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The Blue Letter Bible
Study Resources :: Topical Indexes :: Thompson's Chain Reference: Special Bible Readings

Thompson's Chain Reference: Special Bible Readings

  1. Abiding in Christ
  2. Abundant Salvation, For the Faithful
  3. Adaption of Truth, to the Weak
  4. Believers Kept
  5. Bringing Men to Jesus
  6. Childhood, Marks of (Physical And Spiritual)
  7. Christ, Conqueror of Death
  8. Christ Defamed
  9. Christ Precious
  10. Christianity, Characteristics of True
  11. Christ's Attitude toward Children
  12. Christ's Prayers in Great Crises
  13. Church Similitudes
  14. Cords of the Cross
  15. Death the Great Reaper
  16. Defender of the Weak, Christ the
  17. Delayed Blessings Test Faith
  18. Delusions, Common
  19. Divinity Acknowledged, Christ's
  20. Divinity Challenged
  21. Eagerness For the Truth, Examples of
  22. Effort Demanded Before a Blessing Can Be Given
  23. Family Cares, Causes of
  24. Fleeting Impressions
  25. Foreordained Plan of Salvation
  26. Fuller Revelation
  27. Gain Through Loss
  28. Gifts From God
  29. Giving Sacrificial, Examples of
  30. God's Tool Chest 1 Corinthians Chapter 1
  31. God's Ways
  32. Good and Evil Adjacent, Often in Close Contact
  33. Heart the Centre of Life
  34. Heartlessness, Examples of
  35. Heavenly Citizenship
  36. The Holy Spirit, Office and Work of
  37. I Am's of Christ
  38. I Will's of Christ
  39. Ignorance of Self, Perils of
  40. The Inescapable Question Concerning Christ's Person
  41. Inner Circle of the Disciples
  42. The Insanity of Sin, Examples of
  43. The Inseparable Christ
  44. Inspiration of Example
  45. Inward Fire
  46. Joy, Heavenly, Causes of
  47. Judgment Forbidden
  48. Justice Unsparing, of God
  49. Lambs of the Fold
  50. Lessons of Life
  51. Let Us
  52. Life's Purpose
  53. Love Preeminent
  54. Love, the Test
  55. Meaning of the Risen Life
  56. Memory, Spiritual
  57. Messianic Hope
  58. One Thing
  59. Only Saviour, Jesus the
  60. Opportunity, Universal
  61. Outcasts Received by Christ
  62. Peter Empowered by the Holy Spirit
  63. Pilgrims, Characteristics of
  64. Power of Prayer
  65. Power Realized, Christ's Realized by Men
  66. Prisons Opened
  67. Privileges Misused
  68. Purposes Divine
  69. Reward Proportionate to Service Rendered
  70. Satan Limited in Power
  71. The Satanic "If" Which Challenged Christ's Divinity
  72. Satanic Invasion, Satan's Entrance into Human Hearts
  73. The Service Test
  74. Seven Morning Glories of John Chapter 14
  75. Shallowness
  76. Sin's Increment
  77. Soul Winner's Joy
  78. Spirit of Christ
  79. Spiritual Persuasion
  80. Telling Jesus
  81. Truth Misunderstood
  82. Unbelievers
  83. Universal Blessings, Possible
  84. Unrealized Power of Christ
  85. Unrealized Service on the part of Workers, Who did not Appreciate how much they were Doing
  86. Unworthiness Felt
  87. Verily, Verilys of Christ in Regard to the New Life
  88. Virgin Birth, the, of Christ
  89. Water of Life
Abiding in Christ
Spiritual Fruitfulness Jhn 15:5
Answered Prayer Jhn 15:7
Peace in the Storm Jhn 16:33
New Life 2Cr 5:17
Robe of Righteousness Phl 3:9
Abundant Salvation, For the Faithful
Become Radiant as Stars Dan 12:3
Receive a Royal Welcome in Heaven Mat 25:34
Afflictions add to the Final Glory 2Cr 4:17
Accorded a Triumphant Entrance into Heaven 2Pe 1:11
Given a Place near the Throne Rev 7:14, 15
Adaption of Truth, to the Weak
The Use of Parables Mar 4:33
Human Weakness Necessitates Jhn 16:12
