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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Mark 15:42-47

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Intro: Man's fell crime complete. Chief priest satisfied, competition destroyed. They had engineered His death, He had been placed in the tomb and a stone sealed the door.
A. A dead concept of God.
1. The purpose of Jesus' mission was to reveal the Father.
2. Philip - "Show us the Father."
a. "He that hath seen Me, hath seen the Father."
b. Every man reveals his God by what he is.
1. Every man has a god.
2. If you have seen me, you have seen my God.
3. What did Christ reveal of God?
a. God loving and compassionate.
b. "We beheld His glory, Full of Grace and Truth."
c. Mercy - peace.
This concept of God is now dead, they crucified Christ, buried Him in a tomb and rolled a stone against it (what lay behind the stone?).
B. An ideal of humanity.
1. Study history of man, prone to despair -no hope. Cruel - evil - vile - wicked.
2. Christ not only revealed God but He revealed man as God had intended.
3. Looking at Christ we see hope for humanity.
Man rejected this ideal, they nailed Him to the tree until dead and placed the body in the tomb and rolled a stone against it.
C. Dead passion to redeem.
1. "The Son of Man is come to seek, to save."
a. New to philosophy -
1). It was seeking to create something new.
2). Here is one that would take the old and make it new. Take the bad and make it good. Take the false and make it true. Take the defaced and make it beautiful.
3). Hope for fallen humanity.
Man rejected this salvation - they crucified the Savior - What lay behind the stone?
D. A dead religion - Religion must have foundation, structure and finality. gospel.
1. Founded-on faith, built in love, climaxing in hope of eternal life.
Man refused this religion, put to death its Founder.
A. His concept of God denied.
1. There is no love - no grace - no mercy.
B. His ideal of humanity rejected.
1. No hope for fallen man.
C. Passion to redeem gone.
1. Man beyond redemption.
D. Religion was dead.
1. Foundation destroyed - structure denied.
Joseph asked for body (sona. Pilot gave him corpse
(toma. - Sona=live body sound Toma=ruin.
Is this the end? Is God dead? Mark 16.
A. Concept of God alive - stronger than death.
B. Desire to redeem realized.
C. Christian religion established. Faith - Love - Hope.
"Why was the stone rolled back?"
Is the stone still over the door?
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