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My Bookmarks for Android

Tap on 'My Bookmarks' in the Navigation Menu.

My Bookmarks in the Navigation Menu

This contains verses that you have selected to bookmark. Use this section to create new categories and organize your bookmarks either in the General bookmark folder or a new folder of your choosing. (For creating new bookmarks, see the 'Bookmark This Verse' section.)

The default folder is called 'General Bookmarks.'

General Bookmarks Folder

When you tap on the General Bookmarks folder it will bring up the contents of that folder.

General Bookmarks Contents

To copy, move, or remove a bookmark, tap the three-dot action overflow menu and select.

Edit Bookmarks

Note: When you are in the bookmark folder you have the ability to display the bible text. This does not change the default settings.

Toggle on display bible text

If you are wanting to make changes to a category, tap the three-dot action overflow menu located on the folder.

Edit Category Items

To create your own folder, tap 'Create a New Category.'

Create a New Category

Name your folder and tap 'Add.'

Add a New Category

For example: 'My Favorites.'

New Folder example

Once you have created a new folder, you can copy or move items to your new folder.

Folder Options

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