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Dictionaries :: Sea, The

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Easton's Bible Dictionary

Sea, The:

(Heb. yam), signifies (1) "the gathering together of the waters," the ocean (Gen 1:10); (2) a river, as the Nile (Isa 19:5), the Euphrates (Isa 21:1; Jer 51:36); (3) the Red Sea (Exd 14:16,27; 15:4, etc.); (4) the Mediterranean (Exd 23:31; Num 34:6,7; Jos 15:47; Psa 80:11, etc.); (5) the "sea of Galilee," an inland fresh-water lake, and (6) the Dead Sea or "salt sea" (Gen 14:3; Num 34:3,12, etc.). The word "sea" is used symbolically in Isa 60:5, where it probably means the nations around the Mediterranean. In Dan 7:3, Rev 13:1 it may mean the tumultuous changes among the nations of the earth.

International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia

Sea, The:



Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Sea, The: The gathering together of the waters originally called

Gen 1:10

Sea, The: Great Rivers Often Called

Isa 11:15; Jer 51:36

Sea, The: Lakes Often Called

Deu 3:17; Mat 8:24,27,32

Sea, The: God


Exd 20:11; Psa 95:5; Act 14:15

Made the birds and fished out of

Gen 1:20-22

Founded the earth upon

Psa 24:2

Set bounds to, by a perpetual decree

Job 26:10; 38:8,10,11; Pro 8:27,29

Measures the waters of

Isa 40:12

Does what he pleases in

Psa 135:6

Dries up, by his rebuke

Isa 50:2; Nah 1:4

Shakes, by his word

Hag 2:6

Stills, by his power

Psa 65:7; 89:9; 107:29

Sea, The: Of Immense Extent

Job 11:9; Psa 104:25

Sea, The: Of Great Depth

Psa 68:22

Sea, The: Rivers Supplied by Exhalations From

Ecc 1:7

Sea, The: Replenished by Rivers

Ecc 1:7; Eze 47:8

Sea, The: Called The


Job 41:31; Psa 107:24; 2Cr 11:25

Great waters

Psa 77:19

Great and wide sea

Psa 104:25

Sea, The: The Clouds the Garment Of

Job 38:9

Sea, The: Darkness the Swaddling Band Of

Job 38:9

Sea, The: Sand the Barrier Of

Jer 5:22

Sea, The: Inhabited by innumerable creatures great and small

Psa 104:25,26

Sea, The: The Wonders of God Seen In

Psa 107:24

Sea, The: Made to Glorify God

Psa 69:34; 148:7

Sea, The: Seas Mentioned in Scripture

The Adriatic or sea of Adria

Act 27:27

Mediterranean or great sea

Num 34:6; Deu 11:24; 34:2; Zec 14:8

Red Sea

Exd 10:19; 13:18; 23:31

Sea of Joppa or sea of the Philistines

Ezr 3:7; Exd 23:21

Salt of Dead Sea

Gen 14:3; Num 34:12

Sea of Galilee

Mat 4:18; 8:32; Jhn 6:1

Sea of Jazer

Jer 48:32

Sea, The: Raised by the Wind

Psa 107:25,26; Jon 1:4

Sea, The: Caused to Foam by Leviathan

Job 41:31,32

Sea, The: The Waves Of

Raised upon high

Psa 93:3; 107:25

Tossed to and fro

Jer 5:22


Jer 51:42


Psa 93:4; Act 27:41


Luk 21:25; Jud 1:13

Sea, The: The Shore Of, Covered with Sand

Gen 22:17; 1Ki 4:29; Job 6:3; Psa 78:27

Sea, The: Numerous Islands In

Eze 26:18

Sea, The: Passed over in Ships

Psa 104:26; 107:23

Sea, The: Sailing On, Dangerous

Act 27:9,20; 2Cr 11:26

Sea, The: Commercial Nations

Often built cities on the borders of

Gen 49:13; Eze 27:3; Nah 3:8

Derived great wealth from

Deu 33:19

Sea, The: Shall Give up Its Dead at the Last Day

Rev 20:13

Sea, The: The Renewed Earth Shall Be Without

Rev 21:1

Sea, The: Illustrative

Of heavy afflictions

Isa 43:2; Lam 2:13

(Trouble,) of the wicked

Isa 57:20

(Roaring,) of hostile armies

Isa 5:30; Jer 6:23

(Waves of,) of righteousness

Isa 48:18

(Waves of,) of devastating armies

Eze 26:3,4

(Waves of,) of the unsteady

Jam 1:6

(Covered with waters,) of the diffusion of spiritual knowledge over the earth in the latter days

Isa 11:9; Hab 2:14

(Smooth as glass,) of the peace of heaven

Rev 4:6; 15:2


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.