Feeding the Lambs Jhn 21:15
Simple Truth for the Immature 1Cr 3:2
Paul's Example 1Cr 9:22
Some Unable to Receive Deeper Truths Hbr 5:12
Different Messages to Different Classes 1Jo 2:13
Believers Kept
Kept in the Father's Name Jhn 17:11
Kept in Safety Jhn 17:12
Kept in Joyfulness Jhn 17:13
Kept in Purity Jhn 17:15
Kept Separated from the World Jhn 17:16
Kept in Process of Sanctification Jhn 17:17
Kept in Active Service Jhn 17:18
Kept in Perfect Unity Jhn 17:20, 21
Kept for the Coming Glory Jhn 17:22-24
Bringing Men to Jesus
The Sick Mat 4:24; 8:16
The Insane Mat 9:32
Those whom the Church Fails to Help Mar 9:17-20
The Helpless Luk 5:18, 19
The Blind Luk 18:40
The Seekers Jhn 1:41, 42; 12:20-22
The Doubters Jhn 1:45, 46
The Sinful Jhn 8:3
The Sorrowing Jhn 11:28
Childhood, Marks of (Physical And Spiritual)
Dependence Num 11:12
Credulity Pro 14:15
Foolishness Pro 22:15
Love of Amusement Zec 8:5
Petty Complaints Mat 11:17
Need of Rulers Gal 4:2
Fickleness Eph 4:14
Ignorance Hbr 5:12
Weak Digestion Hbr 5:13
Christ, Conqueror of Death
Foretold by the Prophets Isa 25:8, Act 2:27
Defied Death to Hold Him Jhn 10:17, 18
Submitted to the Stroke of Death for our Sins 1Cr 15:4
Three Times He Entered the Realms of Death, and Rescued Victims Luk 7:14, 15; Jhn 11:43, 44
Demonstrated His Victory by His Own Resurrection Rom 1:4
Carries the Keys of the Grave in His Girdle Rev 1:18
Will Call all Men from Death's Domain Jhn 5:28, 29
Will Completely Destroy Death at Last 1Cr 15:25, 26
Christ Defamed
Accused of Keeping Bad Company Mat 9:11
Accused of Gluttony and Intemperance Mat 11:19
Accused of Blasphemy Mat 26:65
Accused of Insanity Mar 3:21
Accused of Being Possessed with Devils Jhn 7:20; 10:20
Accused of Breaking the Sabbath Jhn 9:16
Accused of Treason Jhn 19:12
Christ Precious
The Fairest Among Ten Thousand Sgs 5:10
A Jewel Beyond Compare Mat 13:46
The Only Saviour Act 4:12
The Only Foundation 1Cr 3:11
Paul's Estimate of Phl 3:8
Priceless to Believers 1Pe 2:7
Christianity, Characteristics of True
A New Birth Jhn 3:5
A Growth 2Pe 3:18
A New Dress Isa 61:10
A Radiant Life Mat 5:16
A Character Building Mat 7:24
A Fellowship Luk 24:32
A Sonship Jhn 1:12
An Education Jhn 8:31, 32
A Service 1Ti 6:18
A Sacrifice Rom 12:1
A Walk Col 2:6
A Warfare 1Ti 6:12
A Race Hbr 12:1
A Victory 1Jo 5:4
An Assurance of Immortality Jhn 17:3
Christ's Attitude toward Children
Gentle Isa 40:11
Promises a Reward for Kindness to Mat 10:42
Used a Child as an Example Mat 18:2
Declared that a Childlike Spirit is Absolutely Essential in Religion Mat 18:3, 4
Warned Against Despising Mat 18:10
Commands Reception of Mar 9:37
Said, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me" Mar 10:14
Observed the Children at Play Mat 11:16
Commanded that They Should be Fed Spiritual Food Jhn 21:15
Christ's Prayers in Great Crises
At His Baptism Luk 3:21
Before Calling the Twelve Apostles Luk 6:12
When the People Would Crown Him Jhn 6:15
At His Transfiguration Luk 9:29
His Farewell Prayer Jhn 17:1-26
Before the Agony of the Cross Mat 26:39
On the Cross, for His Enemies Luk 23:34
Church Similitudes
The Church Compared To:
1. A Building 1Cr 3:9
Christ the Builder Mat 16:18
Christ the Corner Stone Eph 2:19, 20
2. A Living Body 1Cr 12:27
Christ Being the Head Col 2:19
3. A Flock Luk 12:32
Christ Being the Shepherd Jhn 10:11
4. A Bride Rev 21:2
Christ Being the Bridegroom Jhn 3:29
5. A Casket of Jewels Mal 3:17
6. Branches of the Vine Jhn 15:2
7. A Temple 1Cr 3:16
Christ Being the High Priest Hbr 4:15
Cords of the Cross
What Was it that Held Christ to the Cross?  
