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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Sacrifices

Dictionaries :: Sacrifices

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Below are articles from the following 2 dictionaries:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Sacrifices: Divine Institution Of

Gen 3:21; 1:29; 9:3; 4:4,5; Hbr 11:4

Sacrifices: To Be Offered to God Alone

Exd 22:20; Jdg 13:16; 2Ki 17:36

Sacrifices: When offered to God, an acknowledgement of his being the

2Ki 5:17; Jon 1:16

Sacrifices: Consisted Of

Clean animals or bloody sacrifices

Gen 8:20

The fruits of the earth or sacrifices without blood

Gen 4:4; Lev 2:1

Sacrifices: Always Offered upon Altars

Exd 20:24

Sacrifices: The Offering Of, an Acknowledgment of Sin

Hbr 10:3

Sacrifices: Were Offered

From the earliest age

Gen 4:3,4

By the patriarchs

Gen 22:2,13; 31:54; 46:1; Job 1:5

After the departure of Israel from Egypt

Exd 5:3,17; 18:12; 24:5

Under the Mosaic age

Lev 1:1-7:38; Hbr 10:1-3


Exd 29:38,39; Num 28:3,4


Num 28:9,10


Num 28:11


Lev 16:3; 1Sa 1:3,21; 20:6

At all the feasts

Num 10:10

For the whole nation

Lev 16:15-30; 1Ch 29:21

For individuals

Lev 1:2; 17:8

In faith of a coming Saviour

Hbr 11:4,17,28

Sacrifices: Required to Be Perfect and without Blemish

Lev 22:19; Deu 15:21; 17:1; Mal 1:8,14

Sacrifices: Generally the Best of Their Kind

Gen 4:4; 1Sa 15:22; Psa 66:15; Isa 1:11

Sacrifices: Different Kinds Of

Burnt offering wholly consumed by fire

Lev 1:1-17; 1Ki 18:38

Sin offering for sins of ignorance

Lev 4:1-35

Trespass offering for intentional sins

Lev 6:1-7; 7:1-7

Peace offering

Lev 3:1-17

Sacrifices: To Be Brought to the Place Appointed by God

Deu 12:6; 2Ch 7:12

Sacrifices: Were Bound to the Horns of the Altar

Psa 118:27

Sacrifices: Were Salted with Salt

Lev 2:13; Mar 9:49

Sacrifices: Often Consumed by Fire from Heaven

Lev 9:24; 1Ki 18:38; 2Ch 7:1

Sacrifices: When bloody, accompanied with meat and drink offering

Num 15:3-12

Sacrifices: No Leaven Offered With, except For

Exd 23:18; Lev 7:13

Sacrifices: Fat Of, Not to Remain until Morning

Exd 23:8

Sacrifices: The Priests

Appointed to offer

1Sa 2:28; Eze 44:11,15; Hbr 5:1; 8:3

Had a portion of, and lived by

Exd 29:27,28; Deu 18:3; Jos 13:14; 1Cr 9:13

Sacrifices: Were Typical of Christ's Sacrifice

1Cr 5:7; Eph 5:2; Hbr 10:1,11,12

Sacrifices: Were Accepted When Offered in Sincerity and Faith

Gen 4:4; Hbr 11:4; Gen 8:21

Sacrifices: Imparted a Legal Purification

Hbr 9:13,22

Sacrifices: Could Not Take Away Sin

Psa 40:6; Hbr 9:9; 10:1-11

Sacrifices: Without Obedience, Worthless

1Sa 15:22; Pro 21:3; Mar 12:33

Sacrifices: The Covenants of God Confirmed By

Gen 15:9-17; Exd 24:5-8; Hbr 9:19,20; Psa 50:5

Sacrifices: The Jews

Condemned for not treating with respect

1Sa 2:29; Mal 1:12

Condemned for bringing defective and blemished

Mal 1:13,14

Condemned for not offering

Isa 43:23,24

Unaccepted in, on account of sin

Isa 1:11,15; 66:3; Hsa 8:13

Condemned for offering, to idols

2Ch 34:25; Isa 65:3,7; Eze 20:28,31

Sacrifices: Offered to False Gods, Are Offered to Devils

Lev 17:7; Deu 32:17; Psa 106:37; 1Cr 10:20

Sacrifices: On Great Occasions, Very Numerous

2Ch 5:6; 7:5

Sacrifices: For Public Use Often Provided by the State

2Ch 31:3

Sacrifices: Illustrative Of


Psa 141:2


Psa 27:6; 107:22; 116:17; Hbr 13:15


Rom 12:1; Phl 2:17


Phl 4:18; Hbr 13:16


Psa 4:5; 51:19

A broken spirit

Psa 51:17


Phl 2:7; 2Ti 4:6

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