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Dictionaries :: Man

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Easton's Bible Dictionary


(1.) Heb. 'Adam, used as the proper name of the first man. The name is derived from a word meaning "to be red," and thus the first man was called Adam because he was formed from the red earth. It is also the generic name of the human race (Gen 1:26,27; 5:2; 8:21; Deu 8:3). Its equivalents are the Latin homo and the Greek anthropos (Mat 5:13,16). It denotes also man in opposition to woman (Gen 3:12; Mat 19:10).

(2.) Heb. 'ish, like the Latin vir and Greek aner, denotes properly a man in opposition to a woman (1Sa 17:33; Mat 14:21); a husband (Gen 3:16; Hsa 2:16); man with reference to excellent mental qualities.

(3.) Heb. 'enosh, man as mortal, transient, perishable (2Ch 14:11; Isa 8:1; Job 15:14; Psa 8:4; 9:19,20; 103:15). It is applied to women (Jos 8:25).

(4.) Heb. geber, man with reference to his strength, as distinguished from women (Deu 22:5) and from children (Exd 12:37); a husband (Pro 6:34).

(5.) Heb. methim, men as mortal (Isa 41:14), and as opposed to women and children (Deu 3:6; Job 11:3; Isa 3:25).

Man was created by the immediate hand of God, and is generically different from all other creatures (Gen 1:26,27; 2:7). His complex nature is composed of two elements, two distinct substances, viz., body and soul (Gen 2:7; Ecc 12:7; 2Cr 5:1-8).

The words translated "spirit" and "soul," in 1Th 5:23, Hbr 4:12, are habitually used interchangeably (Mat 10:28; 16:26; 1Pe 1:22). The "spirit" (Gr. pneuma) is the soul as rational; the "soul" (Gr. psuche) is the same, considered as the animating and vital principle of the body.

Man was created in the likeness of God as to the perfection of his nature, in knowledge (Col 3:10), righteousness, and holiness (Eph 4:24), and as having dominion over all the inferior creatures (Gen 1:28). He had in his original state God's law written on his heart, and had power to obey it, and yet was capable of disobeying, being left to the freedom of his own will. He was created with holy dispositions, prompting him to holy actions; but he was fallible, and did fall from his integrity (3:1-6). (See FALL.)

International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia



Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Man: Made for God

Pro 16:4; Rev 4:11

Man: God's Purpose in Creation Completed by Making

Gen 2:5,7

Man: Cannot Profit God

Job 22:2; Psa 16:2

Man: Unworthy of God's Favour

Job 7:17; Psa 8:4

Man: Created

By God

Gen 1:27; Isa 45:12

By Christ

Jhn 1:3; Col 1:16

By the Holy Spirit

Job 33:4

After consultation, by the Trinity

Gen 1:26

On the sixth day

Gen 1:31

Upon the earth

Deu 4:32; Job 20:4

From the dust

Gen 2:7; Job 33:6

In the image of God

Gen 1:26,27; 1Cr 11:7

After the likeness of God

Gen 1:26; Jam 3:9

Male and female

Gen 1:27; 5:2

A living soul

Gen 2:7; 1Cr 15:45

In uprightness

Ecc 7:29

In knowledge (inferred)

