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The Blue Letter Bible

Kress Biblical Resources :: Overview Outline

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Overview Outline of 1 Thessalonians

The Coming of Christ for His Church Calls Us to Excel Still More in Holiness, Hope, and Love

  1. Paul’s personal introduction (1Th 1:1)
    1. The author (1Th 1:1a)
      1. The human author and his associates (1Th 1:1a)
      2. The divine Author (2Ti 3:16-17; 2Pe 1:12-21; 2Pe3:15-16; cf. Col 4:16; 1Th 2:13; 1Th 5:27; 2Th 3:1-4; cf. 1Ti 5:18 in which Paul quotes Luke alongside Deu 25:4 and calls them “Scripture”)
    2. The audience (1Th 1:1b)
      1. The original audience (1Th 1:1b; Act 17:1-13)
      2. The current audience (cf. 2Pe 3:16)
    3. The aim/reasons
      1. To express Paul’s joy after Timothy’s report of the church’s steadfastness—in spite of great affliction (1Th 1:2-10; 1Th 3:1-10)
      2. To defend Paul and his associates’ ministry and integrity in Thessalonica—against some who were questioning God’s work through them there (1Th 2)
        —This reveals a model for pastoral ministry and integrity
      3. To instruct the faithful, but fledgling church on how to better live out their new faith in Christ (1Th 4; 1Th 5 cf. especially 1Th 4:1, 9-10; 1Th 5:11—excel still more)
      4. Summary theme: Encouragement to remaining steadfast in the faith no matter the afflictions we may face, and excel still more in our walk with God (1Th 3:1-8; 1Th 4:1, 10; 1Th 5:11)
    4. The Apostolic greeting (1Th 1:1c)
  2. Paul’s prayer-report of thanksgiving—recounting the evidence of genuine conversion (1Th 1:2-10)
    1. The prayers of thankful pastors (1Th 1:2)
    2. The picture of transformed lives (1Th 1:3)
    3. The proclamation of a theological mystery—and the proofs that confirm God’s electing love (1Th 1:4-10)
      1. The doctrine of election declared—God’s electing love should be a source of comfort, rather than a source of contention (1Th 1:4)
      2. The doctrine of election demonstrated—God’s electing love results in supernatural evidence— a spirit-empowered gospel heard; faith, hope, and love lived out (1Th 1:5-10)
    4. Alternate outline for 1Th 1:5-10
      1. [The particulars of a transformed life (1Th 1:5-10)
        1. A sincere faith in the truth and power of the Gospel (1Th 1:5)
        2. A supernatural joy in the midst of much tribulation (1Th 1:6-7)
        3. A solid testimony to the word of the Lord, genuine faith, repentance from sin, and hope in Jesus’ deliverance (1Th 1:8-10)]
  3. Paul’s pastoral integrity—recounting the evidence of a God-Honoring [sincere] ministry (1Th 2; 1Th 3)
    1. A preaching ministry focused on pleasing God, not men (1Th 2:1-6)
      1. A preaching ministry characterized by veracity [substance and truth] and conviction (1Th 2:1-2)
      2. A preaching ministry characterized by purity and devotion—not man pleasing (1Th 2:3-4)
      3. A preaching ministry characterized by sincerity and humility—not self-promotion (1Th 2:5-6)
    2. A pastoral ministry focused on shepherding the flock as a family, not a business (1Th 2:7-12)
      1. A pastoral ministry characterized by motherly love and affection (1Th 2:7-8)
      2. A pastoral ministry characterized by fatherly leadership and exhortation (1Th 2:9-12)
    3. A prayer-filled and personally concerned ministry, focused on the sustaining work of God, and perseverance of the saints in faith (1Th 2:13-20; 1Th 3)
      1. Persistent thanksgiving for the sovereign work of God in salvation, which sustains believers in the midst of great persecution (1Th 2:13-16)
      2. Personal concern and prayer for fellowship and the perseverance of the saints (1Th 2:17-20; 1Th 3:1-10)
  4. Paul’s practical instruction—revealing specific ways to excel still more in holiness, hope, and love (1Th 4; 1Th 5:1-22)
    1. Practical instructions concerning living out holiness (1Th 4:1-12)
      1. Believers must excel still more in obedience to the Lord (1Th 4:1-2)
      2. Believers must embrace sexual purity as God’s will for them personally (1Th 4:3-8)
      3. Believers must excel still more in love for one another, and work hard as a testimony to unbelievers (1Th 4:9-12)
    2. Practical instructions concerning living in light of our hope (1Th 4:13-18; 1Th 5:1-11)
      1. Encourage one another concerning the return of the Lord, the resurrection, and the rapture (1Th 4:13-18)
      2. Encourage one another concerning the Day of the Lord (1Th 5:1-11)
    3. Practical instructions concerning living together in harmony (1Th 5:12-22)
      1. Pursuing peace relationally (1Th 5:12-15)
      2. Pursuing peace personally, altogether (1Th 5:16-22)
  5. Paul’s prayers in conclusion and closing remarks (1Th 5:23-28)
    1. The concluding prayer-benediction for holiness (1Th 5:23-24)
    2. The call for reciprocal prayer (1Th 5:25)
    3. The call for fellowship around this epistle (1Th 5:26-27)
    4. The concluding prayer-benediction for grace (1Th 5:28)
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