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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Spend, Spent

Dictionaries :: Spend, Spent

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
1 Strong's Number: g1159 Greek: dapanao

Spend, Spent:


(a) "to expend, spend," Mar 5:26 [for Act 21:24 see CHARGE, Note (5)]: 2Cr 12:15 (1st part: for "be spent," see No. 2);

(b) "to consume, squander," Luk 15:14; Jam 4:3.
See CONSUME, Note.

2 Strong's Number: g1550 Greek: ekdapanao

Spend, Spent:

lit., "to spend out" (ek), an intensive form of No. 1, "to spend entirely," is used in 2Cr 12:15, in the Passive Voice, with reflexive significance, "to spend oneself out (for others)," "will... be spent," RV marg., "spent out" (see No. 1).

3 Strong's Number: g4325 Greek: prosdapanao

Spend, Spent:

"to spend besides" (pros, and No. 1), is used in Luk 10:35, "thou spendest more."

4 Strong's Number: g4321 Greek: prosanalisko

Spend, Spent:

"to spend besides," a strengthened form of analisko, "to expend, consume" (see CONSUME, No. 1), occurs in most texts in Luk 8:43.

5 Strong's Number: g1230 Greek: diaginomai

Spend, Spent:

used of time, "to intervene, elapse," is rendered "was spent" in Act 27:9.

6 Strong's Number: g4298 Greek: prokopto

Spend, Spent:

"to cut forward a way, advance," is translated "is far spent," in Rom 13:12, said metaphorically of "the night," the whole period of man's alienation from God. Though the tense is the aorist, it must not be rendered "was far spent," as if it referred, e.g., to Christ's first Advent. The aorist is here perfective.

7 Strong's Number: g2827 Greek: klino

Spend, Spent:

"to lean, decline," is said of the decline of day in Luk 24:29, "is (now) far spent," lit., "has declined."
See BOW (Verb).

8 Strong's Number: g1096 Greek: ginomai

Spend, Spent:

"to become, occur," is rendered "was far spent" in Mar 6:35, lit., "much hour (i.e., many an hour) having taken place."

9 Strong's Number: g4160 Greek: poieo

Spend, Spent:

"to do," is translated "have spent (but one hour)," in Mat 20:12, RV (AV, "have wrought") lit., as in the Eng. idiom, "have done one hour;" so in Act 20:3, RV, "when he had spent (lit., 'had done') three months" (AV, "abode").

10 Strong's Number: g2119 Greek: eukaireo

Spend, Spent:

"to have leisure or devote one's leisure to," is translated "spent their time," in Act 17:21.

11 Strong's Number: g5551 Greek: chronotribeo

Spend, Spent:

"to spend time" (chronos, "time," tribo, "to rub, to wear out"), occurs in Act 20:16.

Note: Polus, much, is rendered "far spent" twice in Mar 6:35, RV.


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