It was not because he was friendless Mat 26:53
It was not human weakness Jhn 10:18
It Was the Cords of  
Our Sins,  
A Saviour's Love,  
Resignation to the Divine Will Mat 26:42
Loyalty to an Eternal Purpose  
Death the Great Reaper
All Journey to His Narrow House Job 30:23
Wise and Foolish Alike are Smitten by Him Psa 49:10
Resistance is in Vain Ecc 8:8
He Entered the World Through Sin Rom 5:12
Only Two Men in all History have Escaped His Scythe 2Ki 2:11; Hbr 11:5
Defender of the Weak, Christ the
Little Children Mat 19:13, 14
A Sinful Woman Luk 7:37-48
A Weak Woman Luk 13:10-16
A Sinful Woman Jhn 8:3-11
Mary of Bethany Jhn 12:3-8
The Frightened Disciples Jhn 18:8
Delayed Blessings Test Faith
A Delayed-  
Birth of a Son Gen 15:2-5
(Many years waiting) Gen 21:2
Sacrifice, Provided Gen 22:8-14
Victory (seven days marching) Jos 6:12-20
Messiah Gen 3:15; Luk 2:25-30
Healing Mat 15:22-28
Relief and Resurrection Jhn 11:6, 32, 43,44
Gift of the Spirit Luk 24:49
Deliverance Act 12:5-7
Escape Act 27:40-44
Delusions, Common
Thinking that Sin will give Fulness of Life Gen 3:5, 6
Trusting in Racial Connections for Salvation Mat 3:9
Using Vain Repetitions in Prayer Mat 6:7
Self-confidence Mat 26:33
Building on Sand Luk 6:49
Trusting in Riches Luk 12:19
Thinking the Deity is Represented by Idols Act 17:29
Thinking that there is Plenty of Time Act 24:25; Gal 6:3; 1Ti 6:5
Presuming upon Unchanging Conditions Jam 4:13, 14
Divinity Acknowledged, Christ's
By Peter Mat 16:16
By Demons Mar 5:7
By the Centurion Mar 15:39
By Nathanael Jhn 1:49
By the Samaritans Jhn 4:42
By Martha Jhn 11:27
By Thomas Jhn 20:28
Divinity Challenged
By Satan Mat 4:3, 6
By Scribes and Pharisees Luk 5:21
By the Jewish People Jhn 5:18; 8:53; 10:33
By the Scribes and Elders Luk 20:1, 2
On the Cross-by the Rabble Mat 27:39, 40
By the Rulers Luk 23:35
By the Soldiers Luk 23:36, 37
By one of the Thieves Luk 23:39
By the Chief Priests Mar 15:31, 32
Eagerness For the Truth, Examples of
A Jewish Ruler Mar 10:17
The Common People Mar 12:37
Attendants upon the Temple Luk 21:38
The Samaritans Jhn 4:40
Cornelius and His Family Act 10:33
The Gentiles at Antioch Act 13:42
The Bereans Act 17:11
Effort Demanded Before a Blessing Can Be Given
To Secure,  
Money for Taxes Mat 17:27
Healing of Withered Hand Mar 3:5
Great Draught of Fishes Luk 5:4
Healing of Palsy Luk 5:24
Healing of Leprosy Luk 17:14
Wine for Wedding Jhn 2:7
Water of Salvation Jhn 4:16
Ability to Walk Jhn 5:8
Eyesight Jhn 9:7
Raising of a Brother from the Dead Jhn 11:39
Family Cares, Causes of
Servant's Ills Mat 8:6
Children's Sickness Mat 15:22
Entertainment of Guests Luk 10:40
Hospitality Luk 11:5, 6
Responsibility for Husband or Wife Luk 14:20; 1Cr 7:33
Providing for the Family 1Ti 5:8
Fleeting Impressions
Made by the Message Eze 33:31
Seed in Shallow Hearts Mat 13:20, 21
Miracles soon Forgotten Mar 8:18, 19
The Truth Fails to Grip 2Ti 3:7
Hearers with a Short Memory Jam 1:24
Foreordained Plan of Salvation
First Recorded Promise concerning Gen 3:15
Announced by the Prophets Act 2:23
Based upon the Foreknowledge of God Rom 8:29
The Wisdom of 1Cr 2:7
An Unchanging Purpose 2Ti 1:9
Antecedent to Creation Tts 1:2
Provided for the Sanctification of Believers 1Pe 1:2
