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Study Resources :: Dictionaries :: True, Truly, Truth

Dictionaries :: True, Truly, Truth

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Below are articles from the following dictionary:
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
A-1 Adjective Strong's Number: g227 Greek: alethes

True, Truly, Truth:

primarily, "unconcealed, manifest" (a, negative, letho, "to forget," == lanthano, "to escape notice"), hence, actual, "true to fact," is used

(a) of persons, "truthful," Mat 22:16; Mar 12:14; Jhn 3:33; 7:18; 8:26; Rom 3:4; 2Cr 6:8;

(b) of things, "true," conforming to reality, Jhn 4:18, "truly," lit., "true;" Jhn 5:31, 32; in the best texts, Jhn 6:55 (twice), "indeed;" Jhn 8:13, 14 (ver. 16 in some texts: see No. 2), Jhn 8:17; 10:41; 19:35; 21:24; Act 12:9; Phl 4:8; Tts 1:13; 1Pe 5:12; 2Pe 2:22; 1Jo 2:8, 27; 3Jo 1:12.

A-2 Adjective Strong's Number: g228 Greek: alethinos

True, Truly, Truth:

akin to No. 1, denotes "true" in the sense of "real, ideal, genuine;" it is used

(a) of God, Jhn 7:28 (cp. No. 1 in Jhn 7:18, above); Jhn 17:3; 1Th 1:9; Rev 6:10; these declare that God fulfills the meaning of His Name; He is "very God," in distinction from all other gods, false gods (alethes, see Jhn 3:33 in No. 1, signifies that He is veracious, "true" to His utterances, He cannot lie);

(b) of Christ, Jhn 1:9; 6:32; 15:1; 1Jo 2:8; 5:20 (thrice); Rev 3:7, 14; 19:11; His judgment, Jhn 8:16 (in the best texts, instead of No. 1);

(c) God's words, Jhn 4:37; Rev 19:9; 21:5; 22:6; the last three are equivalent to No. 1;

(d) His ways, Rev 15:3;

(e) His judgments, Rev 16:7; 19:2;

(f) His riches, Luk 16:11;

(g) His worshippers, Jhn 4:23;

(h) their hearts, Hbr 10:22;

(i) the witness of the Apostle John, Jhn 19:35;

(j) the spiritual, antitypical tabernacle, Hbr 8:2; 9:24, not that the wilderness tabernacle was false, but that it was a weak and earthly copy of the heavenly.

Note: "Alethinos is related to alethes as form to contents or substances; alethes denotes the reality of the thing, alethinos defines the relation of the conception to the thing to which it corresponds == genuine" (Cremer).

A-3 Adjective Strong's Number: g1103 Greek: gnesios

True, Truly, Truth:

primarily "lawfully begotten" (akin to ginomai, "to become"), hence, "true, genuine, sincere," is used in the Apostle's exhortation to his "true yoke-fellow" in Phl 4:3.

Note: In the AV of 2Cr 1:18; 1Ti 3:1, pistos, "faithful" (RV), is translated "true."

B-1 Verb Strong's Number: g226 Greek: aletheuo

True, Truly, Truth:

signifies "to deal faithfully or truly with anyone" (cp. Gen 42:16, Sept., "whether ye deal truly or no"), Eph 4:15, "speaking the truth;" Gal 3:16, "I tell (you) the truth," where probably the Apostle is referring to the contents of his epistle.

C-1 Noun Strong's Number: g225 Greek: aletheia

True, Truly, Truth:

"truth," is used

(a) objectively, signifying "the reality lying at the basis of an appearance; the manifested, veritable essence of a matter" (Cremer), e.g., Rom 9:1; 2Cr 11:10; especially of Christian doctrine, e.g., Gal 2:5, where "the truth of the Gospel" denotes the "true" teaching of the Gospel, in contrast to perversions of it; Rom 1:25, where "the truth of God" may be "the truth concerning God" or "God whose existence is a verity;" but in Rom 15:8 "the truth of God" is indicative of His faithfulness in the fulfillment of His promises as exhibited in Christ; the word has an absolute force in Jhn 14:6; 17:17; 18:37, 38; in Eph 4:21, where the RV, "even as truth is in Jesus," gives the correct rendering, the meaning is not merely ethical "truth," but "truth" in all its fullness and scope, as embodied in Him; He was the perfect expression of the truth; this is virtually equivalent to His statement in Jhn 14:6;

(b) subjectively, "truthfulness," "truth," not merely verbal, but sincerity and integrity of character, Jhn 8:44; 3Jo 1:3, RV;

(c) in phrases, e.g., "in truth" (epi, "on the basis of"), Mar 12:14; Luk 20:21; with en, "in," 2Cr 6:7; Col 1:6; 1Ti 2:7, RV (AV, "in... verity"); 1Jo 3:18; 2Jo 1:1, 3, 4.

Note: In Mat 15:27, AV, nai, "yea" (RV), is translated "truth."

D-1 Adverb Strong's Number: g230 Greek: alethos

True, Truly, Truth:

"truly, surely," is rendered "of a truth" in Mat 14:33; 26:73; Mar 14:70, R.V, (AV, "surely"); Luk 9:27; 12:44; 21:3; Jhn 6:14; 7:40; 17:8, RV, "of a truth" (AV, "surely"); Act 12:11, RV (AV, "of a surety"); "in truth," 1Th 2:13; "truly," Mat 27:54; Mar 15:39.
See INDEED, No. 3.

D-2 Adverb Strong's Number: g1103 Greek: gnesios

True, Truly, Truth:

"sincerely, honorably" (akin to A, No. 3), is rendered "truly" (marg., "genuinely") in Phil 2:20 (AV, "naturally").


(1) The particles ara, men, and de are sometimes rendered "truly" in the AV, but are differently rendered in the RV.

(2) In 1Cr 14:25, AV, ontos (RV, "indeed") is rendered "of a truth."
See CERTAIN, C, No. 1, INDEED, No. 4.

(3) In Jhn 20:30, AV, the particle oun, therefore (RV), is rendered "truly."


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.


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