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Tapping a verse and choosing "Interlinear" displays our language tools, the interlinear, concordance, and lexicon. [Note: This tool is only available when your device is online.]


The verse will be displayed in the original Greek or Hebrew (depending upon the Testament) and the verse that you have selected.

Hebrew or Greek text

Followed by the passage in a word by word table, with the English on the left and the original language term on the right.

Word by Word Table

Followed by the Septuagint or Greek Text (depending upon the Testament)

Septuagint or Greek text

Tap on the "Parse" button...

Parse button see the parsing information.

Parsing information

Tapping on the speaker icon, will play the audio for the Greek/Hebrew word. (Example: H7812)

Greek/Hebrew Pronunciation

Tapping on one of the word by word table rows will take you to the concordance and lexicon.

Word by Word concordance and lexicon

Once at the lexicon screen, you'll see the original language term along with a number of translation helps (transliteration, part of speech, usage, etc.).


Scrolling past the lexicon results, you'll find search results for every time that term appears in Scripture -- this can be especially helpful as you'll often encounter places in which the same word was translated in different ways depending on verse and context.

Lexicon Results

We currently have Strongs data for the KJV, HCSB and NASB. We use the KJV data for the KJV-based versions (KJV, NKJV, YLT, DBY, WEB, VUL, RVR60, WLC, LXX, and TR) and the NASB data for the NASB-based versions (NLT, NIV, ESV, NASB, NET, RSV, ASV, HNV, and mGNT), and the HCSB data for only the HCSB. All lexicon results are available...

All Lexicon Results

You also have the option to have the Strong's numbers show.

Strong's On/Off

If you are looking for results in a certain biblical section there is an easy index at the bottom to get to that section quickly.

Easy Index

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