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Dictionaries :: Linen

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Easton's Bible Dictionary


(1.) Heb., pishet, pishtah, denotes "flax," of which linen is made (Isa 19:9); wrought flax, i.e., "linen cloth", Lev 13:47, 48, 52, 59; Deu 22:11.

Flax was early cultivated in Egypt (Exd 9:31), and also in Palestine (Jos 2:6; Hsa 2:9). Various articles were made of it: garments (2Sa 6:14), girdles (Jer 13:1), ropes and thread (Eze 40:3), napkins (Luk 24:12; Jhn 20:7), turbans (Eze 44:18), and lamp-wicks (Isa 42:3).

(2.) Heb. buts, "whiteness;" rendered "fine linen" in 1 Chr. 4:21; 15:27; 2Ch 2:14; 3:14; Est 1:6; 8:15, and "white linen" 2Ch 5:12. It is not certain whether this word means cotton or linen.

(3.) Heb. bad; rendered "linen" Exd 28:42; 39:28; Lev 6:10; 16:4, 23, 32; 1Sa 2:18; 2Sa 6:14, etc. It is uniformly used of the sacred vestments worn by the priests. The word is from a root signifying "separation."

(4.) Heb. shesh; rendered "fine linen" Exd 25:4; 26:1, 31, 36, etc. In Pro 31:22 it is rendered in Authorized Version "silk," and in Revised Version "fine linen." The word denotes Egyptian linen of peculiar whiteness and fineness (byssus). The finest Indian linen, the finest now made, has in an inch one hundred threads of warp and eighty-four of woof; while the Egyptian had sometimes one hundred and forty in the warp and sixty-four in the woof. This was the usual dress of the Egyptian priest. Pharaoh arrayed Joseph in a dress of linen (Gen 41:42).

(5.) Heb. 'etun. Pro 7:16, "fine linen of Egypt;" in Revised Version, "the yarn of Egypt."

(6.) Heb. sadin. Pro 31:24, "fine linen;" in Revised Version, "linen garments" (Jdg 14:12,13; Isa 3:23). From this Hebrew word is probably derived the Greek word sindon, rendered "linen" in Mar 14:51, 52; 15:46; Mat 27:59.

The word "linen" is used as an emblem of moral purity (Rev 15:6). In Luk 16:19 it is mentioned as a mark of luxury.


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