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Dictionaries :: Walls

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Below are articles from the following 3 dictionaries:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Walls: Designed for Separation

Eze 43:8; Eph 2:14

Walls: Designed for Defence

1Sa 25:16

Walls: Mentioned in Scripture

Of cities

Num 13:28

Of temples

1Ch 29:4; Isa 56:5

Of houses

1Sa 18:11

Of vineyards

Num 22:24; Pro 24:31

Walls: Frequently Made of Stone and Wood Together

Ezr 5:8; Hab 2:11

Walls: Were probably often strengthened with plates of iron or brass

Jer 15:20; Eze 4:3

Walls: Of Cities

Often very high

Deu 1:28; 3:5

Strongly fortified

Isa 2:15; 25:12

Had towers built on them

2Ch 26:9; 32:5; Psa 48:12; Sgs 8:10

Houses often built on

Jos 2:15

Were broad and places of public resort

2Ki 6:26,30; Psa 55:10

Were strongly manned in war

2Ki 18:26

Kept by watchmen night and day

Sgs 5:7; Isa 62:6

Houses sometimes broken down to repair, and fortify

Isa 22:10

Danger of approaching too near to, in time of war

2Sa 11:20,21

Were battered by besieging armies

2Sa 20:15; Eze 4:2,3

Adroitness of soldiers in scaling alluded to

Joe 2:7-9

Sometimes burned

Jer 49:27; Amo 1:7

Frequently laid in ruins

2Ch 25:23; 36:19; Jer 50:15

Destruction of, a punishment and cause of grief

Deu 28:52; Neh 1:3; 2:12-17

The falling of, sometimes occasioned great destruction

1Ki 20:30

The bodies of enemies sometimes fastened on, as a disgrace

1Sa 31:10

Custom of dedicating

Neh 12:27

idolatrous rites performed on

2Ki 3:27

Instances of persons let down from

Jos 2:15; Act 9:24,25; 2Cr 11:33

Walls: Small Towns and Villages Were Not Surrounded By

Lev 25:31; Deu 3:5

Walls: Of Houses

Usually plastered

Eze 13:10; Dan 5:5

Had nails or pegs fastened into them when built

Ecc 12:11; Isa 22:23

Liable to leprosy

Lev 14:37

Often infested with serpents

Amo 5:19

Could be easily dug through

Gen 49:6; Eze 8:7,8; 12:5

The seat next, was the place of distinction

1Sa 20:25

Walls: Hyssop Frequently Grew On

1Ki 4:33

Walls: Miracles Connected With

Falling of the walls of Jericho

Jos 6:20

Handwriting on the wall of Belshazzar's palace

Dan 5:5,25-28

Walls: Illustrative

Of salvation

Isa 26:1; 60:18

Of the protection of God

Zec 2:5

Of those who afford protection

1Sa 25:16; Isa 2:15

Of the Church as a protection to the nation

Sgs 8:9,10

Of ordinances as a protection to the Church

Sgs 2:9; Isa 5:5

Of the wealth of the rich in his own conceit

Pro 18:11

(Brazen,) of prophets in their testimony against the wicked

Jer 15:20

(Bowing or tottering,) of the wicked under judgments

Psa 62:3; Isa 30:13

(Of partition,) of separation of Jews and Gentiles

Eph 2:14

(Daubed with untempered mortar,) of the teaching of false prophets

Eze 13:10-15

(Whited,) of hypocrites

Act 23:3

Smith's Bible Dictionary


Only a few points need be noticed.

(1.) The practice common in Palestine of carrying foundations down to the solid rock, as in the case of the temple, with structures intended to be permanent (Luke 6:48).

(2.) A feature of some parts of Solomon's buildings, as described by Josephus, corresponds remarkably to the method adopted at Nineveh of incrusting or veneering a wall of brick or stone with slabs of a more costly material, as marble or alabaster.

(3.) Another use of walls in Palestine is to support mountain roads or terraces formed on the sides of hills for purposes of cultivation.

(4.) The "path of the vineyards," (Numbers 22:24) is a pathway through vineyards, with walls on each side.


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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