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Daily Devotionals

Blue Letter Bible offers several daily devotional readings in order to help you refocus on Christ and the Gospel of His peace and righteousness.

Daily Bible Reading Plans

Recognizing the value of consistent reflection upon the Word of God in order to refocus one's mind and heart upon Christ and His Gospel of peace, we provide several reading plans designed to cover the entire Bible in a year.

One-Year Plans

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Neal Pirolo :: Resources

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Books for Further Study

These books are available from
1) your local Christian bookstore,
2) the publisher listed, or
3) William Carey Library, PO Box 40129, Pasadena CA 91114 USA.
To order: 1-800-MISSION. For Information: (818) 798-0819.

Chapter One, The Need for Senders

  • A Mind for Missions, Paul Borthwlck (NavPress)
  • Student Mission Power, (William Carey Library)
  • Culture Shock, Myron Loss (Light and Life Press)

Chapter Two, Moral Support

  • From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya A Biographical History of Christian Missions, Ruth Tucker (Zondervan)
  • Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot, Elisabeth Elliot (Harper & Row)
  • Chasing the Dragon, Jackie Pullinger (Hodder & Stoughton)
  • Bruchko, Bruce Olson (Creation House)
  • Vanya, Myroa Grant (Creation House)
  • Tortured for His Faith, Haralan Popov (Zondervan)
  • I Dared to Call Him Father, Bilquis Sheikh (Chosen Books)
  • Anointed for Burial, Todd and DeAnn Burke (Logos International)
  • A Distant Grief, F. Kefa Sempangi (Regal Books)
  • The Jesus Style, Gayle D. Erwin (Ronald N. Haynes Publishers)
  • To Understand Each Other, Paul Tournier (Westminster John Knox)
  • Eternity in Their Hearts, Don Richardson (Regal Books)

Chapter Three, Logistics Support

  • Income Tax Law, B. J. Worth (Worth Tax Service)

Chapter Four, Financial Support

  • Living More With Less, Doris Janzen Longacre (Herald Press)
  • Out of the Saltshaker and into the World, Rebecca Pippert (InterVarsity Press)
  • Tentmakers Speak Out, Don Hamilton (TMQ Research)
  • The Support-Raising Handbook, Brian Rust and Barry McLeish (InterVarsity Press)
  • Commitment to a Wartime Lifestyle, Ralph D. Winter (William Carey Library)

Chapter Five, Prayer Support

  • Touch the World Through Prayer, Wesley Duewel (Zondervan)
  • Destined for the Throne, Paul Billheimer (Bethany House Publishers, Christian Literature Crusade)
  • This Present Darkness, Frank Peretti (Crossway Books)
  • Piercing the Darkness, Frank Peretti (Crossway Books)
  • The Discovery of Genesis, C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson (Concordia)
  • God’s Chosen Fast, Arthur Wallis (Christian Literature Crusadel
  • Operation World, Patrick J. Johnstone (STL)

Chapter Six, Communication Support

  • We Really Do Need to Listen, Reuben Welch (Impact Books)

Chapter Seven, Re-entry Support

  • Honorably Wounded, Marjory Foyle (MARC Europe)

Chapter Eight, Your Part in the Big Picture

  • Unveiled at Last, Bob Sjogren (Frontiers)
  • Our Globe and How to Reach It, David Barred and Todd Johnson (New Hope)
  • The Christless Nations, J.M. Thobuin (Hunt & Eaton)
  • Catch the Vision 2000, Bill & Amy Stearns (Bethany House Publishers)
  • Asian Church Today, Alfred C. H. Yeo, editor (EFA)

Mission Vision Resources

The following resources can be ordered from the William Carey Library Publishers and Distributors. Call 1-800-MISSION for their complete catalog or for placing orders. All other calls should be directed to (818) 798-0819. Their address Is PO Box 40129, Pasadena, CA 91114. They are associated with the U.S. Center for World Mission (USCWM), 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena. CA 91104.

Step One

Encourage your fellowship to catch the vision: Simply set out some or all of the following brochures:

Mission Vision Sampler. This is a sample of several brochures published by the USCWM. One each of the great articles and pamphlets listed below. This is an economical way to see what’s available without having to purchase 5 or 10 of each.

Amazing Countdown Facts!!! by Ralph Winter, Phil Bogosian and Larry Boggan, USCWM Mobilization Division, 1994, 4pp. If you want to know precisely where we, the Church, stand today m regard to world evangelization and what remains to be done, this article is for you.