At the Beginning Centred in the Death of Christ Rev 13:8
Fuller Revelation
Gained by-  
Persevering Endeavour Hsa 6:3
Intimate Fellowship with Christ Mat 13:11
Abiding in Christ's Words Jhn 8:31, 32
Will Come in Due Time Jhn 13:7
Through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit Jhn 16:13
Promised to the Disciples Jhn 16:25
Gain Through Loss
Loss of Earthly Treasures Secures Spiritual Mat 19:21
Self-sacrifice a Paying Investment Mat 19:29
A Spiritual Paradox Mar 8:35
Humility Leads to Exaltation Mar 9:35
Life Comes out of Death Jhn 12:24
Paul Gave up All, and Won the Great Prize Phl 3:8
Gifts From God
Of Understanding Job 32:8
According to the Character of Men Ecc 2:26
Ability for Comforting Speech Isa 50:4
Diversity of Mat 25:15
To those who Ask Aright Luk 11:9
He the only Source of Jhn 3:27
Forbids Pride 1Cr 4:7
Include Wisdom Jam 1:5
Giving Sacrificial, Examples of
Israel, at the Erection of the Tabernacle Exd 36:5
The Widow of Zarephath 1Ki 17:13, 15
Mary of Bethany Mat 26:7
The Poor Widow Luk 21:4
Members of the Early Church Act 4:34
The Churches of Macedonia 2Cr 8:3, 4
God's Tool Chest 1 Corinthians Chapter 1
Foolish Things 1Cr 1:27-29
Weak Things 1Cr 1:27-29
Base Things 1Cr 1:28-29
Despised Things 1Cr 1:28-29
Non-existent Things 1Cr 1:28-29
God's Ways
Perfect Psa 18:30
Not Like Man's Isa 55:8, 9
Sinners Stumble at Hsa 14:9
Everlasting Hab 3:6
Inscrutable Rom 11:33
Just and True Rev 15:3
Good and Evil Adjacent, Often in Close Contact
In Society Mat 9:10
In the Field of Christian Work Mat 10:16
In the Church Mat 13:29
The Good in Contact with Evil as a Saving Influence Mat 5:13; Joh 17:15
There Will Come a Day of Separation Luk 17:34
Heart the Centre of Life
Hence Should Be Carefully Guarded Pro 4:23
Determines Character Pro 23:7; Mt 6:18
The Source of Evil Mat 15:18
Controls Speech Luk 6:45
Source of Faith Rom 10:10
Heartlessness, Examples of
Cain Gen 4:9
Disciples Mat 15:23
The Priest and Levite Luk 10:31, 32
The Unjust Judge Luk 18:4, 5
The People Who Rebuked the Blind Man Luk 18:39
The Spectators at the Cross Mat 27:42
Those Who Fail to Help the Poor Jam 2:16
Heavenly Citizenship
A Source of Real Joy Luk 10:20
Assures Future Exaltation Luk 22:30
Promises a Place of Permanent Residence Jhn 14:2
Furnishes an Undying Hope Phl 3:20
Provides a Glorious Inheritance 1Pe 1:4
A Register is Kept of the Names of the Citizens Rev 21:27
The Holy Spirit, Office and Work of
Note- Each verse given below contains either the number 6, 7 or 8. Hence this Bible Reading is called "The 6's, 7's and 8's of the Holy Spirit"
The Abiding Guest Jhn 14:16
The Teacher and Remembrancer Jhn 14:26
The Testifier Jhn 15:26
The Reprover Jhn 16:7, 8
The Guide, the Voice of God, the Prophet Jhn 16:13
The Glorifier of Jesus Jhn 16:14
The Exhibitor of Jesus Jhn 16:15
The Spiritual Dynamo Act 1:8
The Witness to Sonship Rom 8:16
The Helper in Prayer Rom 8:26
The Solicitor Rev 22:17
I Am's of Christ
The Messiah Jhn 4:26
The Bread of Life Jhn 6:35
From Above Jhn 8:23
The Eternal One Jhn 8:58
The Light of the World Jhn 9:5
The Door Jhn 10:7
The Son of God Jhn 10:36
The Resurrection and Life Jhn 11:25
The Lord and Master Jhn 13:13
The Way, Truth, and Life Jhn 14:6
