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The Blue Letter Bible

Chuck Smith :: Study Guide for 1 Peter

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v. 1 Peter's epistles weren't written to a specific church, but to the Jewish believers in general.

"Strangers" refers to the Jews who had been scattered abroad by the Diaspora.

Paul was considered the apostle to the Gentiles. Peter was the apostle to the Jews.

v. 2 Romans 8:29. "Sanctification" means "set apart for a sacred purpose or religious use."

v. 3 The phrase "begotten us again" means "born again". "Lively" means "living". John 14:19.

v. 4 Matthew 6:19-20.

v. 5 God's power keeps us from straying from Him.

v. 6-7 2 Timothy 3:12.

The testings God allows in our lives aren't to destroy us, but to prove our worth. The testings are important to our Christian development.

v. 8 Even though we've never seen Jesus, we love Him and rejoice in our belief in Him.

"Unspeakable" means "indescribable".

v. 10-12 The prophets didn't understand the diverse prophecies that were given to them concerning the Messiah.

God's grace and His plan of redemption are beyond the comprehension of the angels, too.

v. 17 "Fear" is "awe" or "reverence." We should be in awe of our glorious God!

v. 18-19 "Vain conversation" refers to an empty manner of living. The traditions of man can be bondage.

We were redeemed as though purchased in a slave market by Christ. He didn't pay for us with gold or silver, but with His own blood.

A "spot" is an inherited, congenital defect. A "blemish" is an acquired defect.

v. 20 The plan of redemption existed before the foundation of the world was laid.

v. 22 "Unfeigned" love is love without hypocrisy.

v. 23 John 1:12-13.

"Being" also means "having been."


v. 1 "Guile" is covering one's true feelings.

v. 2 To grow up spiritually we must be fed the Word of God.

v. 5 Hebrews 13:15.

v. 6-8 Jesus is the cornerstone on which our faith is built.

v. 9 The world thinks Christians are peculiar, because we praise and love Jesus Christ and spend hours at Bible studies instead of doing worldly "fun things."

v. 11 We're not a part of this world anymore. We're pilgrims longing for a new land.

v. 21-23 Christ is our example of the way we should respond when persecuted.

v. 24 Isaiah 53:4-7.


v. 1-2 "Conversation" means "behavior."

v. 3-4 True beauty is in the heart, not in the outward appearance.

v. 7 Nothing will hinder our prayer life more than problems in our marriage relationship.

v. 10-12 These are the rules for a long and happy life:

(1 ) Keep the tongue from speaking evil.

(2) Keep the lips from speaking deceitfully.

(3) Avoid evil.

(4) Do good.

(5) Seek peace.

God's eyes are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers.

v. 15 "Sanctify" is "consecrate." "Fear" means "reverence."

We should be conducting ourselves so that people in the world are compelled to ask what makes us different. When they ask, we should be ready with a sound and reasonable answer.

v. 18 "Quickened" means "made alive."

v. 19 Christ descended to hades after His death on the cross. He preached to

the souls there until His resurrection (Isaiah 61:1; Acts 2:22-36; Ephesians 4:8-10; Hebrews 11:39-40).

v. 20-21 The true baptism is in the heart. Unless we've allowed the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts, baptism is a meaningless ritual.

v. 22 There are rankings of angels in authority, power, principalities, and might.


v. 1-4 People speak evil of Christians, because we don't follow the same empty pursuits as the world.

v. 8 "Charity" means "love."

v. 11 We should minister so that the glory goes to Jesus Christ, not to ourselves.

v. 12-13 As soon as a trial comes, we begin to question why we have to suffer. Instead, we should rejoice-not at the trial, but because we're partakers in Christ's suffering and will also share in His glory.

v. 14 Matthew 5:10-12.

v. 18 We often forget that it's a miracle that God chose to give the gift of salvation to sinful mankind.

v. 19 1 Peter 2:23


v. 1-2 This commission to the elders is the same one Jesus gave to Peter: "Feed the flock of God" (John 21:15-17). Feeding builds a strong flock. A ministry with a strong emphasis on money should raise questions about the motivations of the minister.

v. 3 Ministers are to be examples to the people, not "lords" over them.

v. 7 God wants us to give all our burdens to Him.

v. 8-9 The Bible never tells us to yield to Satan or to give up, but to resist him in the faith (James 4:7).

v. 14 The love ("charity") Peter speaks of is spiritual love (agape).

Used With Permission

© The Word For Today. We thank Chuck Smith, The Word For Today and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for their permission to utilize this work.

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