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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Job 14:14

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Intro: Part of Job's answer to Zophar leaves man and appeals to God. Parenthetical. If he could believe this he could bear up.
A. A suggestion cast forth and immediately swallowed up in gloom.
1. Job's philosophy vs. 1,2,7.
2. Man lives and knows only the physical plane.
a. People today engaged in materialism hardly even ask this question.
b. Living as though this life is all.
B. Job stripped of everything looked beyond.
1. Many times God strips us to cause us to look beyond.
C. Job's real question.
1. Not if a dead man comes back to life again.
2. Not the possibility of returning to this life.
3. The continuity of life beyond death "Is this all there is?" Is the grave the end?
D. The question itself is the revelation of the consciousness of the need for more time & space for the full realization of life.
E. Man does not want to die for he realizes he needs more time for realization of life.
1. Scholar.
F. Are there other dimensions, more time & space.
1. No answer in Job.
2. The full answer must wait for Christ.
II. THE ANSWER OF JESUS "I am the resurrection."
A. Circumstances of the answer.
B. "He that believeth on me."
1. Language of God.
2. He who lives a life of fellowship with God never dies.
C. Will we recognize our loved ones in heaven.
D. Is there life after death-yes.
1. More time & space.
2. This life should be predicated upon that fact.
3. Consideration of all God's dealings in ratio to life beyond.
a. Untimely death.
b. Afflictions present sufferings.
E. Dwight Moody.
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