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Don Stewart :: What Are We to Make of the Idea That Jesus Was an Alien from Another Planet?

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What Are We to Make of the Idea That Jesus Was an Alien from Another Planet?

The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ – Question 16

Since we want to be thorough in our discussion of various views of Jesus that do not fit what the Bible says about Him, it is necessary that we address a claim about the Lord that has surfaced from time to time. This is the idea that Jesus was actually some sort of space alien!

While the idea does seem ridiculous, and not worthy of any response, there are intelligent people who actually believe that Jesus can be best explained by seeing Him as an alien being. They argue that this best explains His supernatural power, His ability to accurately predict the future as well as how He was able to come back from the dead.

It is maintained that this alien Jesus played the role perfectly of a first-century Jewish male. In fact, He was so perfect, there would be no way in which anyone could tell the difference between the alien imposter Jesus and a real Jesus as the New Testament explains Him.

There is no evidence offered for this theory other than it would explain Jesus’ character and mighty works without resorting to the biblical understanding of who He is. Accepting the alien Jesus theory removes ones responsibility to God.

No one needs to have their sins forgiven or to behave according to any moral code. There is no ultimate judgment. The entire New Testament story is a lie. Obviously, this theory is attractive to many.

Response to the Alien Jesus Theory

The alien theory is often stated in such a way that nothing can either prove or disprove it. Therefore, it is ultimately, meaningless. Nothing which anyone can say, or show, can prove it to be either true or false. However, for any theory to be meaningful there must be some way in which to falsify it. Unfortunately, the alien Jesus theory is beyond proof and beyond denial. What this theory does show, ridiculous as it may be, is that Jesus’ miracles, ability to predict the future, and resurrection do need to be explained in some way other than the traditional answers non-believers give. It seems that some people understand that the traditional non-supernatural explanations do not really fit the facts. Something else is needed. This is why the alien explanation appears.

The Theory Tries to Explains Everything

The main problem with this theory is not that it explains anything, but rather it explains everything. The alien Jesus, it is argued, would not act any differently to a real Jesus, if God became human as the New Testament declares.

Of course, if one could not tell the difference between the alien Jesus and the genuine Jesus then how do we know it was the alien Jesus? Why couldn’t the Jesus of the New Testament have been the real Jesus? Why must we assume it was some alien imposter?

Each of Us Will Stand before God Someday

As far as removing our responsibility to God the alien theory does not do this. Humans still must someday stand before God Almighty and answer for their sins against Him. However, for those who have trusted Jesus, there is no condemnation because He took upon Himself the penalty for our sins. This is the good news of the gospel. The alien Jesus theory does not have any good news to offer to anyone. Those who believe it are only fooling themselves.

Summary – Question 16
What Are We to Make of the Idea That Jesus Was an Alien from Another Planet?

Jesus Christ has to be explained some way. Indeed, His miraculous life, the fulfilled prophecies as well His resurrection from the dead need to be addressed if someone says they reject Him and wants to support why this is the case. Among the alternative explanations is the “alien Jesus.”

The theory of Jesus being some sort of space alien has been seriously believed by well-meaning people. The idea is that some being from another world came to our planet and impersonated a first-century Jewish male. This is how Jesus was able to perform the deeds which are attributed to Him. They were done by some alien power. His disguise was so perfect that nobody could really discover His true identity.

Yet, in the way this theory is usually presented there is no way to prove or disprove it. In fact, it is meaningless. To argue that one could not tell the difference between the alien Jesus, and a real Jesus, makes no sense whatsoever. How, we may ask, do we know it was an alien Jesus and not a genuine Jesus? No answer can be given by those who hold this belief.

One thing it does show is the need for an explanation of Jesus’ miracles, accurate predictions of the future, and resurrection from the dead that take into account the overwhelming evidence to their truthfulness. Some answer must be given. The alien theory is not that answer.

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