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Lexicon :: Strong's H8130 - sane'


sä·nā' (Key)
Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
A primitive root
Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2272

KJV Translation Count — Total: 146x
The KJV translates Strongs H8130 in the following manner: hate (136x), enemies (3x), enemy (2x), foes (1x), hateful (1x), misc (3x).
Outline of Biblical Usage [?]
  1. to hate, be hateful

    1. (Qal) to hate

      1. of man

      2. of God

      3. hater, one hating, enemy (participle) (subst)

    2. (Niphal) to be hated

    3. (Piel) hater (participle)

      1. of persons, nations, God, wisdom

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
שָׂנֵא sânêʼ, saw-nay'; a primitive root; to hate (personally):—enemy, foe, (be) hate(-ful, -r), odious, × utterly.
Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon


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Concordance Results Using NASB

Strong's Number H8130 matches the Hebrew שָׂנֵא (sane'),
which occurs 149 times in 139 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the NASB
Page 1 / 3 (Gen 24:60–Job 8:22)

Tools specific to Gen 24:60

Gen 24:60

They blessed Rebekah and said to her,
“May you, our sister,
Become thousands of ten thousands,
And may your fndescendants possess
The gate of those who hate H8130 them.”

Tools specific to Gen 26:27

Gen 26:27

Isaac said to them, “Why have you come to me, since you hate H8130 me and have sent me away from you?”

Tools specific to Gen 29:31

Gen 29:31

Now the LORD saw that Leah was fnunloved, H8130 and He opened her womb, but Rachel was barren.

Tools specific to Gen 29:33

Gen 29:33

Then she conceived again and bore a son and said, “Because the LORD has fnheard that I am fnunloved, H8130 He has therefore given me this son also.” So she named him Simeon.

Tools specific to Gen 37:4

Gen 37:4

His brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers; and so they hated H8130 him and could not speak to him fnon friendly terms.

Tools specific to Gen 37:5

Gen 37:5

Then Joseph fnhad a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated H8130 him even more.

Tools specific to Gen 37:8

Gen 37:8

Then his brothers said to him, “Are you actually going to reign over us? Or are you really going to rule over us?” So they hated H8130 him even more for his dreams and for his words.

Tools specific to Exo 1:10

Exo 1:10

“Come, let us deal wisely with them, or else they will multiply and fnin the event of war, they will also join themselves to those who hate H8130 us, and fight against us and fndepart from the land.”

Tools specific to Exo 18:21

Exo 18:21

“Furthermore, you shall fnselect out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate H8130 dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, fnof hundreds, fnof fifties and fnof tens.

Tools specific to Exo 20:5

Exo 20:5

“You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate H8130 Me,

Tools specific to Exo 23:5

Exo 23:5

“If you see the donkey of one who hates H8130 you lying helpless under its load, you shall refrain from leaving it to him, you shall surely release it with him.

Tools specific to Lev 19:17

Lev 19:17

‘You shall not hate H8130 your fnfellow countryman in your heart; you may surely reprove your neighbor, but shall not incur sin because of him.

Tools specific to Lev 26:17

Lev 26:17

‘I will set My face against you so that you will be struck down before your enemies; and those who hate H8130 you will rule over you, and you will flee when no one is pursuing you.

Tools specific to Num 10:35

Num 10:35

Then it came about when the ark set out that Moses said,
“Rise up, O LORD!
And let Your enemies be scattered,
And let those who hate H8130 You flee fnbefore You.”

Tools specific to Deu 4:42

Deu 4:42

that a manslayer might flee there, who unintentionally slew his neighbor without having enmity H8130 toward him in time past; and by fleeing to one of these cities he might live:

Tools specific to Deu 5:9

Deu 5:9

‘You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate H8130 Me,

Tools specific to Deu 7:10

Deu 7:10

but repays those who hate H8130 Him to fntheir faces, to destroy fnthem; He will not delay fnwith him who hates H8130 Him, He will repay him to his face.

Tools specific to Deu 7:15

Deu 7:15

“The LORD will remove from you all sickness; and He will not put on you any of the harmful diseases of Egypt which you have known, but He will lay them on all who hate H8130 you.

Tools specific to Deu 12:31

Deu 12:31

“You shall not behave thus toward the LORD your God, for every abominable act which the LORD hates H8130 they have done for their gods; for they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods.

Tools specific to Deu 16:22

Deu 16:22

“You shall not set up for yourself a sacred pillar which the LORD your God hates. H8130

Tools specific to Deu 19:4

Deu 19:4

“Now this is the case of the manslayer who may flee there and live: when he fnkills his friend fnunintentionally, fnnot hating H8130 him previously—

Tools specific to Deu 19:6

Deu 19:6

otherwise the avenger of blood might pursue the manslayer fnin the heat of his anger, and overtake him, because the way is long, and fntake his life, though he was not deserving of death, since he had not hated H8130 him previously.

Tools specific to Deu 19:11

Deu 19:11

“But if there is a man who hates H8130 his neighbor and lies in wait for him and rises up against him and strikes fnhim so that he dies, and he flees to one of these cities,

Tools specific to Deu 21:15

Deu 21:15

“If a man has two wives, the one loved and the other fnunloved, H8130 and both the loved and the fnunloved H8130 have borne him sons, if the firstborn son belongs to the fnunloved,

Tools specific to Deu 21:16

Deu 21:16

then it shall be in the day he fnwills what he has to his sons, he cannot make the son of the loved the firstborn before the son of the fnunloved, H8130 who is the firstborn.

