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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Shew (Show)

Dictionaries :: Shew (Show)

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
1 Strong's Number: g1166 Greek: deiknumi | deiknuo

Shew (Show):


(a) "to show, exhibit," e.g., Mat 4:8; 8:4; Jhn 5:20; 20:20; 1Ti 6:15;

(b) "to show by making known," Mat 16:21; Luk 24:40; Jhn 14:8, 9; Act 10:28; 1Cr 12:31; Rev 1:1; 4:1; 22:6;

(c) "to show by way of proving," Jam 2:18; 3:13.

2 Strong's Number: g322 Greek: anadeikumi

Shew (Show):


(a) "to lift up and show, show forth, declare" (ana, "up," and No. 1), Act 1:24;

(b) to "appoint," Luk 10:1.
See APPOINT, No. 14.

3 Strong's Number: g1731 Greek: endeiknumi

Shew (Show):


(1) "to show forth, prove" (Middle Voice), said

(a) of God as to His power, Rom 9:17; His wrath, Rom 9:22; the exceeding riches of His grace, Eph 2:7;

(b) of Christ, as to His longsuffering, 1Ti 1:16;

(c) of Gentiles, as to "the work of the Law written in their hearts," Rom 2:15;

(d) of believers, as to the proof of their love, 2Cr 8:24; all good fidelity, Tts 2:10; meekness, Tts 3:2; love toward God's Name, Hbr 6:10; diligence in ministering to the saints, Hbr 6:11;

(2) "to manifest by evil acts," 2Ti 4:14, "did (me much evil)," marg., "showed."

4 Strong's Number: g1925 Greek: epideiknumi

Shew (Show):

epi, "upon," intensive, and No. 1, signifies

(a) "to exhibit, display," Mat 16:1; 22:19; 24:1; Luk 17:14 (in some mss. 24:40; No. 1 in the best texts); in the Middle Voice, "to display," with a special interest in one's own action, Act 9:39;

(b) "to point out, prove, demonstrate," Act 18:28; Hbr 6:17.

5 Strong's Number: g5263 Greek: hupodeiknumi

Shew (Show):

primarily, "to show secretly (hupo, 'under'), or by tracing out," hence, "to make known, warn," is translated "to show" in Luk 6:47; Act 9:16; in Act 20:35, AV (RV, "I gave... an example").

6 Strong's Number: g4160 Greek: poieo

Shew (Show):

"to make, to do," is translated, "He hath showed" in Luk 1:51; "to show (mercy)," Luk 1:72, RV (AV, "perform"); "showed (mercy)," Luk 10:37; Jhn 6:30, AV, "showest Thou," RV, "doest Thou (for a sign);" Act 7:36, AV, "showed," RV, "wrought;" Jam 2:13, "showed (no mercy);" in Mar 13:22 in the best texts (some have didomi), "shall show (signs)."
See DO, No. 1.

7 Strong's Number: g3377 Greek: menuo

Shew (Show):

"to disclose, make known" (what was secret), is rendered "to show" in Luk 20:37; 1Cr 10:28; in a forensic sense, Jhn 11:57; Act 23:30, RV (AV, "it was told").

8 Strong's Number: g3936 Greek: paristemi

Shew (Show):

"to show," in Act 1:3; 2Ti 2:15 (AV): see PRESENT, No. 1.

9 Strong's Number: g3930 Greek: parecho

Shew (Show):

"to afford, give, show," etc., in the Active Voice, is translated "showed" in Act 28:2; in the Middle Voice, "showing" in Tts 2:7 (1st part).
See BRING, No. 21.

10 Strong's Number: g1804 Greek: exangello

Shew (Show):

"to tell out, proclaim abroad, to publish completely" (ek, or ex, "out," angello, "to proclaim"), is rendered "show forth" in 1Pe 2:9; it indicates a complete proclamation (verbs compounded with ek often suggest what is to be done fully).

11 Strong's Number: g1325 Greek: didomi

Shew (Show):

"to give," is rendered "to show" in Mat 24:24. See also No. 6.

Notes: The AV translates the following words by the verb "to show" in the passages indicated. The RV gives the better renderings:

(1) apodeiknumi ("to demonstrate"), 2Th 2:4, "setting (himself) forth," see SET, No. 17;

(2) anangello ("to declare"), Mat 11:4, "tell;" Jhn 16:13-15, "declare;" Jhn 16:25, "shall tell;" Act 19:18; 20:20, "declaring;"

(3) katangello, Act 16:17; 26:23; 1Cr 11:26, "proclaim;" in the last passage the partaking of the elements at the Lord's Supper is not a "showing forth" of His death, but a proclamation of it;

(4) phaneroo, Jhn 7:4; 21:1 (twice), 14; Rom 1:19, "to manifest;"

(5) deloo, ("to make plain"), 2Pe 1:14, "signify;"

(6) diegeomai ("to recount"), Luk 8:39, "declare;"

(7) emphanizo ("to manifest"), Act 23:22, "hast signified;"

(8) euangelizo, Luk 1:19, "to bring glad tidings;"

(9) katatithemi ("to lay up"), Act 24:27, "to gain;"

(10) lego ("to tell"), 1Cr 15:51, "I tell;"

(11) energeo, Mat 14:2; Mar 6:14, "work;"

(12) ophthe (lit., "was seen"), Act 7:26, "He appeared;"

(13) ginomai ("to become"), Act 4:22, "was wrought;"

(14) in Act 10:40, emphanes, "manifest," with didomi, "to give," and ginomai, "to become," gave... to be made manifest" (AV "showed... openly");

(15) apangello ("to announce"), Mat 11:4, "tell;" Mat 12:18, "declare;" Mat 28:11, "told;" Luk 14:21, "told;" Act 26:20, "declare;" Act 28:21, "report;" 1Th 1:9, "report;" 1Jo 1:2, "declare;"

(16) In Luk 1:58, AV, megaluno, to magnify (RV), is rendered "shewed great."

(17) See also SHEWING.


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.