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The Blue Letter Bible
Study Resources :: Dictionaries

Dictionaries :: Co (change letter)

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Search through a collection of ten unique Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias with quick results, using this Blue Letter Bible study tool. Find informative articles with definitions, word origins, links to verses and more, to boost your Bible study experience. Perfect for word searches and topical Bible studies.

Select the dictionary(ies) from which you would like to search.

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We have searched through 10 Bible dictionaries and have yielded the following results for the letter you have chosen. For the purposes of speed, we have divided the results onto different pages. Please choose the first two letters of the word you are searching for from the list below.

Please choose the first two letters of the word you are searching for from the list below.

We have searched through 10 Bible dictionaries and have yielded the following results for the letter you have chosen.

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Coal [E,I,N,B]

Coal Oil [N]

Coals [V]

Coast [I,B]

Coast, Coasting [V]

Coat [E,I,V,B]

Coat of Mail [E,I,N]

Cock [I,B]

Cock Crowing [N]

Cock, Cock-Crowing [V]

Cock-Crowing [E,I]

Cockatrice [E,I,K,N,B]

Cocker [I]

Cockle [E,I,K,N,B]

Code of Hammurabi [I]

Coele-Syria [E,I]

Coelesyria [B]

Coercion [N]

Coffer [E,I,N,B]

Coffin [E,I,N,B]

Cogitation [I,K]

Cogitations [E]

Cohort [I]

Coin [E,N]

Coins [I]

Col-Hozeh [I,N]

Cola [I]

Cold [I,V]

Colhozeh [H,B]

Colius [I]

Collar [E,I,B]

Collection [E,I,N,V]

College [E,I,N]

College, The [B]

Collop [I,K]

Collusion [N]

Colonization [N]

Colony [E,I,V,B]

Color [V]

Color; Colors [I]

Colors [N,B]

Colossae [E,I]

Colosse [H,B]

Colosse (Colossae) [N]

Colossians, Epistle to The [E,I]

Colossians, the Epistle to The [B]

Colour [E]

Colt [N,V]

Colt; Foal [I]

Come [I]

Come Behind [V]

Come, Came (See Also Coming) [V]

Comeliness, Comely [V]

Comeliness; Comely [I]

Comfort [I,N]

Comfort, Comforter, Comfortless [V]

Comfortably [I]

Comforter [E,I,N,B]

Comfortless [I]

Coming (Noun) [V]

Coming of Christ [E,I]

Coming, Second [I]

Command (Verbs) [V]

Commandment [V]

Commandment, the New [I]

Commandment; Commandments [I]

Commandments [N]

Commandments in Epistles [S]

Commandments of Christ [S]

Commandments, the Ten [E,I,T]

Commend [I,K]

Commend, Commendation [V]

Commentaries [I]

Commentaries, Hebrew [I]

Commentary [I]

Commerce [I,N,T,B]

Commissary [N]

Commit [I]

Commit, Commission [V]

Commodious [I]

Commodius (Not) [V]

Common [I]

Common, Commonly [V]

Commonwealth [I,N,V]

Commotion [V]

Commune [V]

Commune; Communicate; Communication [I]

Communicate [K]

Communicate, Communication [V]

Communion [E,N,V]

Communion of Saints [T]

Communion of the Lord's Supper [T]

Communion with Demons; Devils [I]

Communion with God [S,T]

Communion; (Fellowship) [I]

Communism [N]

Community of Goods [I]

Compact; Compacted [I]

Compacted [V]

Companion [V]

Company [I,N]

Company (Noun and Verb) [V]

Comparative Religion [I]

Compare [I]

Compare, Comparison [V]

Compass [K,V]

Compass; Compasses [I]

Compasses [N]

Compassion [I,N]

Compassion and Sympathy [T]

Compassion and Sympathy of Christ, The [T]

Compassion, Compassionate [V]

Compel [I,V]

Complainer, Complaint [V]

Complaining [I]

Complaint [N]

Complete [I]

Complete, Completion, Completely [V]

Complicity [N]

Composition; Compound [I]

Comprehend [I,V]

Compromise [N]

Conaniah [E,I,B]

Conceal [I,V]

Conceit [I,N]

