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Don Stewart :: What Are Some Common Biblical Objections to Jesus' Deity?

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What Are Some Common Biblical Objections to Jesus’ Deity?

The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ – Question 2

The Bible teaches both directly, and indirectly, that Jesus Christ was fully human and fully divine. He is the eternal God who became a human being at a certain time in history. Yet this truth has been denied from those both inside and outside of the organized church.

Objections by Those Who Accept the Authority of Scripture

There have been objections to the doctrine of the deity of Jesus Christ by those who claim to believe the Bible as God’s authoritative Word. They claim that the New Testament does not teach that Jesus is God. To support their case, they cite passages in Scripture which, they say, teach that Jesus was someone less than God.

There are a number of common objections to the idea that Jesus of Nazareth was actually God Almighty who became a human being. These are as follows:

1. Jesus Is the Only Begotten Son

Several times, Jesus is called the “only begotten Son.” This is understood to mean that He had a beginning. In English we use the term begotten to refer to the role of a father in the bringing forth of a child. If the Bible uses the term the same way then Jesus must have had a beginning. If He had a beginning then He could not be God.

2. Jesus Statement, “my Father Is Greater than I”

The statement of Jesus that, “My Father is greater than I” as recorded in the Gospel of John has led some to conclude that Jesus was inferior to God the Father. If He is lesser than the Father then it is reasoned, that He cannot be God.

3. Jesus Is Called the Firstborn of All Creation

In the Book of Colossians, Jesus is called the “firstborn” of all creation. This has been understood to mean that Jesus was a created being and not the Creator. He was the first thing that God created. Consequently, He cannot be the Creator of all things.

4. Jesus Is Called the Beginning of God’s Creation

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is called “the beginning of God’s creation.” This is understood to mean that He was God’s first created being. This would mean that He is not the Creator Himself and hence He could not be the eternal God.

5. Wisdom, or God the Son, Was Created in the Beginning

There is also a statement in the Book of Proverbs that “wisdom” was created in the beginning. In this context, wisdom is spoken of a person who was in the beginning with God. This is understood by many to refer to God the Son. It is argued that He was created in the beginning by God the Father before anything else was made.

These different statements which are found in Scripture are said to portray Jesus as a created being who is not the eternal God.

These Statements Do Not Deny Christ’s Deity

However, these statements do not say that Jesus is something less than God. Once they are understood in their proper context it will be seen they are consistent with the entirety of biblical teaching concerning the character of Christ. Jesus Christ is the eternal God. The Bible says so.

Summary – Question 2
What Are Some Common Biblical Objections to Jesus’ Deity?

There are a number of objections that people make to the deity of Jesus Christ from what is taught in the Bible. They can be briefly stated as follows.

Jesus is called the only begotten Son. This implies a beginning for Him. If He had a beginning, then He could not be God Himself.

Jesus Himself said that His Father was greater than Him. If the Father is greater than the Son, then the Son was not God.

Also Jesus Christ is called the firstborn of all creation. The fact that He was “born first” is another indication that He has not eternally existed.

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is called the beginning of God’s creation. Again, if He had a beginning then He could be the eternal God.

It is argued that all of these statements in the Bible make Jesus something less than God. If the Bible makes Jesus something less than God, then we should do the same. Indeed, we should not elevate Him to a position which the Bible does not attribute to Him.

These are the usual biblical arguments by those who deny Jesus Christ is God. However when properly understood we will find that none of these statements deny the Deity of Christ.

Indeed, when the text of Scripture is thoroughly examined we will find that the traditional view of Jesus is definitely taught in the New Testament. Consequently, it is important that we examine these passages and discover what they are truly teaching us.

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