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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Genesis 15:1

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A. Four kings from Babylon and Persia invaded the land plundering many cities including Sodom.
1. Lot was taken captive.
2. An escapee came to Abram to inform.
B. Abraham armed 318 servants.
1. They pursued the plundering armies.
2. They caught up with them near Dan.
3. Pursued them as far as Damascus.
C. As Abraham returned with Lot and great spoil.
1. King of Salem came out to meet him.
2. This marvelous person of mystical origin.
a. He gave Abram bread and wine.
b. Abram gave him a tenth.
D. King of Sodom then met Abram offered to him all the loot he had taken.
1. Abraham refused reward.
A. First mention of "Word of the Lord."
1. First mention of visions.
2. First mention of shields and rewards.
3. First I AM of scripture.
B. "Word of the Lord" could be a reference to Jesus.
1. In the beginning was the Word.
2. "Abraham rejoiced to see My day and saw it."
A. "Fear not."
1. This implies he was afraid.
2. Perhaps two things troubled him.
a. Kings of North and East regroup and return for revenge.
b. Maybe it was a mistake to give away that vast fortune.
1. A form of self remorse.
B. "I AM" the shield.
1. The Lord promised to be his defense.
2. He had heard the sound of clanging shields in battle.
a. The horror of war still fresh in his mind.
b. His own shield fended off the sword of the enemy.
3. I am thy shield.
a. No enemy can touch you.
b. What security and comfort.
C. "I AM" thy exceeding great reward.
1. Abraham had just refused a reward from King of Sodom.
2. Abraham had just observed the rapid change of fortunes.
a. The wealth of Sodom and Lot gone.
b. The fortunes of many cities carried away.
c. These kings as they returned home very wealthy.
d. Suddenly their wealth gone.
e. Little security in worldly riches.
f. My vast wealth not secure.
g. "Lay not up for yourselves treasures..."
3. If the Lord is your reward it can never be taken from you.
4. You have an ever-continuing supply.
a. "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall..."
5. Some might say Abraham was a fool.
The King of Sodom went on to destruction.
Abraham went on to eternal glory, still enjoying his exceeding great reward.
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