The True Vine Jhn 15:1
Alpha and Omega Rev 1:8
The First and the Last Rev 1:17
I Will's of Christ
Not as "I will" Mat 26:39
"I Will," Be Thou Clean Luk 5:13
"I Will" Raise Him up at the Last Day Jhn 6:40
If I Be Lifted up, "I Will" Draw Jhn 12:32
"I Will" Come Again Jhn 14:3
"I Will" that They Be with Me Jhn 17:24
If "I Will" that He Tarry Jhn 21:22
Ignorance of Self, Perils of
It Misleads, Fetters and Deceives Men Isa 44:10
It Results in Unconscious Deterioration of Men Hsa 7:9
It Manifests Itself in Self-confidence Mar 10:39; Jhn 13:37
It Retains Sin in the Heart Jhn 9:41; Rom 7:18
It Alienates from God Eph 4:18
It is Associated with Self-righteousness Rev 3:17
The Inescapable Question Concerning Christ's Person
Diverse Opinions of Men Mat 16:13-15
Peter's Opinion Mat 16:16
Question of the Multitude Mat 21:10
The Pharisees' Opinion Sought Mat 22:41-43
Pilate's Dilemma Mat 27:22; Jhn 9:17
Inner Circle of the Disciples
At the Maid's Bedside Mar 5:37
At Gethsemane Mat 26:37
At the Transfiguration Mar 9:2
The Insanity of Sin, Examples of
The Sons of Men Ecc 9:3
Nebuchadnezzar Dan 4:33, 34
The Prodigal Son Luk 15:17
The Jews Act 7:54
The Rulers of Israel 1Cr 2:8
Balaam 2Pe 2:16
The Inseparable Christ
Believers Constantly-  
Accompanied by His Presence Mat 28:20
Held Close by His Hand Jhn 10:28
Like Branches in the Vine Jhn 15:4
In Perpetual Fellowship Jhn 17:23
No Power Can Dissever Rom 8:38, 39
Inspiration of Example
Moses Exd 14:13
Gideon Jdg 7:17
Jonathan 1Sa 14:6, 7
David 1Sa 17:50-52
Paul Act 27:35, 36
Christ Hbr 12:3
Inward Fire
Kindled by Meditation Psa 39:3
Makes the Message Inevitable Jer 20:9
Christ Came to Ignite Luk 12:49
Divine Fellowship Lights Luk 24:32
Joy, Heavenly, Causes of
  Psa 16:11
The Incarnation of Christ Luk 2:13, 14
The Return of the Penitent Sinner Luk 15:7
The Exaltation of the Lamb Rev 5:9, 10; 12:12
The Gathering Home of the Saints Rev 14:2, 3
The Triumph of Righteousness Rev 19:6
Judgment Forbidden
Christ's Command Mat 7:1, 2
Inexcusable Rom 2:1
Not Our Prerogative Rom 14:4
Judge Our Own Lives Rom 14:13
Because not Acquainted with all Facts 1Cr 4:5
It Is Assuming Too Much Jam 4:12
Justice Unsparing, of God
He Spared Not:
1. The Angels that Sinned 2Pe 2:4
2. The Old World (the Antediluvians) 2Pe 2:5
Sodom and Gomorrha 2Pe 2:6
The Egyptians Exd 12:29
The Canaanites Deu 7:23
The Amalekites 1Sa 15:18
3. The Natural Branches (the Jews) Rom 11:21
4. His Own Son Rom 8:32
Lambs of the Fold
Carried in Christ's Bosom Isa 40:11
Reward for Attention to Mat 10:42
Precious to the Heavenly Father Mat 18:14
To Be Nourished by the Ministry Jhn 21:15
Lessons of Life
Learned in the School of Affliction Psa 119:71
Practical, Every Day Isa 1:16, 17
The Great Teacher of Says Mat 11:29
All Lead to Christ Jhn 6:45
Truly learned, Purify the Soul Eph 4:20-23
Result in Perfect Contentment Phl 4:11; 1Ti 5:4
Let Us
Fear Hbr 4:1
Labour Hbr 4:11
Come Boldly Hbr 4:16
Go On Hbr 6:1
Draw Near Hbr 10:22
Hold Fast Hbr 10:23
Consider on Another Hbr 10:24
Life's Purpose
The Service of God Jos 24:15
Seeking God's Kingdom Mat 6:33
Doing the Father's Will Jhn 4:34
Finishing the Divine Task Jhn 17:4
Completing the Course Joyfully Act 20:24
Attaining Christlikeness Phl 3:13, 14
