What's in the App?

The Bible for starters

Actually, make that Bibles. The BLB iPad app comes with three translations of God's Word native, but allows for the download or use of more than thirty translations—and allows for split-screen comparison readings.

Bible Searches

Beyond the rudimentary offline search capabilities, you'll be able to make use of the BLB's powerful search engine when connected to the internet. Word searches, phrase searches, and wildcard searches will make finding desired passages easy!

Just like the BLB website, the iPhone app has a number of tools with specific results tied to each verse. You'll always have access to the ability to view multiple versions of a single verse using the button and you'll always be able to use the BLB Versions Button

Even more, when you're connected to the internet, you'll have access to our lexicon tools and interlinear via the BLB Interliear Button button, as well as our text commentaries, dictionaries, and references through use of the BLB Commentaries Button and BLB Dictionaries Button buttons.

Highlighting System

A robust set of highlighting tools allow you to organize your highlighting and categorize highlight colors according to topic.


Take notes on your studies and save them or email them to yourself. Paste copied verses into your notes and create memorable studies for yourself.

Other Features

Bookmarks, chapter history, and daily Bible reading plans will help you keep up with your reading experience and will help you in your Spirit-directed studies.

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