Col 3:10

Under obligations to obedience

Gen 2:16,17

A type of Christ

Rom 5:14

Man: Approved of by God

Gen 1:31

Man: Blessed by God

Gen 1:28; 5:2

Man: Placed in the Garden of Eden

Gen 2:15

Man: Every Herb and Tree Given To, for Food

Gen 1:29

Man: Allowed to Eat Flesh after the Flood

Gen 9:3

Man: Not Good For, to Be Alone

Gen 2:18

Man: Woman Formed to Be a Help For

Gen 2:20-25

Man: Possessed Of

A Body

Mat 6:25

A soul

Luk 12:20; Act 14:22; 1Pe 4:19

A spirit

Pro 18:14; 20:17; 1Cr 2:11


Eph 1:18; 4:18


1Cr 9:17; 2Pe 1:21


1Ch 29:3; Col 3:2


Rom 2:15; 1Ti 4:2


Gen 41:9; 1Cr 15:2

Man: Made by God in His Successive Generations

Job 10:8-11; 31:15

Man: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Psa 139:14

Man: Of Every Nation, Made of One Blood

Act 17:26

Man: Quickened by the Breath of God

Gen 2:7; 7:22; Job 33:4

Man: Made Wise by the Inspiration of the Almighty

Job 32:8,9

Man: Inferior to Angels

Psa 8:5; Hbr 2:7

Man: Is of the Earth Earthy

1Cr 15:47

Man: Nature and constitution of, different from other creatures

1Cr 15:39

Man: More Valuable than Other Creatures

Mat 6:26; 10:31; 12:12

Man: Wiser than Other Creatures

Job 35:11

Man: Received Dominion over Other Creatures

Gen 1:28; Psa 8:6-8

Man: Gave Names to Other Creatures

Gen 2:19,20

Man: Intellect Of, Matured by Age

1Cr 13:11

Man: Called

The potsherd of the earth

Isa 45:9

A worm

Job 25:6

Vain man

Job 11:12; Jam 2:20


Gen 6:12; Joe 2:28

Man: Compared To


Isa 40:6-8; 1Pe 1:24

Clay in the potter's hand

Isa 64:8; Jer 18:2,6


Psa 144:4

A sleep

Psa 90:5

A wild ass's colt

Job 11:12

Man: Originally Naked and Not Ashamed

Gen 2:25

Man: Disobeyed God by eating part of the forbidden fruit

Gen 3:1-12

Man: Filled with Shame after the Fall

Gen 3:10

Man: Covered Himself with Fig Leaves

Gen 3:7

Man: Clothed by God with Skins

Gen 3:21

Man: Punished for Disobedience

Gen 3:16-19

Man: Banished from Paradise

Gen 3:23,24

Man: Involved Posterity in His Ruin

Rom 5:12-19

Man: Has Sought Out Many Inventions

Ecc 7:29

Man: Born in Sin

Psa 51:5

Man: Born to Trouble

Job 5:7

Man: Has an Appointed Time on the Earth

Job 7:1

Man: Days Of, Compared to a Shadow

1Ch 29:15

Man: Days Of, as the Days of a Hireling

Job 7:1

Man: Has but Few Days

Job 14:1

Man: Ordinary Limit of His Life

Psa 90:10

Man: Ignorant of What Is Good for Him

Ecc 10:2

Man: Ignorant of What Is to Come after Him

Ecc 10:14

Man: Not Profited by All His Labour and Travail

Ecc 2:22; 6:12

Man: Cannot Direct His Ways

Jer 10:23; Pro 20:24

Man: Walks in a Vain Show

Psa 39:6

Man: God


Psa 94:10

Orders the goings of

Pro 5:21; 20:24

Prepares the heart of

Pro 16:1

Enables to speak

Pro 16:1


Job 7:20; Psa 36:6

Provides for

Psa 145:15,16

Destroys the hopes of

Job 14:19

Makes the wrath of, to praise him

Psa 76:10

Makes his beauty consume away

Psa 39:11

Turns to destruction

Psa 90:3

Man: Cannot Be Just with God

Job 9:2; 25:4; Psa 143:2; Rom 3:20

Man: Cannot Cleanse Himself

Job 15:14; Jer 2:22

Man: All the Ways Of, Clean in His Own Eyes

Pro 16:2

Man: Christ

Knew what was in

Jhn 2:25

Took on him nature of

Jhn 1:14; Hbr 2:14,16

Made in the image of

Phl 2:7

Was found in fashion as

Phl 2:8

Approved of God as

Act 2:22

Called the second, as covenant head of the church

1Cr 15:47

Is the head of every

1Cr 11:3

A refuge as, to sinners

Isa 32:2

As such, is the cause of the resurrection

1Cr 15:21,22

Man: Shall Be Recompensed According to His Works

Psa 62:12; Rom 2:6

Man: Cannot Retain His Spirit from Death

Ecc 8:8

Man: Would give all his possessions for the preservation of life

Job 2:4

Man: Able to Sustain Bodily Affliction

Pro 18:14

Man: Sinks under Trouble of Mind

Pro 18:14

Man: No Trust to Be Placed In

Psa 118:8; Isa 2:22

Man: The Help Of, Vain

Psa 60:11

Man: The Whole Duty Of

Ecc 12:13

Smith's Bible Dictionary


Four Hebrew terms are rendered "man" in the Authorized Version:

(1.) Adam, the name of the man created in the image of God. It appears to be derived from Adam, "he or it was red or ruddy," like Edom. This was the generic term for the human race.

(2.) Ish, "man," as distinguished from woman, husband.

(3.) Geber, "a man," from gabar, "to be strong," generally with reference to his strength.

(4.) Methim, "men," always masculine. Perhaps it may be derived from the root muth, "he died."


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