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Dictionaries :: Prophets

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Below are articles from the following 3 dictionaries:
Thematic Subject Guide


Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Prophets: God Spoke of Old By

Hsa 12:10; Hbr 1:1

Prophets: The Messengers of God

2Ch 36:15; Isa 44:26

Prophets: The Servants of God

Jer 35:15

Prophets: The Watchmen of Israel

Eze 3:17

Prophets: Were Called

Men of God

1Sa 9:6

Prophets of God

Ezr 5:2

Holy prophets

Luk 1:70; Rev 18:20; 22:6

Holy men of God

2Pe 1:21


1Sa 9:9

Prophets: Were Esteemed as Holy Men

2Ki 4:9

Prophets: Women Sometimes Endowed As

Joe 2:28

Prophets: God Communicated To

His secret things

Amo 3:7

At various time and in different ways

Hbr 1:1

By an audible voice

Num 12:8; 1Sa 3:4-14

By angels

Dan 8:15-26; Rev 22:8,9

By dreams and visions

Num 12:6; Joe 2:28

Prophets: Were under the Influence of the Holy Spirit While

Luk 1:67; 2Pe 1:21

Prophets: Spoke in the Name of the Lord

2Ch 33:18; Eze 3:11; Jam 5:10

Prophets: Frequently Spoke in Parables and Riddles

2Sa 12:1-6; Isa 5:1-7; Eze 17:2-10

Prophets: Frequently in their actions, &c were made signs to the people

Isa 20:2-4; Jer 19:1,10,11; 27:2,3; 43:9; 51:63; Eze 4:1-13; 5:1-4; 7:23; 12:3-7; 21:6,7; 24:1-24; Hsa 1:2-9

