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Text Commentaries for Android

Tap on any verse and "Text Commentaries" in the verse tap menu.

Text Commentaries in the Verse tap menu

This displays a list of available text commentaries for the verse selected. The commentaries listed will include ALL text commentaries that reference the verse that was selected. [Note: This tool is only available when your device is online.]

Commentaries List

Just tap a text commentary title in order to read that commentator's thoughts.

Choose a Commentary

When you select a text commentary, there is a quick link at the top that will take you to where the verse is referenced.

Use the quick link at the top to take you to the verse referenced

For this particular text commentary there are three references to Psalm 138:2.

Example references that are quick linked

In this case, the three references are all in the same section.

Example references are in the same section

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