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Dictionaries :: Jews, The

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Torrey's New Topical Textbook

Jews, The: Descended from Abraham

Isa 51:2; Jhn 8:39

Jews, The: Divided into Twelve Tribes

Gen 35:22; 49:28

Jews, The: Called


Gen 14:13; 40:15; 2Cr 11:22


Exd 9:7; Jos 3:17

Seed of Abraham

Psa 105:6; Isa 41:8

Seed of Jacob

Jer 33:26

Seed of Israel

1Ch 16:13

Children of Jacob

1Ch 16:13

Children of Israel

Gen 50:25; Isa 27:12


Deu 32:15

Jews, The: Chosen and Loved by God

Deu 7:6,7

Jews, The: Circumcised in Token of Their Covenant Relation

Gen 17:10,11; Act 7:8

Jews, The: Separated from All Other Nations

Exd 33:16; Lev 20:24; 1Ki 8:53

Jews, The: Described As

A peculiar people

Deu 14:2

A peculiar treasure

Exd 19:5; Psa 135:4

A holy nation

Exd 19:6

A holy people

Deu 7:6; 14:21

A kingdom of priests

Exd 19:6

A special people

Deu 7:6

The Lord's portion

Deu 32:9

Jews, The: Sojourned in Egypt

Exd 12:40,41

Jews, The: Brought Out of Egypt by God

Exd 12:42; Deu 5:15; 6:12

Jews, The: In the Desert Forty Years

Num 14:33; Jos 5:6

Jews, The: Settled in Canaan

Num 32:18; Jos 14:1-5

Jews, The: Under the Theocracy until the Time of Samuel

Exd 19:4-6; 1Sa 8:7

Jews, The: Desired and Obtained Kings

1Sa 8:5,22

Jews, The: Divided into Two Kingdoms after Solomon

1Ki 11:31,32; 12:19,20

Jews, The: Often Subdued and Made Tributary

Jdg 2:13,14; 4:2; 6:2,6; 2Ki 23:33

Jews, The: Taken Captive to Assyria and Babylon

2Ki 17:32; 18:11; 24:16; 25:11

Jews, The: Restored to Their Own Land by Cyrus

Ezr 1:1-4

Jews, The: Had Courts of Justice

Deu 16:18

Jews, The: Had an Ecclesiastical Establishment

Exd 28:1; Num 18:6; Mal 2:4-7

Jews, The: Had a series of prophets to promote national reformation

Jer 7:25; 26:4,5; 35:15; 44:4; Eze 38:17

Jews, The: The Only People Who Had Knowledge of God

Psa 76:1; 1Th 4:5; Psa 48:3; Rom 1:28

Jews, The: The Only People Who Worshipped God

Exd 5:17; Psa 96:5; 115:3,4; Jhn 4:22

Jews, The: Religion Of, According to Rites Prescribed by God

Lev 18:4; Deu 12:8-11; Hbr 9:1

Jews, The: Religion Of, Typical

Hbr 9:8-11; 10:1

Jews, The: Their National Greatness

Gen 12:2; Deu 33:29

Jews, The: Their National Privileges

Rom 3:2; 9:4,5

Jews, The: Their Vast Numbers

Gen 22:17; Num 10:36

Jews, The: National Character Of

Pride of descent, &c

Jer 13:9; Jhn 8:33,41

Love of country

Psa 137:6

Fondness for their brethren

Exd 2:11,12; Rom 9:1-3

Attachment to Moses

Jhn 9:28,29; Act 6:11

Attachment to customs of the law

Act 6:14; 21:21; 22:3

Fondness for traditionary customs

Jer 44:17; Eze 20:18,30,21; Mar 7:3,4

Stubborn and stiffnecked

Exd 32:9; Act 7:51

Prone to rebellion

Deu 9:7,24; Isa 1:2

Prone to backsliding

Jer 2:11-13; 8:5

Prone to idolatry

Isa 2:8; 57:5

Prone to formality in religion

Isa 29:13; Eze 33:31; Mat 15:7-9


Isa 65:5; Rom 10:3

Unfaithful to covenant engagements

Jer 3:6-8; 31:32; Eze 16:59

Ungrateful to God

Deu 32:15; Isa 1:2

Ignorant of the true sense of Scripture