Conceits [V]

Conceive [V]

Conception [N]

Conception, Immaculate [I]

Conception; Conceive [I]

Concern (-eth) [V]

Concerning [I,V]

Concerning God, His Being [T]

Concerning God, His Being, Attributes [T]

Concerning God, His Works, Angels [T]

Concerning God, His Works, Creation [T]

Concerning God, His Works, Providence [T]

Concerning Man [T]

Concerning Redemption, Eschatology [T]

Concerning Redemption, Introductory [T]

Concerning Redemption, The Person of the Redeemer [T]

Concerning Redemption, The Union Between Believers [T]

Concerning Redemption, The Work of Redemption [T]

Concerning Redemption, The Work of the Holy Spirit [T]

Concerning Redemption, The Work of the Redeemer [T]

Concerning Sin [T]

Concision [E,I,K,N,V]

Conclude [I,V]

Concluded [K]

Conclusion [I]

Concord [K,V]

Concordance [I]

Concourse [I,K,V]

Concubinage [I,N]

Concubine [E,K,B]

Concupiscence [E,I,K,N,V]

Condemn, Condemnation [V]

Condemn; Condemnation [I]

Condemnation [T]

Condemnation, Self [N]

Condescend [K,V]

Condescension of God [N]

Condescension, of Christ [I]

Conditions [V]

Condolence [N]

Conduct [I,V]

Conduct, Christian [T]

Conduit [E,I,B]

Coney [E,I,N,B]

Confection [E]

Confection; Confectionary [I]

Confectionaries [E,K]

Confectioner [N]

Confederacies [N]

Confederate; Confederacy [I]

Confer [K]

Confer, Conference [V]

Confer; Conference [I]

Confess, Confession [V]

Confessing Christ [T]

Confession [E,I,N]

Confession of Christ [S]

Confession of Sin [T]

Confidence [I,N]

Confidence (Noun, or Verb with "have"), Confident (-ly) [V]

Confirm, Confirmation [V]

Confirm; Confirmation [I]

Confiscation [I,N]

Conflict [I]

Conflict (Noun) [V]

Conform; Conformable [I]

Conformed, Conformable [V]

Confound [I]

Confound, Confuse, Confusion [V]

Confusion [I,N]

Confusion of Tongues [I]

Confute [V]

Congestion [N]

Congregation [E,I,N,V,B]

Congregation, Mount Of [I]

Congregation, Mount of The [E]

Coniah [H,I,N,B]

Connivance [N]

Cononiah [I,N,B]

Conquer, Conqueror [V]

Conqueror [I]

Conquest of Canaan [C]

Conscience [E,I,N,S,T,V]

Conscience Money [N]

Conscientiousness [N]

Conscription [N]

Consecrate [K,V]

Consecrate; Consecration [I]

Consecrated Things [N]

Consecration [E,N,B]

Consent [I,V]

Consider [I,V]

Consist [I,V]

Consistency [N]

Consolation [I,N,S]

Consolation of Israel [E]

Consolation, Console [V]

Consort [I]

Consort (With) [V]

Conspiracy [I,N,V]

Constancy [N]

Constant; Constantly [I]

Constantly [V]

Constellation [E]

Constellations [I,N]

Constitution [N]

Constrain [I,K]

Constrain, Constraint [V]

Consult [I]

Consult, Consultation [V]

Consume [I,V]

Consummation [I]

Consumption [I,N]

Contain [I,V]

Contemn [K]

Contempt [T]

Contempt of Court [N]

Contemptible [K,V]

Contend (-ing) [V]

Contend; Contention [I]

Content (To Be), Contentment [V]

Content; Contentment [I]

Contention [N]

Contention, Contentious [V]

Contentious [K]

Contentment [E,N,S,T]

Continence [N]

Continency [I,V]

Continents [N]

Contingencies [N]

Continual, Continually (See Also Continue) [V]

Continual; Continually [I]

Continuance [I]

Continue, Continuance [V]

Contracts [N]

Contradict, Contradiction [V]

Contradiction [I]

Contrariwise [V]

Contrary [I,V]

Contribution [I,V]

Contrite [K]

Contrite; Contrition [I]

Contrition [N]

Controversy [I]

