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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Sin-Offering

Dictionaries :: Sin-Offering

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Below are articles from the following 2 dictionaries:
Easton's Bible Dictionary


(Heb. hattath), the law of, is given in detail in Lev. 4-6:13; 9:7-11, 22-24; 12:6-8; 15:2, 14, 25-30; 14:19, 31; Num 6:10-14. On the day of Atonement it was made with special solemnity (Lev 16:5,11,15). The blood was then carried into the holy of holies and sprinkled on the mercy-seat. Sin-offerings were also presented at the five annual festivals (Num. 28, 29), and on the occasion of the consecration of the priests (Exd 29:10-14,36). As each individual, even the most private member of the congregation, as well as the congregation at large, and the high priest, was obliged, on being convicted by his conscience of any particular sin, to come with a sin-offering, we see thus impressively disclosed the need in which every sinner stands of the salvation of Christ, and the necessity of making application to it as often as the guilt of sin renews itself upon his conscience. This resort of faith to the perfect sacrifice of Christ is the one way that lies open for the sinner's attainment of pardon and restoration to peace. And then in the sacrifice itself there is the reality of that incomparable worth and preciousness which were so significantly represented in the sin-offering by the sacredness of its blood and the hallowed destination of its flesh. With reference to this the blood of Christ is called emphatically "the precious blood," and the blood that "cleanseth from all sin" (1Jo 1:7).

Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Sin-Offering: Probable Origin Of

Gen 4:4,7

Sin-Offering: Was Offered

For sins of ignorance

Lev 4:2,13,22,27

At the consecration of priests

Exd 29:10,14; Lev 8:14

At the consecration of Levites

Num 8:8

At the expiration of a Nazarite's vow

Num 6:14

On the day of atonement

Lev 16:3,9

Sin-Offering: Was a Most Holy Sacrifice

Lev 6:25,29

Sin-Offering: Consisted Of

A young bullock for priests

Lev 4:3; 9:2,8; 16:3,6

A young bullock or he-goat for the congregation

Lev 4:14; 16:9; 2Ch 29:23

A male kid for a ruler

Lev 4:23

A female kid or female lamb for a private person

Lev 4:28,32

Sin-Offering: Sins of the Offerer Transferred To, by Imposition

Lev 4:4,15,24,29; 2Ch 29:23

Sin-Offering: Was killed in the same place as the burnt-offering

Lev 4:24; 6:25

Sin-Offering: The Blood Of

For a priest or for the congregation, brought by the priest into the tabernacle

Lev 4:5,16

For a priest or for the congregation, sprinkled seven times before the Lord, outside the vail, by the priest with his finger

Lev 4:6,17

For a priest of for the congregation, put upon the horns of the altar of burnt offering by the priest with his finger

Lev 4:25,30

In every case poured at the foot of the altar of burnt offering

Lev 4:7; 18:25,30; 9:9

Sin-Offering: Fat of the inside, kidneys, burned on the altar of burnt

Lev 4:8-10,19,26,31; 9:10

Sin-Offering: When for a priest or the congregation, the skin, carcass,

Lev 4:11,12,21; 6:30; 9:11

Sin-Offering: Was eaten by the priests in a holy place, when its blood had

Lev 6:26,29,30

Sin-Offering: Aaron, &c Rebuked for Burning and Not Eating That

Lev 10:16-18; 9:9,15

Sin-Offering: Whatever Touched the Flesh Of, Was Rendered Holy

Lev 6:27

Sin-Offering: Garments sprinkled with the blood of, to be washed

Lev 6:27

Sin-Offering: Laws respecting the vessels used for boiling the flesh of

Lev 6:28

Sin-Offering: Was Typical of Christ's Sacrifice

2Cr 5:21; Hbr 13:11-13


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