Act 13:27; 2Cr 3:13-15

Distrustful of God

Num 14:11; Psa 78:22


Jer 6:13; Eze 33:31; Mic 2:2


Exd 14:10; Num 14:3; Isa 51:12

Jews, The: Trusted to Their Privileges for Salvation

Jer 7:4; Mat 3:9

Jews, The: Distinction of Castes Among, Noticed

Isa 65:5; Luk 7:39; 15:2; Act 26:5

Jews, The: Degenerated as they increased in national greatness

Amo 6:4

Jews, The: Often Displeased God by Their Sins

Num 25:3; Deu 32:16; 1Ki 16:2; Isa 1:4; 5:24,25

Jews, The: A Spiritual Seed of True Believers Always Among

1Ki 19:18; Isa 6:13; Rom 9:6,7; 11:1,5

Jews, The: Modern, Divided Into

Hebrews or pure Jews

Act 6:1; Phl 3:5

Hellenists or Grecians

Act 6:1; 9:29

Many sects and parties

Mat 16:6; Mar 8:15

Jews, The: An Agricultural People

Gen 46:32

Jews, The: A Commercial People

Eze 27:17

Jews, The: Obliged to Unite against Enemies

Num 32:20-22; Jdg 19:29; 20:1-48; 1Sa 11:7,8

Jews, The: Often Distinguished in War

Jdg 7:19-23; 1Sa 14:6-13; 17:32,33; Neh 4:16-22

Jews, The: Strengthened by God in War

Lev 26:7,8; Jos 5:13,14; 8:1,2

Jews, The: Under God's Special Protection

Deu 32:10,11; 33:27-29; Psa 105:13-15; 121:3-5

Jews, The: Enemies of, obliged to acknowledge them as divinely protected

Jos 2:9-11; Est 6:13

Jews, The: Prohibited From

Associating with others

Act 10:28

Covenanting with others

Exd 23:32; Deu 7:2

Marry with others

Deu 7:3; Jos 23:12

Following practices of others

Deu 12:29-31; 18:9-14

Jews, The: Despised All Strangers

1Sa 17:36; Mat 16:26,27; Eph 2:11

Jews, The: Held No Intercourse with Strangers

Jhn 4:9; Act 11:2,3

Jews, The: Condemned for Associating with Other Nations

Jdg 2:1-3; Jer 2:18

Jews, The: Received Proselytes from Other Nations

Act 2:10; Exd 12:44,48

Jews, The: Gentiles Made One With, under the Gospel

Act 10:15,28; 15:8,9; Gal 3:28; Eph 2:14-16

Jews, The: All Other Nations


Neh 4:1; Isa 26:11; Eze 35:11


Psa 44:10; Eze 35:5


Exd 3:9; Jdg 2:18; 4:3


Lam 1:3; 5:5

Rejoiced at calamities of

Psa 44:13,14; 80:5,6; Eze 36:4

Jews, The: None Hated or Oppressed, with Impunity

Psa 137:8,9; Eze 25:15,16; 35:6; Oba 1:10-16

Jews, The: Christ

Promised to

Gen 49:10; Dan 9:25

Expected by

Psa 14:7; Mat 11:3; Luk 2:25,38; Jhn 8:56

Regarded as the restorer of national greatness

Mat 20:21; Luk 24:21; Act 1:6

Sprang from

Rom 9:5; Hbr 7:14

Rejected by

Isa 53:3; Mar 6:3; Jhn 1:11

Murdered by

Act 7:52; 1Th 2:15

Jews, The: Imprecated the blood of Christ upon themselves and their

Mat 27:25

Jews, The: Many Of, Believed the Gospel

Act 21:20

Jews, The: Unbelieving, Persecuted the Christians

Act 17:5,13; 1Th 2:14-16

Jews, The: Cast off for Unbelief

Rom 11:17,20

Jews, The: Scattered and Peeled

Isa 18:2,7; Jam 1:1

Jews, The: Shall Finally Be Saved

Rom 11:26,27

Jews, The: Punishment of, for rejecting and killing Christ, illustrated

Mat 21:37-43

Jews, The: Descendants of Abraham

Psa 105:6; Isa 51:2; Jhn 8:33; Rom 9:7

Jews, The: The People of God

Deu 32:9; 2Sa 7:24; Isa 51:16

Jews, The: Separated to God

Exd 33:16; Num 23:9; Deu 4:34

