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The Current Teaching Of The Watchtower Society:

Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in the Trinity. They believe God is almighty, Jesus is a mighty God, and the Holy Spirit is God's active force.

What the Bible Says about THE TRINITY

The Doctrine of the Trinity is implied in the Old Testament (Genesis 1:26, ect.) and revealed in the New Testament (Matthew 3:16, 17, ect.). The Trinity of God (sometimes and more properly designated "Triunity" of God) means his tri-personality exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in three distinct persons in one God. Each is distinct in their personal characteristics, being clearly distinguished from the other, but equal in power, glory and being [ie, nature].

1. There Is Only One God:
The Lord our God is one Lord Deu 6:4
There is no other god with Me, ie, as far as there being a god, I am the only one in the heaven Deu 32:39
No God was formed before me or after me Isa 43:10
There is no other God Isa 44:6
2. Yet Each Is Called GOD:
Father Eph 4:6; Jhn 6:27
Son Hbr 1:8; Tts 2:13; Jhn 1:1; 20:28, 29; 1Jo 5:20
Holy Spirit Act 5:3, 4
3. Yet Each Is Described As CREATOR:
Father Isa 44:24
Son Jhn 1:1-3
Holy Spirit Job 33:4; 26:13
4. Yet Each Is Described As ETERNAL:
Father Psa 93:2
Son Mic 5:2; Hbr 1:8
Holy Spirit Hbr 9:14
5. Yet Each Is Described As INSPIRED:
Father 2Ti 3:16
Son 1Pe 1:10-11
Holy Spirit 2Pe 1:21
6. Yet Each Is Described As OMNIPRESENT:
Father Jer 23:24
Son Mat 28:20
Holy Spirit Psa 139:7-10
7. Yet Each Is Described As OMISCIENT:
Father Jer 17:10
Son Jhn 2:24
Holy Spirit 1Cr 2:10-12
8. Yet Each Is Described As OMNIPOTENT:
Father Mat 19:26
Son Hbr 1:3
Holy Spirit Rom 15:19
9. Yet Each Is Described As HOLY:
Father Hab 1:12
Son Act 3:14
Holy Spirit Jhn 14:26
10. Yet Each Is Described As RESURRECTED:
Father 1Th 1:10
Son Jhn 2:19-21
Holy Spirit Rom 8:11
11. Yet Each Is Described As TRUTH:
Father 1Th 1:9
Son Jhn 14:6
Holy Spirit Jhn 14:17
12. Yet Each Is Described As SANCTIFYING the Believer:
Father Jhn 10:29
Son Hbr 2:11
Holy Spirit 1Cr 6:11
13. Yet Each Is Described As PRESERVING the Believer to Salvation:
Father Jhn 10:29
Son Jhn 10:28
Holy Spirit Eph 4:30
14. Yet Each Is Described As Being An INDWELLING PRESENCE:
Father Eph 4:6; 2Cr 6:16; Jhn 14:23
Son Col 1:27; Jhn 14:20, 23
Holy Spirit 1Cr 6:19; Jhn 14:17
15. Yet Each Is Described As LEADING Believers:
Father Deu 32:12
Son 1Cr 10:1-4
Holy Spirit Isa 63:11-14
16. Yet Each DRAWS People To Themselves:
Father Jhn 6:44
Son 1Cr 12:3
Holy Spirit Jhn 12:32
17. The Bible Presents Jesus As "Jehovah" [Yahweh] Of The Old Testament:
A. In Reference To A Prepared Way
Yahweh Clear up the pathway of Yahweh Isa 40:3
Jesus Prepare ye the way of the Lord Mat 3:3
B. In Reference To Their Worship
Yahweh Every knee will bow (to Yahweh) Isa 45:23
Jesus At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow Phl 2:10
C. In Reference To Their Title
Yahweh I AM (ehyeh in Hebrew) is Yahweh Exd 3:14
Jesus I AM (ego-eimi in Greek) is Jesus Jhn 18:5, 8; 8:58
18. Who Is Coming? - Who is "The First And The Last"?:
Jehovah is First and Last Isa 44:6
Jesus is coming and is Alpha and Omega Rev 22:12-16
Jehovah is coming and is Alpha and Omega (New World Translation) Rev 1:8
NOTE: It should be pointed out the Society is guilty of a serious act of reductionism in the way they represent the Trinity of God. Their logic goes something like this: they teach that the relationship between the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit should somehow be understood by man. Since the Trinity cannot be understood by man, then it cannot explain the relationship within the Godhead. Of course this is the point exactly: God's nature is past finding out; His ways are unsearchable; etc. The nature of God is beyond the full comprehension of man and that is why He is God! (See Romans 11:33-36)


The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.