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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Mark 3:1-5

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Intro: The enemies of Christ often would unconsciously compliment. Christ entered into the synagogue on the Sabbath day. There was a man there with a withered hand so they began to watch Christ. Why? They knew He would be more interested in the needy man than the rest of the crowd. They in their thinking linked Him with need. You may be sitting here today with some paralyzing habit gripping your life, Jesus is also here and He is more interested in you and your need than of the others who have no need.
A. Via imagination let us go back in time and across in space to this synagogue.
1. We are in the synagogue watching.
2. There is a man whose hand is withered.
3. Someone tells him to step forth, you must not look at Him yet.
4. He commands this man to stretch forth his hand.
a. My feelings - a little angered What do you mean? Can't you see? Mocking a man's disability before the crowd? Don't you think if he could he would have a long time ago?
b. Reverse the film a moment - we are in a synagogue, you are man with withered hand.
1. He would not command the impossible.
2. I cannot do it, but I will because He told me to.
3. The minute you said "I will" to the command of Christ you feel a strange sensation, life begins to pulse in your hand.
B. The lessons to be learned.
1. When Jesus begins to deal with a man His method is to go right to that area of failure.
a. He does not stop to admire the good hand.
b. He brings you face to face with your paralysis that thing that has mastered you for so long.
1. Have you been mastered by some evil habit?
2. Has some ungodly passion gripped your life? Jesus says abandon it.
A. The man had a deep conviction that his hand was withered.
1. If you are not conscious of your need no help.
2. You must first feel your own helplessness before you will come to Christ.
3. You say one power paralyzed? You say one habit?
B. Looking into the face of Jesus he knew somehow. He was not seeking to just mock Him.
1. Do you think "I've tried so many times before."
C. By faith he attempted the thing commanded.
1. The moment he did he came into contact with the infinite resources of Christ.
2. Through faith he did the impossible.
A. The moment you submit in obedience to the commands of Christ His infinite resources come into your life. He changes your weakness to power. He changes your uselessness to usefulness. He changes your disability to abilities.
B. He does not call us to imitate a life but He communicates to us life.
C. Is there anything else in the story?
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