with your own text, photo or brief video to tell others why you support BLB and to encourage them to prayerfully consider joining you. It is very simple to do and takes just minutes. Once it is set up, you can share the online address with your peers via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

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