Prophets: Frequently left without divine communication on account of

1Sa 28:6; Lam 2:9; Eze 7:26

Prophets: Were Required

To be bold and undaunted

Eze 2:6; 3:8,9

To be vigilant and faithful

Eze 3:17-21

To receive with attention all God's communications

Eze 3:10

Not to speak anything but what they received from God

Deu 18:20

To declare everything that the Lord commanded

Jer 26:2

Prophets: Sometimes received divine communications and uttered

Jer 23:9; Eze 3:14,15; Dan 7:28; 10:8; Hab 3:2,16

Prophets: Sometimes Uttered Their Predictions in Verse

Deu 32:44; Isa 5:1

Prophets: Often Accompanied by Music While Predicting

1Sa 10:5; 2Ki 3:15

Prophets: Often Committed Their Predictions to Writing

2Ch 21:12; Jer 36:2

Prophets: Writings Of, Read in the Synagogues Every Sabbath

Luk 4:17; Act 13:15

Prophets: Ordinary

Numerous in Israel

1Sa 10:5; 1Ki 18:4

Trained up and instructed in schools

2Ki 2:3,5; 1Sa 19:20

The sacred bards of the Jews

Exd 15:20,21; 1Sa 10:5,10; 1Ch 25:1

Prophets: Extraordinary

Specially raised up on occasions of emergency

1Sa 3:19-21; Isa 6:8,9; Jer 1:5

Often endued with miraculous power

Exd 4:1-4; 1Ki 17:23; 2Ki 5:3-8

Prophets: Frequently Married Men

2Ki 4:1; Eze 24:18

Prophets: Wore a Coarse Dress of Hair-Cloth

2Ki 1:8; Zec 13:4; Mat 3:4; Rev 11:3

Prophets: Often Led a Wandering and Unsettled Life

1Ki 18:10-12; 19:3,8,15; 2Ki 4:10

Prophets: Simple in Their Manner of Life

Mat 3:4

Prophets: The Historiographers of the Jewish Nation

1Ch 29:29; 2Ch 9:29

Prophets: The Interpreters of Dreams

Dan 1:17

Prophets: Were Consulted in All Difficulties

1Sa 9:6; 28:15; 1Ki 14:2-4; 22:7

Prophets: Presented with Gifts by Those Who Consulted Them

1Sa 9:7,8; 1Ki 14:3

Prophets: Sometimes Thought It Right to Reject Presents

2Ki 5:15,16

Prophets: Were Sent To

Reprove the wicked and exhort to repentance

2Ki 17:13; 2Ch 24:19; Jer 25:4,5

Denounce the wickedness of kings

1Sa 15:10,16-19; 2Sa 12:7-12; 1Ki 18:18; 21:17-22

Exhort to faithfulness and constancy in God's service

2Ch 15:1,2,7

Predict the coming of Christ

Luk 24:44; Jhn 1:45; Act 3:24; 10:43

Predict the downfall of nations

Isa 15:1; 17:1; Jer 47:1-51:64

Prophets: Felt deeply on account of the calamities which they predicted

Isa 16:9-11; Jer 9:1-7

Prophets: Predictions Of

Frequently proclaimed at the gate of the Lord's house

Jer 7:2

Proclaimed in the cities and streets

Jer 11:6

Written on tables and fixed up in some public place

Hab 2:2

Written on rolls and read to the people

Isa 8:1; Jer 36:2

Were all fulfilled

2Ki 10:10; Isa 44:26; Act 3:18; Rev 10:7

Prophets: Assisted the Jews in their great national undertakings

Ezr 5:2

Prophets: Mentioned in Scripture


Gen 5:21-24; Jud 1:14


Gen 9:25-27


Gen 49:1


Exd 7:1


Deu 18:18


Exd 15:20


Jdg 4:4

Prophet set to Israel

Jdg 6:8

Prophet sent to Eli

1Sa 2:27


1Sa 3:20


Psa 16:8-11; Act 2:25,30


2Sa 7:2; 12:1; 1Ki 1:10


2Sa 15:27


2Sa 24:11; 1Ch 29:29


1Ki 11:29; 12:15; 2Ch 9:29

Prophet of Judah

1Ki 13:1


2Ch 9:29; 12:15


1Ki 12:22; 2Ch 12:7,15

Azariah the son of Oded

2Ch 15:2,8


2Ch 16:7

Jehu the son of Hanani

1Ki 16:1,7,12


1Ki 17:1


1Ki 19:16

Micaiah the son of Imlah

1Ki 22:7,8


2Ki 14:25; Jon 1:1; Mat 12:39


2Ki 19:2; 2Ch 26:22; Isa 1:1


Hsa 1:1


Amo 1:1; 7:14,15


Mic 1:1


2Ch 28:9


Nah 1:1


Joe 1:1; Act 2:16


Zep 1:1


2Ki 22:14


2Ch 35:15


2Ch 36:12,21; Jer 1:1,2


Hab 1:1


Oba 1:1


Eze 1:3


Dan 12:11; Mat 24:15


Ezr 5:1; 6:14; Hag 1:1

Zechariah son of Iddo

Ezr 5:1; Zec 1:1


Mal 1:1

Zacharias the father of John

Luk 1:67


Luk 2:36


Act 11:28; 21:10

Daughters of Philip

Act 21:9


1Ti 4:1


2Pe 2:1,2


Rev 1:1

Prophets: One Generally Attached to the King's Household

2Sa 24:11; 2Ch 29:25; 35:15

Prophets: The Jews

Require to hear and believe

Deu 18:15; 2Ch 20:20

Often tried to make them speak smooth things

1Ki 22:13; Isa 30:10; Amo 2:12

Persecuted them

2Ch 36:16; Mat 5:12

Often imprisoned them

1Ki 22:27; Jer 32:2; 37:15,16

Often put them to death

1Ki 18:13; 19:10; Mat 23:34-37

Often left without, on account of sin

1Sa 3:1; Psa 74:9; Amo 8:11,12

Prophets: Were Mighty through Faith

Hbr 11:32-40

Prophets: Great Patience Of, under Suffering

Jam 5:10

Prophets: God Avenged All Injuries Done To

2Ki 9:7; 1Ch 16:21,22; Mat 23:35-38; Luk 11:50

Prophets: Christ Predicted to Exercise the Office Of

Deu 18:15; Act 3:22

Prophets: Christ Exercised the Office Of

Mat 24:1-25:46; Mar 10:32-34


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.