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Dictionaries :: So

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Easton's Bible Dictionary


(Nubian, Sabako), an Ethiopian king who brought Egypt under his sway. He was bribed by Hoshea to help him against the Assyrian monarch Shalmaneser (2Ki 17:4). This was a return to the policy that had been successful in the reign of Jeroboam I.

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary


a measure for grain; vail

International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia


so (co', although the Hebrew might be pointed cewe'; Assyrian Sib'u; Septuagint Segor, Soa; Manetho, Seuechos; Latin Sevechus; Herodotus (ii. 137 ff), Sabakon): In all probability the "Sabaeo" of Herodotus, the Shabaka, who founded the Ethiopian dynasty, the XXVth of Egyptian kings. His date is given as 715-707 BC (Flinders Petrie, History of Egypt, III, 281 ff), but we may suppose that before his accession to the throne he was entitled to be designated king, as being actually regent. To this So, Hoshea, king of Israel, made an appeal for assistance to enable him to throw off the yoke of the Assyrian Shalmaneser IV (2Ki 17:3 ). But Hoshea's submission to So brought him no advantage, for Shalmaneser came up throughout all the land and laid siege to Samaria. Not long after the fall of Samaria, So ventured upon an eastern campaign, and was defeated by Sargon, the successor of Shalmaneser, in the battle of Raphia in 720 BC.


Flinders Petrie, History of Egypt, III, 281 ff; McCurdy, HPM, I, 422; Schrader, COT, I, 261.

Written by T. Nicol

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words



(1) Houtos or houto, "thus," is the usual word (see THUS).

(2) Some form of houstos, "this," is sometimes rendered "so," e.g., Act 23:7; Rom 12:20.

(3) It translates homoios, "likewise," e.g., in Luk 5:10; oun, "therefore," e.g., Jhn 4:40, 53.

(4) For "so many as," see MANY; for "so much as," see MUCH.

(5) Sumbaino, when used of events, signifies "to come to pass, happen;" in Act 21:35 it is rendered "so it was."

(6) In 1Pe 3:17, thelo, "to will," is translated "should so will," lit., "willeth."

(7) In 2Cr 12:16, the imperative mood, 3rd person singular, of eimi, "to be," is used impersonally, and signifies "be it so."

(8) In Hbr 7:9 epos, "a word," is used in a phrase rendered "so to say;" see WORD, Note (1).

(9) In 1Ti 3:11, hosautos, "likewise," is translated "even so."

(10) Hos, as, is rendered "so" in Hbr 3:11 (RV, "as"). For association with other words see †, p. 9.

W. E. Vine provided the following footnote on page 9 of his expository dictionary:
In the following pagesindicates that the word referred to (preposition, conjunction, or particle) is not dealt with in this volume.

Smith's Bible Dictionary


"So, king of Egypt," is once mentioned in the Bible-(2 Kings 17:4). So has been identified by different writers with the first and second kings of the Ethiopian twenty‐fifth dynasty, called by Manetho, Sabakon (Shebek) and Sebichos (Shebetek.)


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