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Scrolling below the lettered-button tools, you'll find the Start Audio Bible option.

Audio Bible Options

Tapping the Start Audio Bible from the Verse Tap Menu the audio options will expand to allow you to listen to the Bible with 3 options.

1) Listen to the Chapter
2) Listen to the Chapter -- 7 times
3) Listen from here to the end of the Book

Please note to listen to the audio Bible you must have an internet connection and have selected one of the audio Bibles (KJV, NKJV, NLT, RVR60) that was previously installed on the app from Managed Bibles.

Audio Player

When the audio Bible option is enabled a Media Player will apear in the Bible reading text. Once the Media Player is launched it begins playing the audio stream from the BLB servers. This audio will continue playing until you manually pause, stop, quit the player or the audio stream completes. The audio can also continue even if your device sleeps.

This same media player will be launched from Text Commentaries when you have selected to listen to an "Audio" Commentary and from the Greek/Hebrew Pronunciations option.

When listening to audio from a cellular data connection it is important that you have enabled the apps's Preference Audio Delivery option.

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