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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for 2 Chronicles 7:13,14

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Intro: Our nation is obviously sick. Democratic convention; racial strife; riots; rising crime rates; extensive drug use; loosening of moral standards; all are symptoms. Where were the peace marchers when Czechoslovakia was invaded? When the strongest nation in the world cannot pay its debts?
A. Solomon's prayer of dedication.
1. Recognized sin as source of national sickness.
2. Righteousness exhalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.
3. "Lest sin should be your ruin."
B. The sin of forgetfulness - forget God.
1. Easy to forget what made us strong.
a. At turn of century 90% of public education Bible related.
b. Today it is a crime to read Bible in public classroom, or to pray to God...but not a crime to blaspheme God.
2. Easy to forget secret of strength.
a. Not in armies and navies.
b. Not in production capacities. (Both are history's testimony.)
c. God is our refuge and our strength.
C. The sin of neglect.
1. Neglect to worship Him.
2. Neglect to call upon Him.
3. Neglect to serve Him.
D. Sin of rejection.
1. A step beyond neglect.
2. At this point another god enthroned = the national god of pleasure, materialism, and intellectualism.
A. It is not the electing of a new president.
B. It does entail a return to God - 7:14.
C. Who? "My people, called by my name."
1. We are called "Christians."
2. Revival is not a term for world, only church.
D. What?
1. "Humble themselves."
a. Admit we're not so smart as to eliminate God.
b. Admit we're not so strong.
2. "And pray."
a. This is the acknowledgment of our need of help.
b. It's too big for me, I need help.
3. "And seek my face."
a. Seek His plan - His- approval.
4. "Turn from wicked ways."
a. Forgetfulness.
b. Neglect.
c. Rejection.
E. Result: then, not before, God.
a. Will hear.
b. Will forgive.
c. Will heal.
F. And what if they don't? The illness is fatal and the patient will die.
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