Tools specific to Deu 21:17

Deu 21:17

“But he shall acknowledge the firstborn, the son of the fnunloved, H8130 by giving him a double portion of all that fnhe has, for he is the beginning of his strength; to him belongs the right of the firstborn.

Tools specific to Deu 22:13

Deu 22:13

“If any man takes a wife and goes in to her and then fnturns H8130 against H8130 her,

Tools specific to Deu 22:16

Deu 22:16

“The girl’s father shall say to the elders, ‘I gave my daughter to this man for a wife, but he fnturned H8130 against H8130 her;

Tools specific to Deu 24:3

Deu 24:3

and if the latter husband fnturns H8130 against H8130 her and writes her a certificate of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, or if the latter husband dies who took her to be his wife,

Tools specific to Deu 30:7

Deu 30:7

“The LORD your God will fninflict all these curses on your enemies and on those who hate H8130 you, who persecuted you.

Tools specific to Deu 32:41

Deu 32:41

If I sharpen My fnflashing sword,
And My hand takes hold on justice,
I will render vengeance on My adversaries,
And I will repay those who hate H8130 Me.

Tools specific to Deu 33:11

Deu 33:11

“O LORD, bless his substance,
And accept the work of his hands;
Shatter the loins of those who rise up against him,
And those who hate H8130 him, so that they will not rise again.

Tools specific to Jos 20:5

Jos 20:5

‘Now if the avenger of blood pursues him, then they shall not deliver the manslayer into his hand, because he struck his neighbor without premeditation and did not hate H8130 him beforehand.

Tools specific to Jdg 11:7

Jdg 11:7

Then Jephthah said to the elders of Gilead, “Did you not hate H8130 me and drive me from my father’s house? So why have you come to me now when you are in trouble?”

Tools specific to Jdg 14:16

Jdg 14:16

Samson’s wife wept before him and said, “You only hate H8130 me, and you do not love me; you have propounded a riddle to the sons of my people, and have not told it to me.” And he said to her, “Behold, I have not told it to my father or mother; so should I tell you?”

Tools specific to Jdg 15:2

Jdg 15:2

Her father said, “I really thought that you hated H8130 her intensely; H8130 so I gave her to your companion. Is not her younger sister fnmore beautiful than she? Please let her be yours fninstead.”

Tools specific to 2Sa 5:8

2Sa 5:8

David said on that day, “Whoever would strike the Jebusites, let him reach the lame and the blind, who are hated H8130 by David’s soul, through the water tunnel.” Therefore they say, “The blind or the lame shall not come into the house.”

Tools specific to 2Sa 13:15

2Sa 13:15

Then Amnon hated H8130 her with a very great hatred; for the hatred with which he hated H8130 her was greater than the love with which he had loved her. And Amnon said to her, “Get up, go away!”

Tools specific to 2Sa 13:22

2Sa 13:22

But Absalom did not speak to Amnon either good or bad; for Absalom hated H8130 Amnon because he had violated his sister Tamar.

Tools specific to 2Sa 19:6

2Sa 19:6

by loving those who hate H8130 you, and by hating H8130 those who love you. For you have shown today that fnprinces and servants are nothing to you; for I know this day that if Absalom were alive and all of us were dead today, then fnyou would be pleased.

Tools specific to 2Sa 22:18

2Sa 22:18

“He delivered me from my strong enemy,
From those who hated H8130 me, for they were too strong for me.

Tools specific to 2Sa 22:41

2Sa 22:41

“You have also made my enemies turn their backs to me,
And I fndestroyed those who hated H8130 me.

Tools specific to 1Ki 22:8

1Ki 22:8

The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, “There is yet one man by whom we may inquire of the LORD, but I hate H8130 him, because he does not prophesy good concerning me, but evil. He is Micaiah son of Imlah.” But Jehoshaphat said, “Let not the king say so.”

Tools specific to 2Ch 1:11

2Ch 1:11

God said to Solomon, “Because fnyou had this in mind, and did not ask for riches, wealth or honor, or the life of those who hate H8130 you, nor have you even asked for long life, but you have asked for yourself wisdom and knowledge that you may rule My people over whom I have made you king,

Tools specific to 2Ch 18:7

2Ch 18:7

The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, “There is yet one man by whom we may inquire of the LORD, but I hate H8130 him, for he never prophesies good concerning me but always evil. He is Micaiah, son of Imla.” But Jehoshaphat said, “Let not the king say so.”

Tools specific to 2Ch 19:2

2Ch 19:2

Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him and said to King Jehoshaphat, “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate H8130 the LORD and fnso bring wrath on yourself from the LORD?

Tools specific to Est 9:1

Est 9:1

Now in the twelfth month (that is, the month Adar), on the thirteenth fnday when the king’s command and edict fnwere about to be executed, on the day when the enemies of the Jews hoped to gain the mastery over them, it was turned to the contrary so that the Jews themselves gained the mastery over those who hated H8130 them.

Tools specific to Est 9:5

Est 9:5

Thus the Jews struck all their enemies with fnthe sword, killing and destroying; and they did what they pleased to those who hated H8130 them.

Tools specific to Est 9:16

Est 9:16

Now the rest of the Jews who were in the king’s provinces assembled, to defend their lives and fnrid themselves of their enemies, and kill 75,000 of those who hated H8130 them; but they did not lay their hands on the plunder.

Tools specific to Job 8:22

Job 8:22

“Those who hate H8130 you will be clothed with shame,
And the tent of the wicked will be no longer.”

Search Results Continued...

1. Gen 24:60–Job 8:22

2. Job 31:29–Pro 11:15

3. Pro 12:1–Mal 2:16

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