Daily Reading PlansDaily Reading Plans

To access your Daily Reading Plan from a regular Bible page, tap on the Bible Selection/Navigation button in the top-left corner.

Daily Reading Plan Option

Next, at the bottom, below the scroll wheel, tap on Daily Bible Reading.

Reading Plan Readings

This will display the chapters you'll need for today's date according to the reading plan you have loaded. To see the readings for a different date, tap the Date button in the top-right corner and select from the calendar list.

Change Reading Plan

If you'd like to change your reading plan, tap Select Daily Reading Plan. This will give you seven options.

Reading Plans

Canonical - goes through the Bible in canonical order, from Genesis to Revelation.

Chronological - takes the events of Scripture and lays them out in historical order.

Historical - follows the Hebrew canon's order for the Old testament and a proposed order of authorship for the New Testament.

OT and NT Together - a two-year plan that offers both Old and New Testament readings.

Blended - Both Old and New Testaments in a year.

Morning and Evening - read some during the morning and some at night.

Life Journal - a plan to read through the OT once and the NT twice in a year.

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