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Lexicon :: Strong's G3113 - makrothen

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makrothen (Key)
Part of Speech
Root Word (Etymology)
14x in 1 unique form(s)
14x in 1 unique form(s)
31x in 1 unique form(s)
Dictionary Aids

Vine's Expository Dictionary: View Entry

TDNT Reference: 4:372,549

Strong’s Definitions

μακρόθεν makróthen, mak-roth'-en; adverb from G3117; from a distance or afar:—afar off, from far.

KJV Translation Count — Total: 14x

The KJV translates Strong's G3113 in the following manner: afar off (13x), from far (1x).

KJV Translation Count — Total: 14x
The KJV translates Strong's G3113 in the following manner: afar off (13x), from far (1x).
  1. from afar, afar

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)
μακρόθεν makróthen, mak-roth'-en; adverb from G3117; from a distance or afar:—afar off, from far.
STRONGS NT 3113: μακρόθεν
μακρόθεν (μακρός), adverb, especially of later Greek (Polybius, others; cf. Lob. ad Phryn., p. 93); the Sept. for מֵרָחוק, רָחוק, etc.; from afar, afar: Mark 8:3; Mark 11:13; Luke 18:13; Luke 22:54; Luke 23:49; with the preposition ἀπό prefixed (cf. Winers Grammar, 422 (393); § 65, 2; Buttmann, 70 (62)): Matthew 26:58 (here T omits; WH brackets ἀπό); Matthew 27:55; Mark 5:6; Mark 14:54; Mark 15:40, Luke 16:23; Revelation 18:10, 15, 17; also L T Tr WH in Mark 11:13; L T Tr marginal reading WH in Luke 23:49; T Tr WH in Mark 8:3 (Psalm 137:6 (Ps. 138:6); 2 Kings 19:25 manuscript Alex.; 2 Esdr. 3:13).
THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

BLB Scripture Index of Thayer's

2 Kings
137:6; 138:6
26:58; 27:55
5:6; 8:3; 8:3; 11:13; 11:13; 14:54; 15:40
16:23; 18:13; 22:54; 23:49; 23:49
18:10; 18:15; 18:17

Word / Phrase / Strong's Search

Strong's Number G3113 matches the Greek μακρόθεν (makrothen),
which occurs 14 times in 14 verses in the TR Greek.

Unchecked Copy BoxMat 26:58 - δὲ Πέτρος ἠκολούθει αὐτῷ ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 ἕως τῆς αὐλῆς τοῦ ἀρχιερέως καὶ εἰσελθὼν ἔσω ἐκάθητο μετὰ τῶν ὑπηρετῶν ἰδεῖν τὸ τέλος
Unchecked Copy BoxMat 27:55 - ἦσαν δὲ ἐκεῖ γυναῖκες πολλαὶ ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 θεωροῦσαι αἵτινες ἠκολούθησαν τῷ Ἰησοῦ ἀπὸ τῆς Γαλιλαίας διακονοῦσαι αὐτῷ
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 5:6 - καὶ ἰδὼν τὸν Ἰησοῦν ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 ἔδραμεν καὶ προσεκύνησεν αὐτῷ
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 8:3 - καὶ ἐὰν ἀπολύσω αὐτοὺς νήστεις εἰς οἶκον αὐτῶν ἐκλυθήσονται ἐν τῇ ὁδῷ καί τινες αὐτῶν ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 ἥκασιν
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 11:13 - καὶ ἰδὼν συκῆν ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 ἔχουσαν φύλλα ἦλθεν εἰ ἄρα τι εὑρήσει ἐν αὐτῇ καὶ ἐλθὼν ἐπ᾽ αὐτὴν οὐδὲν εὗρεν εἰ μὴ φύλλα γὰρ καιρὸς οὐκ ἦν σύκων
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 14:54 - καὶ Πέτρος ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 ἠκολούθησεν αὐτῷ ἕως ἔσω εἰς τὴν αὐλὴν τοῦ ἀρχιερέως καὶ ἦν συγκαθήμενος μετὰ τῶν ὑπηρετῶν καὶ θερμαινόμενος πρὸς τὸ φῶς
Unchecked Copy BoxMar 15:40 - ἦσαν δὲ καὶ γυναῖκες ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 θεωροῦσαι ἐν αἷς καὶ Μαρία Μαγδαληνὴ καὶ Μαρία Ἰακώβου τοῦ μικροῦ καὶ Ἰωσῆτος μήτηρ καὶ Σαλώμη
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 16:23 - καὶ ἐν τῷ ᾅδῃ ἐπάρας τοὺς ὀφθαλμοὺς αὐτοῦ ὑπάρχων ἐν βασάνοις ὁρᾷ Ἀβραὰμ ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 καὶ Λάζαρον ἐν τοῖς κόλποις αὐτοῦ
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 18:13 - δὲ τελώνης μακρόθεν G3113 ἑστὼς οὐκ ἤθελεν οὐδὲ τοὺς ὀφθαλμοὺς ἐπᾶραι εἰς τὸν οὐρανόν ἀλλ᾽ ἔτυπτεν τὸ στῆθος αὐτοῦ λέγων θεός ἱλάσθητί μοι τῷ ἁμαρτωλῷ
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 22:54 - συλλαβόντες δὲ αὐτὸν ἤγαγον καὶ εἰσήγαγον εἰς τὴν οἰκίαν τοῦ ἀρχιερέως δὲ Πέτρος ἠκολούθει μακρόθεν G3113
Unchecked Copy BoxLuk 23:49 - εἱστήκεισαν δὲ πάντες οἱ γνωστοὶ αὐτῷ ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 καὶ γυναῖκες αἱ συνακολουθοῦσαι αὐτῷ ἀπὸ τῆς Γαλιλαίας ὁρῶσαι ταῦτα
Unchecked Copy BoxRev 18:10 - ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 ἑστηκότες διὰ τὸν φόβον τοῦ βασανισμοῦ αὐτῆς λέγοντες οὐαὶ οὐαί πόλις μεγάλη Βαβυλὼν πόλις ἰσχυρά ὅτι μιᾷ ὥρᾳ ἦλθεν κρίσις σου
Unchecked Copy BoxRev 18:15 - οἱ ἔμποροι τούτων οἱ πλουτήσαντες ἀπ᾽ αὐτῆς ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 στήσονται διὰ τὸν φόβον τοῦ βασανισμοῦ αὐτῆς κλαίοντες καὶ πενθοῦντες
Unchecked Copy BoxRev 18:17 - ὅτι μιᾷ ὥρᾳ ἠρημώθη τοσοῦτος πλοῦτος καὶ πᾶς κυβερνήτης καὶ πᾶς ἐπὶ τόπον πλέων καὶ ναῦται καὶ ὅσοι τὴν θάλασσαν ἐργάζονται ἀπὸ μακρόθεν G3113 ἔστησαν

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