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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Deuteronomy 8:11-20

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A. We are sometimes prone to ignore God's warnings.
1. We feel they don't apply to us.
2. God never warns us needlessly.
3. The place where we will fail is the place we were warned about.
B. The peril was not where they expected it.
1. Not in the conquering of the land.
a. This is the aspect they had feared.
1. The high-walled cities.
2. The giants that dwelled in the land.
b. They knew that they could not conquer this land without the help of God.
1. Thus, their own acknowledged weakness was their place of strength.
2. "When I am weak then I am strong. God's strength is perfected in my weakness."
3. "I will glory in my weakness that the power of Christ might be revealed in me."
2. Not in the development of the land.
a. They may have feared invasion by some of the great nations while they were still in the developmental state.
C. The peril would come with prosperity.
1. "When you have eaten and are full."
2. Living in beautiful homes.
3. Large herds and flocks.
4. Comfortable bank account.
A. Forgetting God.
1. We are forced to trust in God, when we have nothing else to trust in.
2. It is so easy to transfer our trust from God to our bank account or retirement plan.
a. That's why more poor people serve the Lord than rich.
b. How hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom of heaven.
c. "Not many rich" some but not many.
B. Misplaced credit, "My power, my might has gotten me this wealth."
1. I am soon conducting success seminars.
2. Taking bows for God.
3. Accepting the glory that belongs to Him.
C. Walking after other gods.
A. We have conquered and developed the land and we are one of the richest lands in the world.
1. We teach our children to bow their knees to:
a. Democratic form of government.
b. The free enterprise system.
2. We have forgotten God, and that it was God who made us great.
a. Constitutional rights are being made a mockery by our courts.
1. Right to engage in any kind of perverted activity you might consent to.
2. Right to use filthy language.
3. No right to worship God or pray in public buildings.
4. Right to have gay clubs and witchcraft classes in public schools.
5. No right to have Bible club.
B. God's testimony against them: "You shall surely perish."
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