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Don Stewart :: What Conclusions Can We Make about the Nature of the Bible?

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What Conclusions Can We Make about the Nature of the Bible?

Ten Reasons to Trust the Bible – Question 1

The Bible is the most unique book that has ever been written. There are at least ten specific ways in which it is different from all other writings.

The Bible is different from all other books. In fact, there are at least ten specific ways in which it is special. They are as follows:

1. The Bible Presents an Intelligent Faith

The Bible is not merely a history book to be studied for its teachings or admired for its wisdom. In the twenty-first century, educated men and women can still investigate the Bible in detail and believe in its message without compromising their intellectual integrity.

2. The Bible Has a Unique Design

The Bible contains 66 books which were written over a period of 1,500 years by 40 different authors from different educational backgrounds, in different languages, on different continents and concerning many different subjects. Yet, it remains a unity—one unfolding story from beginning to end. The reason for this marvelous unity, this unique design, is that the ultimate Author behind the books of the Bible is God the Holy Spirit.

3. The Bible’s Survival Is Miraculous

The Bible has survived intact throughout history. The text of the Bible, in both testaments, has been transmitted in an accurate manner so that we can be certain that it reads the same today as when originally written. In addition, the Bible has also survived the many attempts of people to destroy it. Indeed, it has survived time, persecution and criticism.

4. The Bible’s Historical Precision Is Amazing

The Bible chronicles God’s work in history. Although composed from 2,000 to 4,000 years ago, the Bible demonstrates itself to be historically accurate as to the people, places and events it records. Thus, it gives us every reason to trust its message.

5. The Bible Speaks Accurately in Matters of Science

When dealing with areas pertaining to science, the Bible is accurate and restrained. This is in direct contrast to other ancient works that have fanciful ideas about the nature of the universe. A correct interpretation of the facts of science and the teaching of Scripture will find that the two are not in conflict.

6. The Bible Accurately Predicts the Future

Contained within the pages of Scripture are hundreds of predictions about the future; predictions which have been fulfilled! No other book, ancient or modern, has anything like this. Predictive prophecy demonstrates that God exists and that He is controlling history.

7. The Bible Honestly Portrays Its Characters

The Scriptures deal honestly with the sins of its characters. There is no attempt to whitewash their faults. This is also in contrast to most other ancient works that attempt to place their characters in the best possible light. However, although the characters of Scripture are shown to be sinful human beings, Jesus is different. His enemies, as well as His friends, testified that the main character of the Bible, Jesus Christ, is without sin.

8. The Teachings of the Bible Are Unique

The teachings of Scripture are unique. The pagan and superstitious beliefs of the nations around them have not influenced the Scriptures. These unique teachings include the belief in only one God, that this one God is a personal God and the Bible gives a genuine hope for life beyond the grave. These teachings are unique to the Bible.

9. The Main Character, Jesus Christ, Is like No One Else

Jesus, the main character of Scripture, is different from any religious leader who ever has lived. An investigation of His life and deeds will show Him to be whom He claimed—the Son of God. Indeed, nobody has ever said the sort of things which Jesus said or did the type of deeds which Jesus did.

10. The Message of Scripture Still Changes Lives

For the last 2,000 years, the message of the Bible has been transforming the lives of countless millions. The good news is that the message of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ is still changing lives today. The reason for these changed lives is the fact that the message of Scripture is true.

To sum up, the claims of a book with the remarkable credentials of the Bible deserve serious consideration. Any sincere seeker after truth should look into this book for answers to the ultimate questions of life.

The Authority of Jesus Christ Demonstrates the Truthfulness of Scripture

When it comes to determining whether or not the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, we can rest confidently on the authority of Jesus Christ. We arrive at this conclusion by the following logical steps:

  • Step 1: As we have noted, the New Testament can be trusted. Its text has been accurately transmitted and its historical references are in line with what we know about known historical events. To sum up, it gives us accurate firsthand information about the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Step 2: In this accurate historical document, Jesus Christ is presented as having made certain claims about Himself. He claimed to be the Messiah, the Son of God, the Way, the Truth and the Life, the only way by which anyone can approach God.
  • Step 3: Jesus Christ demonstrated that He had the right to make those claims by fulfilling prophecies about the Messiah. He performed miracles, showing He had power over nature. The most significant miracle of all was His rising from the dead (John 2:19-21). The resurrection confirmed His claim to Deity.
  • Step 4: Since Jesus is the Messiah, God in human flesh, He is the last word on all matters. He had the divine authority to endorse all Scripture or only some of it. He universally affirmed all Scripture, in every part, as the Divine Word of God. Therefore, we conclude that the Bible, both the Old and New Testament is the Word of God.

God has given us a number of reasons to trust the Bible—His written Word to humanity. The Bible presents an intelligent faith, it has a unique design, it has survived in miraculous ways, it has amazing historical accuracy, it speaks correctly in the areas of science, it accurately predicts the future, it honestly portrays its characters, the teachings are unique, the main character, Jesus Christ, is like none other, and finally, it contains the message that still changes lives.

Consequently, one can read and study the Bible with absolute confidence because it demonstrates itself to be exactly what it claims to be; the Word of the living God.

Have You Trusted Him?

Since the God of the Bible has given us sufficient reasons to believe in Him, we must ask the reader one final question: Have you trusted Jesus? Is He your Savior?

If not, Jesus Christ is waiting for you to make a decision for Him. If you would like to become a Christian right now then pray a simple prayer like this:

Lord Jesus, I know I’m a sinner. Thank you for dying for me. Right this moment, the best way that I know how, I trust you as Savior and Lord. Thank you, Lord, for saving me. In Jesus’ name I ask this, Amen.

If you did pray this prayer, then tell someone else about your decision. Also find a church to go to which preaches, teaches and believes the Bible. May the Lord bless you as you seek to follow Him!

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