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Lexicon :: Strong's G1384 - dokimos

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dokimos (Key)
Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
Dictionary Aids

Vine's Expository Dictionary: View Entry

TDNT Reference: 2:255,183

Strong’s Definitions

δόκιμος dókimos, dok'-ee-mos; from G1380; properly, acceptable (current after assayal), i.e. approved:—approved, tried.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 7x

The KJV translates Strong's G1384 in the following manner: approved (6x), tried (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 7x
The KJV translates Strong's G1384 in the following manner: approved (6x), tried (1x).
  1. accepted, particularly of coins and money.

  2. accepted, pleasing, acceptable

    "In the ancient world there was no banking system as we know it today, and no paper money. All money was made from metal, heated until liquid, poured into moulds and allowed to cool. When the coins were cooled, it was necessary to smooth off the uneven edges. The coins were comparatively soft, and of course many people shaved them closely. In one century, more than eighty laws were passed in Athens to stop the practice of whittling down the coins then in circulation. But some money-changers were men of integrity, who would accept no counterfeit money; they were men of honour who put only genuine, full-weight money into circulation. Such men were called dokimos, and this word is used here for the Christian as he is to be seen by the world." (Donald Grey Barnhouse, Romans: God's Glory, p. 18.)
Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
δόκιμος dókimos, dok'-ee-mos; from G1380; properly, acceptable (current after assayal), i.e. approved:—approved, tried.
STRONGS NT 1384: δόκιμος
δόκιμος, -ον, (δέχομαι); from Herodotus down;
1. properly, accepted, particularly of coins and metals, Genesis 23:16; 2 Chronicles 9:17; Lucian, Herm. 68, etc.; hence, universally, proved, tried: in the N. T. one who is of tried faith and integrity [R. V. approved], Romans 16:10 (τὸν δόκιμον ἐν Χριστῷ, the approved servant of Christ); 1 Corinthians 11:19; 2 Corinthians 10:18; 2 Corinthians 13:7; 2 Timothy 2:15 (παριστάναι ἑαυτὸν δόκιμον τῷ θεῷ); James 1:12.
2. accepted, equivalent to acceptable, pleasing: εὐάρεστος τῷ θεῷ κ. δόκιμος [L marginal reading -μοις] τοῖς ἀνθρώποις, Romans 14:18.
THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

BLB Scripture Index of Thayer's

2 Chronicles
14:18; 16:10
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
10:18; 13:7
2 Timothy

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Strong's Number G1384 matches the Greek δόκιμος (dokimos),
which occurs 7 times in 7 verses in the TR Greek.

Unchecked Copy BoxRom 14:18 - γὰρ ἐν τούτῳ δουλεύων τῷ Χριστῷ εὐάρεστος τῷ θεῷ καὶ δόκιμος G1384 τοῖς ἀνθρώποις
Unchecked Copy BoxRom 16:10 - ἀσπάσασθε Ἀπελλῆν τὸν δόκιμον G1384 ἐν Χριστῷ ἀσπάσασθε τοὺς ἐκ τῶν Ἀριστοβούλου
Unchecked Copy Box1Co 11:19 - δεῖ γὰρ καὶ αἱρέσεις ἐν ὑμῖν εἶναι ἵνα καὶ οἱ δόκιμοι G1384 φανεροὶ γένωνται ἐν ὑμῖν
Unchecked Copy Box2Co 10:18 - οὐ γὰρ ἑαυτὸν συνιστάνων ἐκεῖνός ἐστιν δόκιμος G1384 ἀλλὰ ὃν κύριος συνίστησιν
Unchecked Copy Box2Co 13:7 - εὐχόμεθα δὲ πρὸς τὸν θεὸν μὴ ποιῆσαι ὑμᾶς κακὸν μηδέν οὐχ ἵνα ἡμεῖς δόκιμοι G1384 φανῶμεν ἀλλ᾽ ἵνα ὑμεῖς τὸ καλὸν ποιῆτε ἡμεῖς δὲ ὡς ἀδόκιμοι ὦμεν
Unchecked Copy Box2Ti 2:15 - σπούδασον σεαυτὸν δόκιμον G1384 παραστῆσαι τῷ θεῷ ἐργάτην ἀνεπαίσχυντον ὀρθοτομοῦντα τὸν λόγον τῆς ἀληθείας
Unchecked Copy BoxJas 1:12 - μακάριος ἀνὴρ ὃς ὑπομένει πειρασμόν ὅτι δόκιμος G1384 γενόμενος λήμψεται τὸν στέφανον τῆς ζωῆς ὃν ἐπηγγείλατο τοῖς ἀγαπῶσιν αὐτόν

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