Catch The Vision, USCWM Mobilization Division, 1994. 4pp. Do you feel like you’re wandering in a desert of uselessness? Well, Catch The Vision-God’s vision-of where you fit in the task of world evangelization! Use this brochure to challenge yourself, and others, to greater missions involvement.

A Church In Every People by Donald McGavran, Institute of International Studies, 1994, 8pp. Like no other one document, Dr. McGavran’s article lines out the best steps for establishing a church movement in every people. The most important reason that believers should read this is so that they understand the best method for establishing churches and they can then pray more specifically for their missionaries.

Commitment to a Wartime Lifestyle by Ralph Winter, USCWM Mobilization Division, 1990, 2 pp. Most in the Body of Christ don’t realize it, but we are in an all-out war for the people of earth. And if we’re in a war, we should live like we’re in a war! This is “must read” material for any true disciple of Jesus.

Critical Issues in Missions by Ralph Winter, USCWM Mobilization Division, 1990, 8pp. Many people never give a great deal of thought to missions. In this article Dr. Winter discusses the critical issues, concepts and strategies that can help a church move more quickly toward the completion of our Lord’s Great Commission-if, with God’s help, we choose the right course.

The Non-Essentials of Life, by Roberta Winter, USCWM Mobilization Division, 1980, 4 pp. This article by Roberta Winter will cost you pennies but could save you thousands. It suggests six “Principles” whereby you can evaluate the “necessities” of life. Highly readable, the article focuses on how a simple lifestyle can make us more fit for the King’s use. Based on the lives of Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Winter.

Step Two

Equip your fellowship to build the vision:

  • Provide Bible study curriculum for Sunday School classes, home Bible study groups and training hours.
  • Study through the Catch the Vision 2000 book and Group Leader’s Guide.

    Catch the Vision 2000 by Bill and Amy Stearns, Bethany House Publishers, 1991, paperback, 192 pp. “Something big and challenging is happening in our world,” say the authors, who put together a remarkable lay-orientated book on how God is reaching the world today with the Gospel.

    Catch the Vision 2000: The Study Guide by Bill and Amy Steams, WWWorldView Publishing, 1991, 94 pp. A study guide to help you or your group digest Catch The Vision 2000.

  • Provide up-to-the minute input for your mission fellowships and mission committee sessions:

    Make sure everyone on your mission committee gets Mission Frontiers, the bi-monthly bulletin of the USCWM. In the USA, subscriptions are just $4 per year.

    Study in group sessions this Serving As Senders book, which includes a group study guide.

  • Equip your fellowship’s prayer groups and shut-in prayer warriors with global fuel for prayer.

    Praying Through the Window: A Thirty-one Day Prayer Guide, Caleb Project, 1993, 72 pp. Over 95% of all the people in the world who have yet to hear of Jesus’ love live in a ̴window” between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude; from the western edge of Africa east to the Pacific Ocean. This prayer guide is organized to provide information for praying for the hidden people groups in two “10/40 Windows” countries each day for 31 days.

  • Get your fellowship into the daily habit of prayer for the unreached with the monthly Global Prayer Digest from the USCWM. Subscription in the USA is $9 per year. Be sure to specify English or Spanish.
  • View videos of unreached peoples:

    Aceh: A Battle of Swords (Indonesia) - 15 min.

    The Deccanis: The People of a Lost Heritage - 17 min.

    The Sudanese: From Darkness to Light - 21 min.

    Warfare in the Himalayas: The Tibetan Challenge - 10 min.

    In a NEW video series, Scattered Sheep, the Minorities of Southeast China. you will see the lives of China’s minorities through video footage actually shot in their remote villages. Observing their culture, religion and lifestyle will give you insight on how to pray for these people who have never heard of Jesus Christ!

    Hidden Peoples of Guizhou - 18 min.

    High Strongholds of Northern Yunnan - 18 min.

    From the Jungles of Southern Yunnan - 18 min.

  • Host a Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course at your church. For college credit or audit this 15-session curriculum dramatically impacts each participant with a vision for personal involvement in missions. Contact the Perspectives Study Office, USCWM at (818) 398-2126.

Step Three

Challenge your fellowship to act on the vision:

  • “Adopt” an unreached people. Introduce the Adopt-A-People concept with the Adopt-A-People Advocate Kit. This kit, produced by the USCWM, contains all of the needed resources to facilitate your church’s adoption: a video, brochures, overhead transparencies and the manual, “Adoption: A Practical Guide to Successfully Adopting an Unreached People Group”.

