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LXX Concordance for μόνος

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μόνος — 50x G3441 μόνος
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Occurrences: 49 times in 45 verses
Speech: Adjective
Parsing: Nominative Singular Masculine
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 7:23 - Thus He blotted out [fn]every living thing that was upon the face of the land, from man to animals to creeping things and to birds of the [fn]sky, and they were blotted out from the earth; and only Noah was left, together with those that were with him in the ark.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 32:24 - Then Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak.
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 42:38 - But [fn]Jacob said, “My son shall not go down with you; for his brother is dead, and he alone is left. If harm should befall him on the journey [fn]you are taking, then you will bring my gray hair down to Sheol in sorrow.”
Unchecked Copy BoxGen 44:20 - “We said to my lord, ‘We have an old father and a little child of his old age. Now his brother is dead, so he alone is left of his mother, and his father loves him.'
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 18:14 - Now when Moses' father-in-law saw all that he was doing for the people, he said, “What is this thing that you are doing for the people? Why do you alone sit as judge and all the people stand about you from morning until evening?”
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 18:18 - “You will surely wear out, both yourself and [fn]these people who are with you, for the [fn]task is too heavy for you; you cannot do it alone.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 21:3 - “If he comes [fn]alone, he shall go out [fn]alone; if he is the husband of a wife, then his wife shall go out with him.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 21:4 - “If his master gives him a wife, and she bears him sons or daughters, the wife and her children shall belong to her master, and he shall go out [fn]alone.
Unchecked Copy BoxExo 24:2 - “Moses alone, however, shall come near to the LORD, but they shall not come near, nor shall the people come up with him.”
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 11:14 - “I alone am not able to carry all this people, because it is too [fn]burdensome for me.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 11:17 - “Then I will come down and speak with you there, and I will take of the Spirit who is upon you, and will put Him upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, so that you will not bear it all alone.
Unchecked Copy BoxNum 23:9 - “As I see him from the top of the rocks,
And I look at him from the hills;
Behold, a people who dwells apart,
And will not be reckoned among the nations.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 1:9 - “I spoke to you at that time, saying, ‘I am not able to bear the burden of you alone.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 1:12 - ‘How can I alone bear the load and burden of you and your strife?
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 32:12 - “The LORD alone guided him,
And there was no foreign god with him.
Unchecked Copy BoxDeu 33:28 - “So Israel dwells in security,
The fountain of Jacob secluded,
In a land of grain and new wine;
His heavens also drop down dew.
Unchecked Copy BoxJos 22:20 - ‘Did not Achan the son of Zerah act unfaithfully in the things under the ban, and wrath fall on all the congregation of Israel? And that man did not perish alone in his iniquity.'”
Unchecked Copy Box1Sa 21:1 - Then David came to Nob to Ahimelech the priest; and Ahimelech came trembling to meet David and said to him, “Why are you alone and no one with you?”
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 18:24 - Now David was sitting between the two gates; and the watchman went up to the roof of the gate by the wall, and raised his eyes and looked, and behold, a man running by himself.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 18:25 - The watchman called and told the king. And the king said, “If he is by himself there is good news in his mouth.” And he came nearer and nearer.
Unchecked Copy Box2Sa 18:26 - Then the watchman saw another man running; and the watchman called to the gatekeeper and said, “Behold, another man running by himself.” And the king said, “This one also is bringing good news.”
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 18:6 - So they divided the land between them to [fn]survey it; Ahab went one way by himself and Obadiah went another way by himself.
Unchecked Copy Box1Ki 18:7 - Now as Obadiah was on the way, behold, Elijah [fn]met him, and he recognized him and fell on his face and said, “Is this you, Elijah my master?”
Unchecked Copy Box2Ki 19:15 - Hezekiah prayed before the LORD and said, “O LORD, the God of Israel, who are [fn]enthroned above the cherubim, You are the God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth.
Unchecked Copy Box2Ki 19:19 - “Now, O LORD our God, I pray, deliver us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You alone, O LORD, are God.”
Unchecked Copy Box2Ch 6:30 - then hear from heaven Your dwelling place, and forgive, and render to each according to all his ways, whose heart You know for You alone know the hearts of the sons of men,
Unchecked Copy BoxNeh 9:6 - “You alone are the LORD.
You have made the heavens,
The heaven of heavens with all their host,
The earth and all that is on it,
The seas and all that is in them.
You give life to all of them
And the heavenly host bows down before You.
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 1:15 - and [fn]the Sabeans [fn]attacked and took them. They also [fn]slew the servants with the edge of the sword, and [fn]I alone have escaped to tell you.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 1:16 - While he was still speaking, another also came and said, “The fire of God fell from heaven and burned up the sheep and the servants and consumed them, and I alone have escaped to tell you.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 1:17 - While he was still speaking, another also came and said, “The Chaldeans formed three bands and made a raid on the camels and took them and [fn]slew the servants with the edge of the sword, and I alone have escaped to tell you.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 1:19 - and behold, a great wind came from across the wilderness and struck the four corners of the house, and it fell on the young people and they died, and I alone have escaped to tell you.”
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 9:8 - Who alone stretches out the heavens
And [fn]tramples down the waves of the sea;
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 31:17 - Or have eaten my morsel alone,
And the orphan has not [fn]shared it
Unchecked Copy BoxJob 31:39 - If I have eaten its [fn]fruit without money,
Or have caused [fn]its owners to lose their lives,
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 72:18 - Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel,
Who alone works wonders.
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 83:18 - That they may know that You alone, whose name is the LORD,
Are the Most High over all the earth.
Unchecked Copy BoxPsa 86:10 - For You are great and do [fn]wondrous deeds;
You alone are God.
Unchecked Copy BoxPro 9:12 - If you are wise, you are wise for yourself,
And if you scoff, you alone will bear it.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 2:11 - The [fn]proud look of man will be abased
And the loftiness of man will be humbled,
And the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 2:17 - The pride of man will be humbled
And the loftiness of men will be abased;
And the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 10:8 - For it says, “Are not my princes [fn]all kings?
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 37:16 - “O LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, who is enthroned above the cherubim, You are the God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth.
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 37:20 - “Now, O LORD our God, deliver us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You alone, LORD, [fn]are God.”
Unchecked Copy BoxDan 10:7 - Now I, Daniel, alone saw the vision, while the men who were with me did not see the vision; nevertheless, a great dread fell on them, and they ran away to hide themselves.
Unchecked Copy BoxDan 10:8 - So I was left alone and saw this great vision; yet no strength was left in me, for my [fn]natural color turned to [fn]a deathly pallor, and I retained no strength.
Occurrences: 1 time in 1 verse
Speech: Indeclinable Adjective
Unchecked Copy BoxIsa 44:24 - Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb,
“I, the LORD, am the maker of all things,
Stretching out the heavens by Myself
And spreading out the earth [fn]all alone,
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