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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Hebrews 3:7, 8

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Intro: To whom written. The danger facing them. The danger of procrastination recognized in natural realm. "No time like the present. Don't put off till tomorrow." The call of Christ to men - so many lack just one thing, a full surrender to Him.
A. Human responsibility begins when you hear His voice.
1. Some may see a loophole here and say I have never heard His voice.
a. It may never come with the articulation of human utterance.
b. The voice may seem to be of your own mind.
c. "Work out your own salvation - for it is God that worketh in you."
d. God's final voice to you will never come through human lips.
e. How do I know if it is God's voice or not?
1. The content of the message spoken.
2. Call to a higher life? Submission? Folly of trying to satisfy your life with things of dust.
2. Never heard God's voice? Think again.
a. Ever felt inner rebuke when you did wrong?
b. Ever feel the lovliness of Jesus Christ?
c. Ever desire freedom from some wrong habit or desire?
B. The freedom of my will, "Today if ye shall hear His voice, harden not your hearts."
1. We can harden them, if we want.
2. We can see the light and choose darkness.
3. When God speaks, I am free to obey or disobey.
A. The sense of the immediate - the danger of procrastination.
1. One hears the call and intends to answer, postpones till some more convenient time.
a. I believe that this one thing has caused more people to miss the highest and descend to the lowest than in any other way.
b. Not antagonism of God, but admiration and postponement of decision.
B. The perils of procrastination.
1. To refuse to obey is to soon lose the sense of urgency.
2. To fail to walk in the light is to soon lose the admiration for the light.
3. To just linger in the gleam will cause it to fade, and finally we will think it was just our imagination.
a. Thousands of case histories attest to this fact.
b. Men who were once close - saw ideal, felt drawn, hardened.
A. Suggested in the one word "Today."
1. No music in that word?
2. The world's dark night is fast approaching, but it is still today.
3. Today suggests immediate possibility and warns of consequent peril.
B. The voice of Christ is speaking to men.
1. Not speculative.
2. Not a philosophy.
3. Authoritatively.
a. It calls you too high life and promises you all the powers to attain.
b. It calls you to sacrifice and promises full compensation.
Do not listen for His voice through my lips. He speaks when I have ceased. I have given you His truth, He will make those truths grip your heart. That voice tells you to forsake your evil to come to the higher life. It commands you to the cross and to Jesus Christ. To delay is to blaspheme, only one reasonable time for action, "Today."
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