    Stepping Out: A Guide to Short-Term Missions. Steve Hawthorne, YWAM Publications, 1992, paperback, 144 pp. Short-term mission experiences can transform typical church members into radical disciples who are committed to reach the lost and to sacrifice for the poor. This compilation of articles from the 1987 manual tells us exactly how to make these learning-serving mission tours happen, and how to make sure that those who can’t go, get blessed by those who do.

    Short-Term Mission Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Participants and Leaders, Gordon Aeschliman, Editor, Berry Publishing, 1993, magazine-style, paperback, 288 pp. This volume has over 60 new articles and current information on more than 200 services, training and resource opportunities. It covers vertually all you need to know about planning and taking a short-term mission trip. It is a vital resource for individuals, churches, school groups and mission organizations.

Ministries Available Through Emmaus Road, International

ACTS Video/Audio Training Tapes

  • Prepare for Battle: Lessons in Spiritual Warfare7#8212;This 9-hour video or audio training tapes program comes with 19 pages of Student Notes and Assignments and a Study Guide for Groups or Individuals.
  • Building Your Support Team-This 2-hour audio training tape is the counterpart of the book, Serving as Senders, instructing the missionary in how to develop relationships in the six areas of support.
  • Solutions to Culture Stress-This 4-hour video training tape helps prepare a short-term missionary for the culture stress of going overseas and returning home.


  • Critical Issues in Cross-Cultural Ministry Is a bulletin on vital missions topics. Each bulletin is four to six pages. Reprints are available:

    Series I: Mobilizing Your Church 15 Issues
    Series II: For Those Who Go 15 Issues
    Series III: Serving As Senders 12 Issues
    Series IV: Internationals Who Live Among Us 12 Issues

  • SERVING AS SENDERS: How to Care for Your Missionaries-While They are Preparing to Go, While They are on the Field, and When They Return Home.
  • PREPARE FOR BATTLE: Basic Training in Spiritual Warfare-Making reference to over 700 Scriptures that point to victory in battle, this book drives home the importance of practicing the basics in spiritual warfare.


  • Nothing GOOD Just Happens! Seminar-This is an intense, 21-hour seminar to train church missions leadership in how to mobilize their fellowship in cross-cultural outreach ministry.
  • For Those Who Go Seminar-The sessions of this seminar help the potential cross-cultural worker look beyond the “romanticism” of missions and to deal with some very practical issues of going.
  • Serving as Senders Seminar-The lessons of the book, Serving as Senders, are presented in a 6-hour format.

ACTS Training Courses

  • ACTS Team Orientation-2-10 hours of cultural, interpersonal relationship and spiritual warfare training for short-term teams.
  • ACTS Boot Camp-One week of cultural, interpersonal relationship and spiritual warfare training for those serving up to six months.
  • ACTS 29Training Course-An intensive 10-week immersion in a second culture to learn how to live and minister in other cultures. The courses include cultural adaptation, language acquisition, interpersonal relationships, spiritual warfare and unculturating the Gospel and teachings of Christ. This field training incorporates classroom study and community experience with living in the home of a national.
  • Mini-ACTS 29Training Course-A 4-week modified schedule of the 10-week Course.

ACTS Ministry Trips

ERI leads three-week trips throughout the year. Pre-field training, a demanding “hands-in” experience and follow through after the trip helps the church leadership develop a consistent involvement in missions.

Speakers Bureau

Neal and Yvonne Pirolo, and associates of Emmaus Road are available as speakers on a variety of subjects, all challenging to a personal involvement in cross-cultural outreach ministry.

For more information on these or other developing resources to equip you and your church for cross-cultural ministry, contact:

Emmaus Road, International
7150 Tanner Court, San Diego, CA 92111 USA
Phone/Fax: 619/292-7020
Web Site:

Translations of the book, SERVING AS SENDERS, are available from the following sources:

Postfach 12 20
D-73762 Neuhausen

Non Ree Communication
26-6 Gusan Bldg #502
Seoul, Korea

Guitgeverij Gideon
Dorpsweg 3
4223 NA Hoornaar

OM Hong Kong
P 0 Box 99029
Hong Kong

Stationsgatan 22, Box 67
S-692 22 Kumla

Emmaus Road, Int.
7150 Tanner Court
San Diego, CA 92111

Krestanska misijni spolecnost
Andrstova 4
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

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The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.

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