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Settings for Android

Tap on 'Settings' in the Navigation Menu.

Settings in the Navigation Menu

These settings are available:

Orientation Lock - Orientation lock allows you to prevent your screen from turning automatically when you rotate your device.

You can lock the app in portrait mode ...

Portrait Mode Only

or in landscape mode.

Landscape Mode Only

Tap to make your selection.

Orientation Lock

If you prefer it to be able to rotate, choose Off.

Prevent Sleep-Mode - If you are using the BLB app and not actively touching the screen, your device can go to sleep (and lock) before you want it to. Set "Prevent Sleep-Mode" to ON to prevent this from happening.

Prevent Sleep Mode

Nighttime Theme - If you are using the app in low light settings, it can be helpful to use the nighttime theme. Set it to ON (or Green) and click the 'Home' button to go into this view. [Note: Image toggle is turned off.]

Nighttime Theme Nighttime Theme On

Font Size - is a feature which allows you to increase or decrease the size of your font.

Font Options

Tap and slide right to increase or left to decrease your font size.

Line Height - is a feature which allows you to increase or decrease the vertical distance between lines of text.

Line Height Options

Tap and slide right to increase or left to decrease your line height.

Red Letter - is a feature which allows you to have words spoken by Jesus appear in red.

Jesus spoken words in red letter

To have this option, set "Red-Letter" to ON.

Red Letter On

Verse Numbers - Verse numbers are ON by default. This feature allows you to omit the verse numbers.

Verse numbers option

To omit "Verse Numbers" set this toggle to OFF (or Grey).

Verse Numbers Ommitted

Footnotes - Some translations have footnotes. The footnotes feature allows you to either show or hide the footnote markers.

Footnotes On

To have footnote markers hidden ...

Hide Footnotes

... set "Footnotes" to OFF (or Grey). [Note: Image toggle is turned on.]

Footnotes Off

Note: Even if the footnotes are set to OFF, the footnotes list will still show at the bottom of the chapter.

Footnotes List

Bookmarks - Set this to OFF to hide bookmarks.

Show or Hide bookmarks

Paragraph - Set this to OFF to hide paragraph markers.

Show or Hide paragraph markers

Display Biblical Text - This option when set to ON displays the Biblical text when displaying a list of verse references under your bookmarks or highlights folders.

Display Biblical Text with references

Note: While in the bookmark or highlight folders, you have the option to toggle this option off/on but this does not replace how you have it set under settings.

Biblical text example

Auto-save Notes - To auto save your notes every 60 seconds have this set to ON.

Auto Save Notes Option

Bible Scroll Speed - This sets the speed for the Bible Scroll. It can scroll anywhere from 10-60pps (pixels per second).

Bible Scroll Speed

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