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Dictionaries :: Riches

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International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia


rich'-ez, rich'-iz: Used to render the following Hebrew and Greek words:

(1) ?Osher, which should, perhaps, be considered the most general word, as it is the most often used (Ge 31:16; Ec 4:8; Jer 9:23). It looks at riches simply as riches, without regard to any particular feature. Alongside this would go the Greek ploutos (Mt 13:22; Eph 2:7).

(2) Chocen (Pr 27:24; Jer 20:5), nekhacim and rekhush (Ge 36:7; Da 11:13,14 the King James Version) look at riches as things accumulated, collected, amassed.

(3) Hon looks upon riches as earnings, the fruit of toil (Ps 119:14; Pr 8:18; Eze 27:27).

(4) Hamon regards riches in the aspect of being much, this coming from the original idea of noise, through the idea of a multitude as making the noise, the idea of many, or much, being in multitude (Ps 37:16 the King James Version).

(5) Chayil regards riches as power (Ps 62:1; Isa 8:4; 10:14).

(6) Yithrah means "running over," and so presents riches as abundance (Jer 48:36 the King James Version). Along with this may be placed shua?, which has the idea of breadth, and so of abundance (Job 36:19 the King James Version).

(7) Qinyan regards riches as a creation, something made (Ps 104:24; compare margin);

(8) (chrema) looks at riches as useful (Mr 10:23 f parallel). Like the New Testament, the Apoe uses only ploutos and chrema.

Material riches are regarded by the Scriptures as neither good nor bad in themselves, but only according as they are properly or improperly used. They are transitory (Pr 27:24); they are not to be trusted in (Mr 10:23; Lu 18:24; 1Ti 6:17); they are not to be gloried in (Jer 9:23); the heart is not to be set on them (Ps 62:10); but they are made by God (Ps 104:24), and come from God (1Ch 29:12); and they are the crown of the wise (Pr 14:24). Material riches are used to body forth for us the most precious and glorious realities of the spiritual realm. See, e.g., Ro 9:23; 11:33; Eph 2:7; Php 4:19; Col 1:27.

Written by E. J. Forrester




Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Riches: The True Riches

Eph 3:8; 1Cr 1:30; Col 2:3; 1Pe 2:7

Riches: God Gives

1Sa 2:7; Ecc 5:19

Riches: To God Belongs This World's Riches

Hag 2:8

Riches: God Gives Power to Obtain

Deu 8:18

Riches: The Blessing of the Lord Brings

Pro 10:22

Riches: Give Worldly Power

Pro 22:7

Riches: Described As


Pro 27:24


1Ti 6:17


Ecc 4:8; 5:10


Jam 5:2; 1Pe 1:18


Pro 23:5; Rev 18:16,17


Mat 13:22

Liable to be stolen

Mat 6:19


Jer 48:36

Thick clay

Hab 2:6

Riches: Often an obstruction to the reception of the gospel

Mar 10:23-25

Riches: Deceitfulness Of, Chokes the Word

Mat 13:22

Riches: The Love Of, the Root of All Evil

1Ti 6:10

Riches: Often Lead To


Eze 28:5; Hsa 12:8

Forgetting God

Deu 8:13,14

Denying God

Pro 30:8,9

Forsaking God

Deu 32:15

Rebelling against God

Neh 9:25,26

Rejecting Christ

Mat 19:22; 10:22


Pro 28:11


Ecc 5:12

An overbearing spirit

Pro 18:23


Mic 6:12


Jam 2:6


Jam 5:4

Sensual indulgence

Luk 16:19; Jam 5:5

Riches: Life Consists Not in Abundance Of

Luk 12:15

Riches: Be Not Over-Anxious For

Pro 30:8

Riches: Labour Not For

Pro 23:4

Riches: They Who Covet

Fall into temptation and a snare

1Ti 6:9

Fall into hurtful lusts

1Ti 6:9

Err from the faith

1Ti 6:10

Use unlawful means to acquire

Pro 28:20

Bring trouble on themselves

1Ti 6:10

Bring trouble on their families

Pro 15:27

Riches: Profit Not in the Day of Wrath

Pro 11:4

Riches: Cannot Secure Prosperity

Jam 1:11

Riches: Cannot Redeem the Soul

Psa 49:6-9; 1Pe 1:18

Riches: Cannot Deliver in the Day of God's Wrath

Zep 1:18; Rev 6:15-17

Riches: They Who Possess, Should

Ascribe them to God

1Ch 29:12

Not trust in them

Job 31:24; 1Ti 6:17

Not set the heart on them

Psa 62:10

Not boast of obtaining them

Deu 8:17

Not glory in them

Jer 9:23

Not hoard them up

Mat 6:19

Devote them to God's service

1Ch 29:3; Mar 12:42-44

Give of them to the poor

Mat 19:21; 1Jo 3:17

Use them in promoting the salvation of others

Luk 16:9

Be liberal in all things

1Ti 6:18

Esteem it a privilege to be allowed to give

1Ch 29:14

Not to be high-minded

1Ti 6:17

When converted, rejoice in being humbled

Jam 1:9,10

Riches: Heavenly Treasures Superior To

Mat 6:19,20

Riches: Of the Wicked Laid up for the Just

Pro 13:22

Riches: The Wicked

Often increase in

Psa 73:12

Often spend their day in

Job 21:13

Swallow down

Job 20:15

Trust in the abundance of

Psa 52:7

Heap up

Job 27:16; Psa 39:6; Ecc 2:26

Keep, to their hurt

Ecc 5:13

Boast themselves in

Psa 49:6; 52:7

Profit not by

Pro 11:4; 13:7; Ecc 5:11

Have trouble with

Pro 15:6; 1Ti 6:9,10

Must leave, to others

Psa 49:10

Riches: Vanity of Heaping Up

Psa 39:6; Ecc 5:10,11

Riches: Guilt of Trusting In

Job 31:24,28; Eze 28:4,5,8

Riches: Guilt of Rejoicing In

Job 31:25,28

Riches: Denunciations against Those Who

Get, by vanity

Pro 13:11; 21:6

Get, unlawfully

Jer 17:11

Increase, by oppression

Pro 22:16; Hab 2:6-8; Mic 2:2,3

Hoard up

Ecc 5:13,14; Jam 5:3

Trust in

Pro 11:28

Receive their consolation

Luk 6:24


Jam 5:1,5

Spend, upon their appetite

Job 20:15-17

Folly and danger of trusting to-Illustrated

Luk 12:16-21

Riches: Danger of Misusing-Illustrated

Luk 16:19-25

Riches: Examples of Saints Possessing


Gen 13:2


Gen 13:5,6


Gen 26:13,14


Gen 32:5,10


Gen 45:8,13


Rth 2:1


2Sa 19:32


2Ki 4:8


1Ch 29:28


2Ch 17:5


2Ch 32:27-29


Job 1:3

Joseph of Arimathea

Mat 27:57


Luk 19:2


Act 9:36

Riches: Examples of Those Truly Rich

Mat 5:8; 8:10; 13:45,46; Luk 10:42; Jhn 1:45; Phl 3:8; Jam 2:5; 1Pe 2:7; Rev 3:18

Riches: Examples of Wicked Men Possessing


Gen 30:30


Gen 36:7


1Sa 25:2


Est 5:11


Jer 49:4

People of Tyre

Eze 28:5

Young man

Mat 19:22


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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