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Search through a collection of ten unique Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias with quick results, using this Blue Letter Bible study tool. Find informative articles with definitions, word origins, links to verses and more, to boost your Bible study experience. Perfect for word searches and topical Bible studies.

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We have searched through 10 Bible dictionaries and have yielded the following results for the letter you have chosen. For the purposes of speed, we have divided the results onto different pages. Please choose the first two letters of the word you are searching for from the list below.

Please choose the first two letters of the word you are searching for from the list below.

We have searched through 10 Bible dictionaries and have yielded the following results for the letter you have chosen.

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Maacah [I,B]

Maacah; Maachah [I]

Maacathites [I]

Maachah [E,H,N,B]

Maachathi [H,B]

Maadai [H,I,N]

Maadai, or Maadai [B]

Maadiah [H,I,N,B]

Maai [H,I,N,B]

Maale-Akrabbim [H]

Maaleh-Acrabbim [E,I,N]

Maalehacrabbim [B]

Maani [I]

Maarath [E,H,I,N]

Maareh-Geba [I]

Maasai [I]

Maaseas [I]

Maaseiah [E,H,I,N,B]

Maasiai [E,H,I,N,B]

Maasmas [I]

Maath [E,H,I,N,B]

Maaz [H,I,N]

Maaziah [E,I,N,B]

Mabdai [I]

Mabnabedai [I]

Macaerus [B]

Macalon [I]

Maccabaeus; Maccabees [I]

Maccabees [E,B]

Maccabees, Books Of [B]

Maccabees, Books of The [E]

Maccabees, Books Of, 1-2 [I]

Maccabees, Books Of, 3-5 [I]

Macedonia [E,H,I,N,B]

Macedonian Empire, The [T]

Machaerus [E,I]

Machbanai [E,N,B]

Machbannai [I]

Machbena [I]

Machbenah [H,B]

Machi [H,I,N,B]

Machir [E,H,N,B]

Machir; Machirite [I]

Machirites, The [B]

Machmas [I]

Machnadebai [H,I,N,B]

Machpelah [E,H,I,N,B]

Maconah [I]

Macron [I]

Mad, Madness [V]

Mad; Madness [I]

Madai [E,H,I,N,B]

Made (Be) [V]

Made Manifest [K]

Madiabun [I]

Madian [H,I,B]

Madmannah [E,H,I,N,B]

Madmen [E,I,B]

Madmenah [E,I,N,B]

Madness [E,I,N,B]

Madon [E,H,I,N,B]

Maelus [I]

Magadan [I,B]

Magbish [H,I,B]

Magdala [E,H,I,N,B]

Magdalene [E,H,I]

Magdiel [H,I,B]

Maged [I]

Magi [N,B]

Magi, Star Of [I]

Magi, The [I]

Magic [E,N]

Magic, Magicians [B]

Magic; Magician [I]

Magician [N]

Magicians [E]

Magistrate [E,I,N,V]

Magistrates [T]

Magna Charta [N]

Magnanimity [N]

Magnifical [I]

Magnificat [I,N]

Magnificence [V]

Magnify [I,V]

Magog [E,H,I,N,B]

Magor-Missabib [E,H,I,N]

Magormissabib [B]

Magpiash [H,I,N,B]

Magus, Simon [I]

Mahalah [H,I,N,B]

Mahalaleel [E,N,B]

Mahalalel [I]

Mahalath [E,I,N,B]

Mahalath Leannoth Maschil [E]

Mahalath Maschil [E]

Mahaleleel [H]

Mahali [H,I,B]

Mahanaim [E,H,I,N,B]

Mahaneh-Dan [E,I,N]

Mahanehdan [H,B]

Mahanem [H]

Maharai [H,I,N,B]

Mahath [E,H,I,N,B]

Mahavite [I]

Mahavite, The [B]

Mahavites [H]

Mahaz [H]

Mahazioth [E,H,I,N,B]

Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz [E,H,I,N]

Mahershalalhashbaz [B]

Mahlah [E,H,I,N,B]

Mahli [I,N,B]

Mahlites [I]

Mahlon [E,I,N,B]

Mahol [E,I,N,B]

Mahseiah [I]

Maiannas [I]

Maid, Maiden, Maidservant [V]

Maid; Maiden [I]

Maiden [N]

Mail [I,N]

Mail, Coat Of [E]

Maimed [I,K,V]

Main-Sail [E]

Mainsail [V]

Mainsall [I]

Maintain [V]

Majesty [N,V]

Majority and Minority Reports [N]

Makas [H]

Makaz [I,N,B]

Make [V]

Make, Maker [I]

Makebates [I]

Maked [I]

Maker [I,V]

Makheloth [E,H,I,N,B]

Makkedah [E,H,I,N,B]

Maktesh [E,N,B]

Maktesh, The [I]

Malachi [E,H,I,N]

Malachi, Prophecies Of [E]

Malachy [I]

Malcam [E,I]

Malcham [H,N]

Malchi-Shua [E,I]

Malchiah [E,H,I,N]

Malchiel [H,I,N]

Malchielites [I]

Malchijah [I]

Malchiram [I,N]

Malchishua [B]

Malchus [E,H,I,N,B]

Male [I,V]

Malefactor [I,K,V]

Malefactors (Criminals) [N]

Maleleel [H,I]

Maleleel, or Mahalaleel [B]

Malfeasance in Office [N]

Malice [K,N,T]

Malice, Maliciousness, Malicious [V]

Malice, Malignity [I]

Malignity [V]

Malingering [N]

Mallos [I]

Mallothi [E,H,I,N,B]

Mallows [E,I,K,N,B]

Malluch [E,H,I,N,B]

Malluchi [I]

Mallus [I]

Malobathron [I]

Maltanneus [I]

Mamaias [I,B]

Mamdai [I]

Mammon [E,H,I,K,N,V,B]

Mamnitanemus [I]

Mamre [E,H,I,N,B]

Mamuchus [I]

Man [E,I,N,T,B]

Man (See Also Men) [V]

Man of Sin [E,I]

Man of War [I]

Man's, of Man, Mankind (See Also Men) [V]

Man, Natural [I]

Man, Old [I]

Man, Outward [I]

Man, Son Of [I]

Man-Child [I,V]

Man; New [I]

Manaen [E,H,I,N,B]

Manahath [I,N,B]

Manahathites [I]

Manahetbites [B]

Manahethites [H,I]

Manasseas [I]

Manasseh [E,H,N,B]

Manasseh (1) [I]

Manasseh (2) [I]

Manasseh (3) [I]

Manasseh, the Tribe Of [T]

Manasses [I,B]

Manasses, the Prayer Of [I]

Manassites [I]

Manassites, The [B]

Mandrake [K,N]

Mandrakes [E,I,B]

Maneh [E,N,B]

Maneh; Mina [I]

Manes [I]

Manger [E,I,N,V,B]

Mani [I]

Manifest [K]

Manifest (Adjective and Verb) [V]

Manifest; Manifestation [I]

Manifestation [V]

Manifestly [I]

Manifold [I,V]

Manifold More [K]

Manius; Titus [I]

Mankind [I,V]

Manlius, Titus [I]

Manna [E,I,N,T,V,B]

Manner [V]

Manner; Manners [I]

Manners [N]

Manoah [E,H,I,N,B]

Manservant [I,N,V]

Mansion [I,K,N]

Mansions [V]

Manslaughter [N]

Manslayer [E,I,N,B]

Manslayers [V]

Manstealing [I]

Mantelet [I]

Mantle [E,I,K,N,V,B]

Manure [N]

Manuscripts [I]

Manuscripts of the New Testament [I]

Manuscripts of the Old Testament [I]

Many [V]

Maoch [E,I,B]

