Manage Your BiblesManage Your Bibles

Once in the Bible Navigation feature, you'll be given the opportunity to add or remove Bibles by tapping the Manage Bibles button. Tapping Manage Bibles will give you a list of available Bibles from which to choose.

See Bibles are currently installed

Under Installed Bibles, you'll see everything currently available to you. Under Downloadable/Online Bibles, you'll see all the translations you are able to add to the BLB iPhone app's functionality. (Note: you can use the Edit button in the top-right to remove translations you no longer care to use.)

We offer two types of Bible downloads. Offline and Online Only versions. The large number of the Bibles we offer are available for offline use, but most contemporary translations will require an internet connection due to license agreements with the publishers.

Version Selector scroll wheels

Once downloaded, these Bibles will be added to your Version Selector scroll wheels (though Online Only versions will be available when you have a working internet connection). Additionally these same Bibles will be added to the Bible Navigation feature available by tapping on the top center book/chapter title, then tapping on Bibles.

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