Love Preeminent
The Greatest Commandment Mar 12:30, 31
The Fulfilling of the Law Rom 13:10
Preeminent Above-  
The Gift of Tongues 1Cr 13:1
The Gift of Prophecy, Knowledge and Faith 1Cr 13:2
Benevolence and Martyrdom 1Cr 13:3
The Greatest Gift of All 1Cr 13:13
Love, the Test
Of True Discipleship Jhn 13:35
Of Genuine Service Jhn 21:16
Of Speech 1Cr 13:1
Demonstrates the Reality of the New Life 1Jo 3:14
Love to God Proven by Brotherly Love 1Jo 4:20
Meaning of the Risen Life
A New Inward Power Rom 8:11
Christlikeness 2Cr 4:10
Devotion to a New Master 2Cr 5:15
Heavenly Ambition Col 3:1
Heavenly Affections Col 3:2
Exaltation to Heavenly Places Eph 2:5, 6
Memory, Spiritual
Calls to Mind-  
Past Mercies Deu 32:7
The Wonderful Wworks of God Psa 77:11
The Lord as a Deliverer Jon 2:7
The Words of Christ Concerning Benevolence Act 20:35
The Death of Christ 1Cr 11:25, 26
All the Teachings of the Gospel 2Pe 3:2
Brings Joy in the Night Season Ps 63:5, 6
Is Quickened by the Holy Spirit Jhn 14:26
Messianic Hope
Examples of Mar 15:43
Simeon Luk 2:26
Anna Luk 2:38
The Jewish People Luk 3:15
John the Baptist Jhn 1:31
The Woman of Samaria Jhn 4:25
Abraham Jhn 8:56
The Twelve Tribes Act 26:7
One Thing
Desired Psa 27:4
Happens to all Ecc 3:19
Lacking Mar 10:21
Needful Luk 10:42
Known Jhn 9:25
To Do Phl 3:13
About Time 2Pe 3:8
Only Saviour, Jesus the
The Gift of Love Jhn 3:16
He Alone Has the Saving Message Jhn 6:68
Rejection of Him means Death Jhn 8:24
His is the Only Saving Name Act 4:12
His Sacrificial Death is the Central Theme of Preaching 1Cr 2:2
All Hope of Eternal Life is Built upon Him 1Cr 3:11
Opportunity, Universal
For the Sinful Mar 16:15
For Prayer Luk 11:10
Peter Discovered Act 10:34
Paul Declared Rom 10:12
The Spirit Invites All Rev 22:17
Outcasts Received by Christ
The Lepers Mat 8:3
The Publicans and Harlots Mat 21:31, Luk 7:29
The Sinful Women Luk 7:47, Jhn 8:11
Despised Sinners Luk 15:2
The Dying Thief Luk 23:43
The Excommunicated Blind Man Jhn 9:35
Peter Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Giving Him Wisdom to Instruct Penitent Sinners Act 2:14
Enduing Him with Boldness and Courage Act 4:13, 19,20
Making Him a Channel of Blessing to the Sick Act 5:15
Making His Prayer Effective in the Raising of Tabitha Act 9:40
Qualifying Him to Become a Medium of the "Spirit" to the Gentiles Act 10:44
Pilgrims, Characteristics of
  Hebrews 11:8-16
Obeyed the Call Hbr 11:8
Never Settled Down Hbr 11:9
Looked for an Eternal City Hbr 11:10
Had Telescopic Vision Hbr 11:13
Acknowledged Their Faith Hbr 11:13
Never Turned Back Hbr 11:15
Longed for a Better Land Hbr 11:16
Died in the Faith Hbr 11:13
Power of Prayer
Increased by Self-denial Mat 17:21
Dependent upon Faith Mat 21:22; Jhn 14:13
Unlimited to those who Abide in Christ Jhn 15:7
To Be Most Effective, Should be Accompanied by Praise Act 16:25, 26
Manifest in the Life of Elijah Jam 5:18
Examples of Jacob Gen 32:26-28
Elijah 1Ki 17:21, 22
The Dying Thief Luk 23:42
Early Disciples Act 4:31
Power Realized, Christ's Realized by Men
Ability to Heal Lepers Mat 8:2
Ability to Give Absent Healing Luk 7:7
Ability to Control Demons Luk 8:31, 32
Ability to Raise the Dead Jhn 11:22
Ability to Hold Fast to the Believer Rom 8:39