Maon [E,H,N,B]

Maon; Maonites [I]

Maonites, The [B]

Mar [I]

Mara [E,H,I,B]

Marah [E,I,N,B]

Maralah [E,H,I,N,B]

Maran-atha [V]

Maranatha [E,H,I,B]

Marble [E,I,N,V,B]

March; Marches [I]

Marcheshvan [E,I,B]

Marcion, Gospel Of [I]

Marcus [E,H,I,B]

Mardocheus [I]

Mare [I]

Mareshah [E,H,I,N]

Mareshah, or Mareshah [B]

Marimoth [I]

Mariner [I]

Mariners [V]

Mariners (Sailors) [N]

Marisa [I]

Marish [I]

Marishes [K]

Mark [E,H,I,N,B]

Mark (Noun) [V]

Mark (Verb) [V]

Mark, Gospel According To [E]

Mark, Gospel Of [B]

Mark, John [I]

Mark, the Gospel According To, 1 [I]

Mark, the Gospel According To, 2 [I]

Market [N]

Market of Appius [B]

Market, Market-Place [V]

Market, Sheep [I]

Market-Place [E]

Market; Marketplace; Mart [I]

Marketplaces [B]

Marmoth [I]

Maroth [E,H,I,N,B]

Marred [V]

Marriage [E,I,N,S,T,B]

Marriage (Give In), Marry [V]

Marriage-Feasts [E]

Marrow [I,V]

Mars Hill [E,B]

Mars' Hill [I,N]

Marsena [H,I,B]

Marsh [I]

Marshal [I]

Mart [I]

Martha [E,H,I,N,B]

Martyr [E,I,K,V]

Martyrdom [N,T]

Marvel (Noun and Verb), Marvellous [V]

Marvel; Marvelous [I]

Mary [E,H,I,N,B]

Mary Magdalene [B]

Mary the Virgin [B]

Mary, Mother of Mark [B]

Mary, Sister of Lazarus [B]

Mary, the Passing Of [I]

Masaloth [I]

Maschil [E,I,N,B]

Mash [E,H,I,N,B]

Mashal [E,H,I,N,B]

Masias [I]

Masking [N]

Masman [I]

Mason [E,I,N]

Maspha [I]

Masrekah [E,H,I,N]

Massa [E,H,I,N,B]

Massacre [N]

Massacre of the Innocents [I]

Massah [E,H,N,B]

Massah and Meribah [I]

Massias [I]

Massrekah [B]

Mast [I]

Master [I,N]

Master (Noun and Verb) [V]

Master Workman [N]

Masterbuilder [V]

Masteries, Strive For [K]

Masters [T]

Mastery [I]

Mastic, Mastick [I]

Materialism [N]

Mathanias [I]

Mathelas [I]

Mathusala [I,B]

Matithiah [B]

Matred [H,I,N,B]

Matri [H,I,N,B]

Matrites [I]

Matrix [K]

Mattan [E,H,I,N,B]

Mattanah [E,I,N,B]

Mattaniah [E,H,I,N,B]

Mattatha [H,I,N]

Mattathah [I,N,B]

Mattathias [E,H,I,N,B]

Mattattah [I]

Mattenai [I,N,B]

Matter [I]

Matter, Matters [V]

Matthal [H]

Matthan [E,H,I,N,B]

Matthanias [H,I]

Matthat [E,I,N,B]

Matthew [E,H,I,N,B]

Matthew, Gospel According To [E]

Matthew, Gospel Of [B]

Matthew, the Gospel Of [I]

Matthias [E,H,I,N,B]

Mattithiah [E,I,N]

Mattock [E,I,K,N,B]

Maul [E,I,K,N,B]

Mauzzim [I,B]

Maw [I]

May, Mayest, Might [V]

Mazitias [I]

Mazzaloth [I]

Mazzaroth [E,H,I,K,N,B]

Mazzebah [I]

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