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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Mark 15:46

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A. A dead concept of God.
1. "Show us the Father and it will satisfy us." "He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father."
a. We reflect our God by what we are.
b. Every man worships a God even if he denies our God.
c. He who sees you sees your God.
2. Christ brought this concept of God.
a. Grace and truth.
b. Mercy and justice.
c. Peace and righteousness.
3. His concepts were rejected and now lay dead and a stone was rolled against the door of the tomb.
B. A dead passion to save the lost.
1. This is the story of His life "For the Son...:"
2. Who is lost?
3. Salvation of lost something new.
a. Absent in Hebrew religion.
b. Idea ridiculed by philosophy of Greeks.
4. There had been men of high ideals before Christ.
a. Desired to create beauty (inspired all art).
b. Desired to know truth (inspired philosophy).
c. Desired to preserve good (basis for all government).
5. But to take a life that was defaced and make a thing of beauty.
a. To touch false and make it true.
b. To take the bad and make it good.
c. This was a new idea.
This was the passion of Jesus, but men rejected this new idea and it now lies dead and a stone is rolled.
C. A dead religion.
1. That led men to have faith in God - a God of love.
2. Purpose of this religion to be fulfilled in love to God and fellow man.
3. But the men who He loved and sought to save crucified Him and this religion lies dead and a stone is rolled against the door of the tomb.
A. His concept of God denied.
1. In His crucifixion no grace or truth, no peace or righteousness, no justice or mercy.
2. Man rejected God by His own choice.
B. His passion to save is rejected.
1. Philosophy rights now not worth saving -impossible, reject it.
2. They are right. Salvation is impossible outside of Christ and now He is dead and in the tomb.
If this were the end all hope for man is dead.
A. What this fact indicates.
1. His concept of God is right.
2. His passion to save is justified.
3. His religion is truth.
B. This is central fact of Christianity.
1. Without it Christianity is doomed.
C. A fact that can only be explained by revelation.
1. "God raised Him from the dead."
2. Whether you believe revelation depends on your concept of God.
D. A fact that can only be proved by faith in your heart.
1. "Believe in thy heart that God raised Him."
2. No man knows that Christ arose except those who trust.
E. A fact that can be denied only by ignorance.
1. Word comes from Latin ignoramus - one who does not know.
2. Greek equivalent agnosticism.
3. No truly intelligent person can find a resting place in ignorance.
F. A fact that transfigures the Cross.
1. Before the empty tomb, fear of cross, "For be that from thee Lord" unthinkable. They saw it from one side and right as far as they saw.
2. After resurrection.
a. Cross a thing of Glory.
b. Cross reveals the Love of God.
c. Gladly is the Cross taken.
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