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Dictionaries :: Entangle

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International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia



Found but 5 times in the Scriptures (the King James Version), once in the Old Testament, yet most significant as illustrating the process of mental, moral and spiritual confusion and enslavement.

(1) Physical:

Used of physical entanglement, as in the mazes of a labyrinth (bukh, to involve, "be perplexed"). At Moses' command the children of Israel, before crossing the Red Sea, took the wrong way in order to give Pharaoh the impression that they were lost in the wilderness and cause him to say "They are entangled in the land" (Ex 14:3).

(2) Mental:

pagideuo, "to entrap," "ensnare," with words, as birds are caught in a snare; compare Ec 9:12. The Pharisees sought to "entangle" (the Revised Version (British and American) "ensnare") Jesus in His talk (Mt 22:15).

(3) Moral:

‘empleko, "to inweave," hence, intertwine and involve. "A god soldier of Jesus Christ," says Paul, does not "entangle himself," i.e. become involved, "in the affairs of this life" (2Ti 2:4). Having "escaped the defilements of the world," Christians are not to be "again entangled therein" (2Pe 2:20).

(4) Spiritual:

enecho, "to hold in," hence, to hold captive, as a slave in fetters or under a burden. Having experienced spiritual emancipation, freedom, through Christ from bondage to sin and false religion (Ga 5:1; compare Ga 4:8), the Gentiles were not to become "entangled again in a yoke of bondage" by submission to mere legal requirements, as the external rite of circumcision.

With reference to the thoroughness and irresistibleness of God's judgments, we read in Na 1:10, "For entangled like thorns" (the King James Version "while they be folden together as thorns"), damp, closely packed and intertwined, "they are consumed utterly as dry stubble" (the King James Version "devoured as stubble fully dry").

Written by Dwight M. Pratt

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
1 Strong's Number: g3802 Greek: pagideuo



2 Strong's Number: g1707 Greek: empleko


"to weave in" (en, "in," pleko, "to weave"), hence, metaphorically, to be involved, entangled in, is used in the Passive Voice in 2Ti 2:4, "entangleth himself;" 2Pe 2:20, "are entangled." In the Sept., Pro 28:18.

3 Strong's Number: g1758 Greek: enecho


"to hold in," is said

(a) of being "entangled" in a yoke of bondage, such as Judaism, Gal 5:1. Some mss. have the word in 2Th 1:4, the most authentic have anecho, "to endure;"

(b) with the meaning to set oneself against, be urgent against, said of the plotting of Herodias against John the Baptist, Mar 6:19, RV, "set herself against," AV, "had a quarrel against;" of the effort of the scribes and Pharisees to provoke the Lord to say something which would provide them with a ground of accusation against Him, Luk 11:53, RV, "to press upon," marg., "to set themselves vehemently against," AV, "to urge."


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