Ability to Keep Spiritual Treasures 2Ti 1:12
Ability to Save to the Uttermost Hbr 7:25
Prisons Opened
Joseph's Gen 41:14
The Apostles' Act 5:19
Peter's Act 12:10
Paul and Silas' Act 16:26
Privileges Misused
By the Gadarenes Mar 5:17
By the Nazarenes Mar 6:4, 5
By the People of Northern Galilee Luk 10:14
By the People of Jerusalem Luk 19:42
By Israel in Different Periods Jhn 15:22, Hbr 3:17
Purposes Divine
Irresistible Isa 14:27
Sure of Fulfilment Jer 51:29
Seen in His Choice of Instruments Act 26:16
Revealed in the Gospel Eph 1:9
Eternal in Christ Eph 3:11
Involves the Overthrow of Satan 1Jo 3:8
Reward Proportionate to Service Rendered
Great Soul-winners Radiant Dan 12:3
At the Coming of Christ Mat 16:27
Even in the Present Life Luk 18:30
In the Lord's Vineyard 1Cr 3:8
Reaping According to the Amount of Seed Sown 2Cr 9:6
Assigned by the Lord Rev 22:12
Satan Limited in Power
In the Affliction of the Saints Job 1:12
May be Overcome by Divine Grace Luk 10:19; Rom 16:20
A Limit to His Temptations 1Cr 10:13
Knows when He is Defeated Jam 4:7
His Time is Short Rev 12:12; 13:5
The Satanic "If" Which Challenged Christ's Divinity
1. At the Temptation  
"If thou be the Son of God, turn stones into bread" Mat 4:3
"If thou be the Son of God, leap from the top of the temple" Mat 4:6
2. At the Cross  
"If thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross"  
a. The Cry of the Rabble Mat 27:40
b. The Cry of the Soldiers Luk 23:37
c. The Cry of the Thief Luk 23:39
Satanic Invasion, Satan's Entrance into Human Hearts
Of Mary Magdalene Luk 8:2
Of the Man of Gadara Luk 8:30
Of the Backslider's Heart Luk 11:26
Of Judas Iscariot Luk 22:3
Of All Who Will Give Him Entrance 1Pe 5:8
The Service Test
It was Established in Israel Deu 10:12
King Saul was Condemned by It 1Sa 15:22
It Excludes Mere Professors of Religion from the Kingdom Mat 7:21
Christ Applies It in the Parable of the Good Samaritan Luk 10:37
It Reveals the Quality of Love Jhn 21:17
It Will be Applied in Determining Man's Final Destiny Mat 25:35, 36
Seven Morning Glories of John Chapter 14
1. Future Home Jhn 14:2
2. Reunion Jhn 14:3
3. Achievements Jhn 14:12
4. Resources Jhn 14:13
5. Companionship Jhn 14:16
6. Legacy Jhn 14:27
7. Joy Jhn 14:28
No Deep Affection Eze 33:31
Of Sentimental Hearing Eze 33:32
No Deep Roots Mar 4:16, 17
No Deep Foundation Luk 6:49
Inability to Receive the Deeper Message Jhn 6:66
No Deep Convictions Eph 4:14
Sin's Increment
Seen in the History of Israel Jer 5:28; Ezr 9:6
Illustrated in the Life of Backsliders Mat 12:45; 2Pe 2:20
Shown by Increasing Insensitiveness of the Spiritual Faculties Mat 13:15
The Steps in Peter's Fall Illustrate Mat 26:74
Will Become More Evident in the Last Days 2Ti 3:13
Soul Winner's Joy
Essential to Success in Christian Work Psa 51:12, 13
Comes from Bringing in the Sheaves Psa 126:6
From Finding the Lost Sheep Luk 15:6, 7
The Sower and the Reaper Rejoice Rogether Jhn 4:36
Thrills the Church Act 15:3; Phl 2:16
Souls Won Are a Crown of Rejoicing 1Th 2:19, 20
It Sustained Christ in His Suffering upon the Cross Hbr 12:2
Spirit of Christ
Divine Isa 11:2
Wise Isa 11:3
Just and Fearless Isa 11:4
Faithful Isa 11:5
Tender Isa 40:11
Quiet Isa 42:2
Gentle Isa 42:3
