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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Matthew 5:21

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Description of Christian (Beatitudes).
Function and purpose.
Relationships to the Law.
He proceeds to give true meaning of law as opposed to tradition. "Ye have heard how it was said:' "But I say."
How the people were taught the law by scribes and Pharisees. How Catholics taught scripture (Latin).
"But I say unto you." I am the one who gave it to Moses.
Christ did not come to give a new law or code of ethics.
We need to note principles. People become too engrossed in examples and forget principle.
We like to have a set of rules and regulations. Principle same in all six examples.
1. It is the spirit of the law not the letter that is important. Not that "I should not kill" but my attitude should be one of love. If we rely on letter, we will misunderstand - Quakers and oath.
2. Conformity to law must not be considered in terms of actions only. God is just as concerned as to what leads to the action as He is the action itself. Pharisees interested in act of adultery, act of murder. The desire of the heart.
3. Law must not be thought of in pure negative manner. Not intended just to keep us from doing certain wrongs. To lead us to positive actions of righteousness. Some thinks as long as I don't smoke and drink and go to shows, I am O.K. It doesn't seem to matter if you are jealous, envious or spiteful.
4. Purpose of law not to keep us in state of obedience to oppressive rules. Promote freedom of development of spiritual character.
5. Laws and rules never end in themselves.
1. What is my relationship to God? Am I pleasing Him?
2. Has God been supreme in my life today? Have I lived to the glory and honor of God? Do I know Him better? Has there been anything in me today unlike Christ? Thoughts, imaginations, desires, impulses?
3. Examine yourself in light of living person.
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