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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for Zechariah 10:9-12

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Intro: As we discuss these prophecies it might at times appear that we are pro-Israel and anti-Arab. Not so. I am pro-Jesus and anti-devil. The prophets who thundered God's impending judgments against Israel were not anti-Israel; many times they wept as they declared the impending doom. I feel that our nation is in a real crisis and facing the judgment of God, I am not anti-American. In Christ no Jew or Arab or American, we are one new creature.
A. God had promised this land to Abraham and his descendants.
1. All Abraham ever owned was a burial cave in Hebron.
2. Yet he dwelled in the land much as do the Bedouins today.
B. God repeated the promise to Jacob.
1. Yet Jacob with his family moved to Egypt.
C. After 40 years God raised up Moses to deliver them from Egypt and raised up Joshua to bring them into the land.
1. God promised them as much as they would claim.
2. "Every place you put your foot, I have given you for a possession."
D. 400 years through David they finally possessed Jerusalem.
E. Their tenure in the land was always conditional.
F. When they rejected the Messiah they were rejected by God and dispersed, throughout the world to become hated, persecuted, and cursed.
G. Yet God promised to revive them after 2,000 years and bring them back into the land.
H. For these prophesies in Zech. to be fulfilled.
1. Israel would have to be back in the land.
2. She would be in possession of Jerusalem.
3. Syria and Egypt would have to remain as nations and in a related effort opposing Israel.
4. The result of this opposition will be:
a. Syria will be brought down.
b. Egypt's government will collapse.
1. He promised to cut in pieces the nations that would attack her.
2. "Though all the people of the earth be gathered together against her."
a. Interesting that internationally the sympathy and support is with the Arabs.
b. When Gromeko recently in the U.N. called Israel a nation of bandits and cut-throats, he received a standing ovation from the General Assembly.
A. They will have the blindness removed and recognize God once again.
B. Then God will again send the Messiah "They shall look on Him who they pierced."
C. How close are we?
1. Only God knows sheer folly to set days or hours.
2. "But when these things begin to come to pass, look up."
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