Jews, The: Beloved for Their Father's Sake

Deu 4:37; 10:15; Rom 11:28

Jews, The: Christ Descended From

Jhn 4:22; Rom 9:5

Jews, The: The Objects Of

God's love

Deu 7:8; 23:5; Jer 31:3

God's choice

Deu 7:6

God's protection

Psa 105:15; Zec 2:8

Jews, The: The Covenant Established With

Exd 6:4; 24:6-8; 34:27

Jews, The: Promises Respecting Made To


Gen 12:1-3; 13:14-17; 15:18; 17:7,8


Gen 26:2-5,24


Gen 28:12-15; 35:9-12


Exd 6:7,8; 19:5,6; Deu 26:18,19

Jews, The: Privileges Of

Psa 76:1,2; Rom 3:1,2; 9:4,5

Jews, The: Punished For


Psa 78:58-64; Isa 65:3-7


Rom 11:20

Breaking covenant

Isa 24:5; Jer 11:10

Transgressing the law

Isa 1:4,7; 24:5,6

Changing the ordinances

Isa 24:5

Killing the prophets

Mat 23:37,38

Imprecating upon themselves the blood of Christ

Mat 27:25

Jews, The: Scattered among the Nations

Deu 28:64; Eze 6:8; 36:19

Jews, The: Despised by the Nations

Eze 36:3

Jews, The: Their Country Trodden under Foot by the Gentiles

Deu 28:49-52; Luk 21:24

Jews, The: Their House Left Desolate

Mat 24:38

Jews, The: Deprived of Civil and Religious Privileges

Hsa 3:4

Jews, The: Denunciations against Those Who


Gen 27:29; Num 24:9

Contended with

Isa 41:11; 49:25


Isa 49:26; 51:21-23


Psa 129:5; Eze 35:5,6

Aggravated the afflictions of

Zec 1:14,15


Psa 79:1-7; Eze 35:5,6

Jews, The: God, Mindful Of

Psa 98:3; Isa 49:15,16

Jews, The: Christ Was Sent To

Mat 15:24; 21:37; Act 3:20,22,26

Jews, The: Compassion of Christ For

Mat 23:37; Luk 19:41

Jews, The: The Gospel Preached To, First

Mat 10:6; Luk 24:47; Act 1:8

Jews, The: Blessedness of Blessing

Gen 27:29

Jews, The: Blessedness of Favouring

Gen 12:3; Psa 122:6

Jews, The: Pray Importunately For

Psa 122:6; Isa 62:1,6,7; Jer 31:7; Rom 10:1

Jews, The: Saints Remember

Psa 102:14; 137:5; Jer 51:50

Jews, The: Promises Respecting

The pouring out of the Spirit upon them

Eze 39:29; Zec 12:10

The removal of their blindness

Rom 11:25; 2Cr 3:14-16

Their return and seeking to God

Hsa 3:5

Their humiliation for the rejection of Christ

Zec 12:10

Pardon of sin

Isa 44:22; Rom 11:27


Isa 59:20; Rom 11:26


Jer 33:8; Eze 36:25; Zec 12:1,9

Joy occasioned by conversion of

Isa 44:23; 49:13; 52:8,9; 66:10

Blessing to the Gentiles by conversion of

Isa 2:1-5; 60:5; 66:19; Rom 11:12,15

Reunion of

Jer 3:18; Eze 37:16,17,20-22; Hsa 1:11; Mic 2:12

Restoration to their own land

Isa 11:15,16; 14:1-3; 27:12,13; Jer 16:14,15; Eze 36:24; 37:21,25; 39:25,28; Luk 21:24

Gentiles assisting in their restoration

Isa 49:22,23; 60:10,14; 61:4-6

Subjection of Gentiles to

Isa 60:11,12,14

Future glory of

Isa 60:19; 62:3,4; Zep 3:19,20; Zec 2:5

Future prosperity of

Isa 60:6,7,9,17; 61:4-6; Hsa 14:5,6

That Christ shall appear amongst

Isa 59:20; Zec 14:4

That Christ shall dwell amongst

Eze 43:7,9; Zec 2:11

That Christ shall reign over

Eze 34:23,24; 37:24,25

Jews, The: Conversion Of, Illustrated

Eze 37:1-14; Rom 11:24


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.


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