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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: Measure (Noun and Verb)

Dictionaries :: Measure (Noun and Verb)

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Noun Strong's Number: g3358 Greek: metron

Measure (Noun and Verb):


(I) "that which is used for measuring, a measure,"

(a) of "a vessel," figuratively, Mat 23:32; Luk 6:38 (twice); in Jhn 3:34, with the preposition ek, "(He giveth not the Spirit) by measure," RV (which is a necessary correction; the italicized words "unto him," AV, detract from the meaning). Not only had Christ the Holy Spirit without "measure," but God so gives the Spirit through Him to others. It is the ascended Christ who gives the Spirit to those who receive His testimony and set their seal to this, that God is true. The Holy Spirit is imparted neither by degrees, nor in portions, as if He were merely an influence, He is bestowed personally upon each believer, at the time of the New Birth;

(b) of "a graduated rod or rule for measuring," figuratively, Mat 7:2; Mar 4:24; literally, Rev 21:15 (in the best mss.; see the RV); Rev 21:17;

(II) "that which is measured, a determined extent, a portion measured off," Rom 12:3; 2Cr 10:13 (twice); Eph 4:7, "(according to the) measure (of the gift of Christ);" the gift of grace is "measured" and given according to the will of Christ; whatever the endowment, His is the bestowment and the adjustment; Eph 4:13, "the measure (of the stature of the fullness of Christ)," the standard of spiritual stature being the fullness which is essentially Christ's; Eph 4:16, "(according to the working in due) measure (of each several part)," i.e., according to the effectual working of the ministration rendered in due "measure" by every part.

A-2 Noun Strong's Number: g3313 Greek: meros

Measure (Noun and Verb):

"a part portion," is used with the preposition apo, "from," with the meaning "in some measure," Rom 15:15, RV (AV, "... sort").

A-3 Noun Strong's Number: g4568 Greek: saton

Measure (Noun and Verb):

is a Hebrew dry measure (Heb., seah), about a peck and a half, Mat 13:33; Luk 13:21; "three measures" would be the quantity for a baking (cp. Gen 18:6; Jdg 6:19; 1Sa 1:24; the "ephah" of the last two passages was equal to three sata).

A-4 Noun Strong's Number: g2884 Greek: koros

Measure (Noun and Verb):

denotes a cor, the largest Hebrew dry measure (ten ephahs), containing about 11 bushels, Luk 16:7; the hundred "measures" amounted to a very considerable quantity.

A-5 Noun Strong's Number: g942 Greek: batos

Measure (Noun and Verb):

denotes a bath, a Jewish liquid measure (the equivalent of an ephah), containing between 8 and 9 gallons, Luk 16:6.

A-6 Noun Strong's Number: g5518 Greek: choinix

Measure (Noun and Verb):

a dry "measure" of rather less than a quart, about "as much as would support a person of moderate appetite for a day," occurs in Rev 6:6 (twice). Usually eight choenixes could be bought for a denarius (about 9 1/2d.); this passage predicts circumstances in which the denarius is the price of one choenix. In the Sept., Eze 45:10, 11, where it represents the Heb. ephah and bath.


(1) In 2Cr 10:14, AV, huperekteino, "to stretch out overmuch," is translated "we stretch (not ourselves) beyond measure," (RV "... overmuch)."

(2) In 2Cr 11:9, RV, prosanapleroo, "to fill up by adding to, to supply fully," is translated "supplied the measure" (AV, "supplied").

(3) For the phrases in the AV, "beyond measure," Gal 1:13; "out of measure," 2Cr 1:8, see ABUNDANCE, A, No. 4, EXCEL, B.

(4) In Mar 6:51, some mss. have the phrase ek perissou, "beyond measure" (AV).

(5) For the phrase "be exalted above measure," 2Cr 12:7, AV, see EXALT, A, No. 4.

B-1 Adverb Strong's Number: g5234 Greek: huperballontos

Measure (Noun and Verb):

"beyond measure" (huper, "over, beyond," ballo, "to throw;" for the verb huperballo, see EXCEEDING), is rendered "above measure" in 2Cr 11:23.

B-2 Adverb Strong's Number: g4053 Greek: perissos

Measure (Noun and Verb):

Mar 10:26; see EXCEED, B, No. 4.

B-3 Adverb Strong's Number: g5249 Greek: huperperissos

Measure (Noun and Verb):

Mar 7:37: see ABUNDANCE, D, No. 3.

C-1 Adjective Strong's Number: g280 Greek: ametros

Measure (Noun and Verb):

"without measure" (a, negative, and A, No. 1), is used in the neuter plural in an adverbial phrase in 2Cr 10:13, 15, eis ta ametra, lit., "unto the (things) without measure," RV, "(we will not glory) beyond our measure;" AV, "(we will not boast) of things without measure," referring to the sphere Divinely appointed for the Apostle as to his Gospel ministry; this had reached to Corinth, and by the increase of the faith of the church there, would extend to regions beyond. His opponents had no scruples about intruding into the spheres of other men's work.

D-1 Verb Strong's Number: g3354 Greek: metreo

Measure (Noun and Verb):

"to measure" (akin to A, No. 1), is used

(a) of space, number, value, etc., Rev 11:1, 2; 21:15, 16, 17; metaphorically, 2Cr 10:12;

(b) in the sense of "measuring" out, giving by "measure," Mat 7:2, "ye mete" (some mss. have No. 2); Mar 4:24; in some mss. in Luk 6:38 (see No. 2).

D-2 Verb Strong's Number: g488 Greek: antimetreo

Measure (Noun and Verb):

"to measure in return" (anti, "back, in return" and No. 1), is used in the Passive Voice, and found in some mss. in Mat 7:2 (the most authentic have No. 1); in Luk 6:38 the most authentic have this verb. It is not found in the Sept.


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.


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