Bookmarks and CopyingBookmarks and Copying

Tapping on Add/Remove Bookmarks (represented by the favorites star), will expand the Verse Tap Menu to show bookmarking options.

1) Add Chapter Bookmark
2) Add Bookmark at Psa 138:2
3) Show My Bookmarks

Add/Remove Bookmarks

The BLB app allows you to Bookmark individual chapters and individual verses. When you've bookmarked a specific chapter and or verse the bookmark icon in the view will change color.

When bookmarking verses a bookmark icon will show in the Bible reading text for the verse. When bookmarking chapters the top navigation bar will show a bookmark icon for the chapter.

Alternatively to add your current chapter to your bookmarks section (accessible by clicking on the same star where it appears at the bottom-left of any Bible page. We've already discussed how to organize bookmarks under a special heading in the Your Bookmarks section.

Tapping Copy verse to Clipboard will do just that, allowing you to paste that verse into whichever iPhone note-taking application you like. (Even into the BLB's own notetaking tool—also described in the Other Tools section.)

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