Persevering Isa 42:4
Liberating Isa 61:1
Saving Isa 63:1
Compassionate Mat 9:36
Meek and Lowly Mat 11:29
Longsuffering Luk 9:55, 56
Forgiving Luk 23:34
Zealous Act 10:38
Burden-bearing Gal 6:2
Loving Eph 5:2
Spiritual Persuasion
Of the Divine Ability Rom 4:21
Of the Inseparable Love of God Rom 8:38, 39
Of the Divine Keeping Power 2Ti 1:12
Of the Certainty of the Divine Promises Hbr 11:13
Telling Jesus
Our Perils Mat 8:25
- Questions Mat 24:3
- Sicknesses Mar 1:30
- Difficulties Mar 6:35, 36
- Needs Mar 10:51
- Failures Mar 9:28; Luk 5:5
- Family troubles Luk 9:38
- Victories Luk 10:17
- Disappointments Luk 24:18
- Bereavements Jhn 11:21
Truth Misunderstood
Christ's Bodily Temple Confused with the Earthly Temple Jhn 2:20
The New Birth Confused with the Physical Birth Jhn 3:4
The Water of Life Confused with Physical Water Jhn 4:15
Spiritual Nourishment Confused with Food Jhn 4:33
Absorbing Christ's Spirit Confused with Eating His Body and Drinking His Blood Jhn 6:52
Christ's Departure Confused with Suicide Jhn 8:22
Spiritual Bondage Confused with Physical Slavery Jhn 8:33; 11:12
Their Lifetime Spent in Vanity Psa 78:32, 33
Already Condemned Jhn 3:18
Die in their Sins Jhn 8:24
Shall be Judged by God's Word in the Last Day Jhn 12:48
Are Blinded by the God of this World 2Cr 4:4
Will be Classed with Outbreaking Sinners in Eternity Rev 21:8
Universal Blessings, Possible
Eternal Life - "If any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever" Jhn 6:51
Spiritual Knowledge - "If any man will do his will,he shall know of the doctrine" Jhn 7:17
Salvation - "By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved" Jhn 10:9
Wisdom - "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" Jam 1:5
Divine Fellowship - "If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him" Rev 3:20
Unrealized Power of Christ
To Still the Tempest Mat 8:27
To Forgive Sins Mar 2:7
To Heal the Sick Mar 2:12
To Provide for the Multitude Mar 8:4
To Cast Out Demons Mar 9:22
To Control the Forces of Nature Mar 11:21
To Come Down from the Cross Mar 15:31
To Raise the Dead Jhn 11:37
To Conquer Death Jhn 20:25
Unrealized Service on the part of Workers, Who did not Appreciate how much they were Doing
Of the Righteous Mat 25:38
Of Mary Mat 26:12
Of the Poor Widow Mar 12:44
Of Andrew in Bringing Peter to Jesus Jhn 1:42
Of Barnabas in Going after Paul Act 11:25, 26
Unworthiness Felt
By John the Baptist Mat 3:11
By the Centurion Mat 8:8
By the Righteous Mat 25:37
By Peter Luk 5:8; Jhn 13:8
By Paul 1Cr 15:9
Verily, Verilys of Christ in Regard to the New Life
The Necessity of Jhn 3:3
How to Obtain Jhn 5:24
How to Keep Jhn 6:53
How to Spend Jhn 12:24
How to Act it Out Jhn 14:12
Virgin Birth, the, of Christ
a. Christ Not the Son of Joseph Isa 7:14; Mat 1:18, 25; Luk 1:34, 35
b. The Only Begotten Son of God Jhn 1:14; 3:16; 1Jo 4:9
Water of Life
The Brook for the Pilgrim (intermittent in its flow) Psa 110:7
The Well (local in its refreshment) Isa 12:3
The Inward Well (of spiritual experience) Jhn 4:14
The Inward Well becomes a Flowing River of Blessing (after the baptism of the Holy Spirit) Jhn 7:38, 39
The River Gives Life Wherever it Flows Eze 47:9
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