Controversy (Without) [V]

Convenient [I,K]

Convenient, Conveniently [V]

Convent [I]

Convention [N]

Conversant [I]

Conversation [E,I,K,N,V]

Conversion [E,I,N,T]

Convert, Conversion [V]

Converts [N]

Convey [V]

Conveyance [N]

Convict (Including the Av, Convince) [V]

Convict; Conviction [I]

Conviction [N]

Conviction of Sin [S]

Convince [I]

Convinceth [K]

Convocation [E,I,K,N,B]

Convulsing [I]

Cook [E]

Cooking [I,N,B]

Cool [I,V]

Coos [E,H,I,N,B]

Coping [I]

Copper [E,I,N,B]

Copper Smith [I]

Coppersmith [V]

Coptic Versions [I]

Copulation [N]

Copy [V]

Cor [E,I,N]

Cor-Ashan [I]

Coral [E,I,N,B]

Corban [E,I,N,V,B]

Corbe [I]

Cord [E,I,N,V,B]

Cords, Small [I]

Core [I,B]

Coriander [E,I,N,B]

Corinth [E,H,I,N,B]

Corinthians, First Epistle to The [E,I,B]

Corinthians, Second Epistle to The [E,I,B]

Corinthus [I]

Cormorant [E,I,N,B]

Corn [E,I,N,B]

Corn, Cornfield [V]

Cornelius [E,H,I,N,B]

Corner [E,I,B]

Corner Gate [I]

Corner, Cornerstone [V]

Corner-Stone [I]

Corners of the Earth [I]

Cornerstone [N,B]

Cornet [E,I,K,N,B]

Cornfloor [I]

Coronation [I]

Corporal Punishment [N]

Corpse [I,V]

Corpulency [N]

Correct, Correction, Corrector, Correcting [V]

Correction [I,N]

Corrupt, Verb and Adjective. Corruption, Corruptible, Incorruption, Incorruptible [V]

Corruption [I,N]

Corruption, Mount Of [I]

Cos [I]

Cos, or Coos [B]

Cosam [H,I,B]

Cosmetics [N]

Cosmogony [I]

Cosmology [I]

Cost, Costliness, Costly [V]

Costliness [I]

Cote [K]

Cotes [E,I]

Cottage [E,I]

Cotton [I,N,B]

Couch [E,I,V,B]

Couching-Place [I]

Could [V]

Coulter [E,I,K]

Council [E,N,B]

Council, Councillor [V]

Council; Councillor [I]

Counsel [N,V]

Counsel; Counsellor [I]

Counsellor [E,N]

Counsels and Purposes of God, The [T]

Count [I,V]

Countenance [I,K,N,V]

Counter-Charm [I]

Counterfeit [I]

Countervail [I,K]

Country [I,N,V]

Countryman [I]

Countrymen [V]

Couple [I]

Coupled [V]

Coupling [I]

Courage [I,N,V]

Course [I,V]

Course of Priests and Levites [I]

Course, By [K]

Courses [E]

Court [E,I,N,V,B]

Court of the Gentiles [I]

Court of the Sabbath [I]

Court of the Sanctuary; Tabernacle; Temple [I]

Courteous, Courteously [V]

Courtesy [N]

Courts of Justice [T]

Courts, Judicial [I]

Courtship [N]

Cousin [I,V]

Coutha [I]

Covenant [E,N,B]

Covenant (Noun and Verb) [V]

Covenant of Circumcision [C]

Covenant of Salt [I]

Covenant, Ark of The [I]

Covenant, Book of The [I]

Covenant, in the New Testament [I]

Covenant, in the Old Testament [I]

Covenant, The [T]

Covenant, the New [I]

Covenant-Breakers [V]

Covenants [T]

Cover, Covering [V]

Cover; Covering [I]

Covered Way [I]

Covering of the Eyes [E]

Covering, for the Head [I]

Covert [I,K]

Covet [I,K]

Covet, Covetous, Covetousness [V]

Covetousness [E,I,N,S,T]

Cow [E,N,B]

Cow; Kine [I]

Cowardice [N,S]

Coz [H,I,N,B]

Cozbi [H,I,N,B]

Cozeba [I]

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