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Here is a quickstart summary of the tools to get you started.

Quick Start iPhone Guide

Bible Selection and Navigation
Use this to select translations and passages. Also contains daily Bible reading plan.

Passage Lookup
Another way to find the passage you're looking for.

Prior/Next Chapter
Move forward one chapter or backward one chapter from where you currently are.

This is where all your bookmarked passages are including chapters and verses.

A record of all your recently-viewed chapters, verses and/or BLB 5 button resources along with a timestamp.

Write notes to your self on what you're reading in this chapter. Notes are organized by chapter and may be emailed.

This allows several options for performing word and phrase searches across the Bible.

Let the app scroll down the chapter at an even pace (that you can set in Preferences).

User Preferences
Change the font, text-size, justification, and text colors and highlight names. Switch from white icons to color. Manage your Bibles.

Verse Options

Other than that, the next most important functionality occurs when you tap on a verse. Tapping on any verse will bring up the following Verse Tap Menu, which provides content sensitive information.

Verse Tap Menu

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